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INTRODUCTION: The King's Calendar.

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The 'King's Calendar' represents 10 years of research into Biblical Synchronous Chronology.

Bible Chronology for the Divided Kingdom of Israel presents itself to be synchronous, but appears not to be, and as a matter of fact, the time frame that it presents exceeds that which is historically available.

Briefly, the 'King's Calendar' presents the Chronology of the Bible for the Divided kingdom, as measured in years of 336 days, consisting of twelve months (12) by four (4) weeks, each of seven (7) days.

It is the hypothesis of this research that the Jubilee Calendar of the Essenes which measures 364 days per year, was artificially divided into thirteen months (13) of four (4) weeks of seven (7) days, with the thirteenth month being 'carried over' so to speak, so that every twelve (12) solar years, an extra year (13th) is created. By this process, Jewish history was extended.

What appears in this book, is the mathematical demonstration of the effectiveness of using this type of calculation. The 'alleged' Biblical Synchronisms do from this perspective, actually synchronise.

Two academic complaints laid against the 'King's Calendar' at this point in time, maintain that no proof has been offered to demonstrate that it was in fact the Dead Sea Sect (Essenes, Proto-Essenes, Hasidim, or whatever name you attach) that created this calendar, or that they inserted it into their history.

That however is NOT THE PURPOSE of this book. This book demonstrates the effectiveness of using a 336 day period for each 'YEAR' mentioned in Scripture.

What 'IS' demonstrated, is that the Synchronous Chronology of the Divided Kingdom, as presented in the Bible, is correct. We simply have never been able to see it before. Note also, that in the process, the Chronology of Josephus, which up till now has also been considered to be completely unreliable, has been demonstrated to be both understandable, and reliable.

This Book opens with a brief discussion of the Dead Sea Sect, Qumran, Scriptural Transmission, The Essenes and the Teacher of Righteousness ONIAS III as an introduction to Chapters Two and Three, The Biblical Apologetics for this work.

Religious and Secular Academics, have been chasing their tails for over a century without getting any closer to 'solving' anything about Biblical Chronology. The purpose of this book is to demonstrate that the problem has been solved.

Here it is! It is Mathematical, it is demonstrable, it aligns with history, it answers lots of niggling questions, and finally, it gives the average person some reliable understanding of the historicity of the Bible.

Note however, that Chapters Two and Three are very difficult chapters, since they are apologetic in nature. Regular readers should first read Chapters One and Four before attempting the others. They should also look at Appendices 5 and 13, where they might see both the results of this work and the Scriptural references used.

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