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Written on 04/05/11 at 20:32:52 AEST by R .P. BenDedek
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2011 Magic City Photo of the Day

by R.P. BenDedek
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The False Narrative: Looking at the NEWS No. 11
Islam and Rationality : A Subjective Perception
Excerpts From -- 'Finding Myself in China: A Politically Incorrect Story'
Giving Comrade GOOGLE the Finger

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    Is Anybody Paying Attention? : Looking at the News No. 10
    by R.P. BenDedek
    Nov 5, 2017
      Another issue concerning which most people pay little attention – if they are even aware of it – is the ‘Law of Unintended Consequences.’ This little universal law often makes mush of our fantastically righteous ideologies. In Catalonia, Beersheba, The Ottomans, Tibetans and Palestinians which I published on October 30th. 2017, I pointed out that the whole issue of Catalan independence is a can of ideological worms for all of those whose hearts bleed for Palestinian Independence.

    Virtue Signalling and Terrorism
    by R.P. BenDedek
    Oct 31, 2017
      To say that there is no connection between Islam, Muslims and terror is a denial of truth and the constant refusal to acknowledge the truth is suicidal. When mad cow disease hit England they destroyed whole herds of cattle to stop the spread of the disease. Many were undoubtedly not infected. They did the same in China to the chickens when bird flu hit. The mentality in the west toward Muslims however is that we must protect the guilty in order not to cause pain and suffering to the innocent. (And of course this ultimately leads to Islamic oppression of the decent or secular or non radical Muslim).

    Catalonia, Beersheba, The Ottomans, Tibetans and Palestinians
    By R.P. BenDedek
    Oct 30, 2017
      The British took the land from the Ottoman Turks and eventually divided it between Jews and Muslims. They either had that right or they did not!... The difference between Catalonia and Tibet on the one hand and the Palestinians on the other, is that neither Catalonia nor Tibet have called for, nor stated their desire for the destruction of Spain or China, whilst the Palestinians via their leaders in Hamas and Fatah have made it quite clear that there will never be peace with the Jews until every last one of them has been thrown into the sea.

    Looking at the NEWS No. 9 – Standing Against The Truth
    by R.P. BenDedek
    Oct 19, 2017
      In Canada meanwhile, free speech is under threat from anticipated legislation in relation to Hate Speech laws which will, if they are introduced, make it impossible to criticize anything about Islam or Muslims. Muslim human rights activist and Clarion Project board member Raheel Raza however has appeared before the Canadian Parliament to oppose this effort to stifle free speech; an effort which she sees as promoting all sorts of social injustices.

    Looking at the NEWS No. 8: The Coming War in the USA
    by R.P. BenDedek
    Oct 8, 2017
      There could be more trouble than we ever imagined headed our way on November 4th when a bunch of folks who aren’t happy about Trump and Pence attempt to overthrow the government in a Communist revolution. Groups like Antifa, Resist Fascism, and the Revolutionary Communist Party have been meeting for months to openly plan sedition and organize what they promise will be massive protests all over the country. Don’t be surprised if things become violent... A disturbing Antifa website is calling for physical violence against supporters of President Donald Trump and capitalists. The site “It’s Going Down,” which has become a resource for self-described “anti-fascist” activists, encourages violence against anyone it labels a “fascist.”

    Looking at the NEWS No. 7 Oct 3, 2017
    by R.P. BenDedek
    Oct 3, 2017
      Someone who writes under the name Old Woolfy at i.Patriot.com wrote on Sept 29, 2017 that not all of those on the left agree with all of the rubbish currently being pumped out on the left in the USA. He writes in Liberal Downfall: Lunacy Right Before Our Eyes! ... Timothy Meads (Oct 01, 2017) in an article titled British Professor Shows “Sex Change Regret” is Rising, University Takes Away His Funding points out that once the preliminary research report demonstrated that many transgendered people had later come to regret their decision, the research was rejected. Honestly, whilst all the ‘feel good’ people are busy virtue signaling their support for young people who believe that they are living in the wrong body, the reality is that their support may one day come home to bite them in the ass.

    The IDIOTS at Microsoft
    by R.P. BenDedek
    Oct 2, 2017
      And don’t get me started on all those pro forma sections on websites that REQUIRE you to fill in your details. They want your home number – which is fine, but your mobile number which is currently for a different country IS NOT ALLOWED and so you can’t proceed with whatever you needed to do. Once again the expectation that you pay $5 per day to have phone roaming while you are living overseas or on holidays.

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