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BenDedek Biography

R.P.BenDedek is a 49 year old Australian Male, who was educated primarily in religious schools in Brisbane Queensland.

He has lived a varied life, and undertaken numerous occupations in Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory. Amongst other things, he has been a serving member of an Australian State Police Force, a hotel manager, and the proprietor of a Catering Company.

Divorced with Five Children and Three Grandchildren, he is currently semi-retired, having given up regular employment in 2001, to complete the writing of 'The 'King's Calendar' : The Secret of Qumran.

His lifelong interests, studies and involvement in religion, history and law, provided the impetus for his research into the artificial calendar. Shortly after commencing this purely personal undertaking in 1992, he returned to academic Studies that resulted in a Certificate in Counselling, a Batchelor of Social Science Degree and a Master of Arts Degree in Theological Studies.

BenDedek has freely made available to the general public, the 'apologetics' for his research, as well as the 'necessary data and charts' to enable readers to research for themselves the artificial synchronous history of the Divided Kingdom of Ancient Israel. That which appears online at does however, represent only one third of the final volume of 'The King's Calendar'.

The remaining two thirds of the Volume are available for purchase by 'download'.

BenDedek's approach to his research and writing has been one of 'reasonable' impartiality, and his approach to Biblical material is neither 'fundamentalist', 'liberal', nor 'anti-religious'. BenDedek's hope is that he has written this volume in such a way as to be easily understood and navigated, by both academics and general readers.

BenDedek (a pseudonym/transliteration of his Ancient Germanic Family Name) is a member of both a Multi Ethnic and Multi Faith Extended Family. He is nevertheless, like most of his family members, 'a true blue dinky-di Aussie'. 

He is irreverent (God hopefully has a sense of humour), down to earth ('politically incorrect - and loving it'), and very 'common' (as any Sheila will tell you), whilst remaining intelligent ('One must always read Guy de Maupassant in French'), well read (has the full complement of 'Phantom' and 'Spiderman' comics), and academically diligent (has read all Fifteen volumes written by U.N. Owen).


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