Teaching English in China: What is 'real' life like in Mainland China?
Written on 08/14/16 at 17:47:59 AEST by R .P. BenDedek
Announcements Whilst the purpose of the book is to provide politically incorrect insight into life in China and the ways in which that life changed the author, it also provides teachers of English as a Second Language valuable insight into Chinese culture and teaching methodology that can help foreign teachers become successful in teaching. BenDedek lived with and among 'real' Chinese people for 14 years (not in expat communities living the high life).

Politically Incorrect Story about Life in China

by R.P. BenDedek

Whilst the purpose of the book is to provide politically incorrect insight into life in China and the ways in which that life changed the author, it also provides teachers of English as a Second Language valuable insight into Chinese culture and teaching methodology that can help foreign teachers become successful in teaching. BenDedek lived with and among 'real' Chinese people for 14 years (not in expat communities living the high life).

EXCERPTS can be found at this link 'Finding Myself in China: A Politically Incorrect Story'
    Chinese education focuses on memorization of information and processes. The Chinese mind has a fantastic ability to memorize, which is hardly surprising given how they learn to read and write Chinese. Unfortunately it takes more than memorization to learn a language. When I mention to people that I teach in China they often express their admiration for the dedication and intelligence of Chinese students they have encountered in the west. Little do they know that the student’s dedication and intelligence is the result of a lifetime of hardship. Most foreigners know but don’t really understand the implication in the fact that the majority of Chinese students studying abroad come from well-to-do families. From Chapter 11

This Book is one which Publishers Won't Touch

R.P. Bendedek has been publishing individual stories about life's events in China since 2004. In 2007 he began writing a book to explain why he fell in love with China and how he came to change his attitudes towards life and politics. He began publishing chapters from that work at Magic City Morning Star in 2010. Over the next five years he continued adding to that story and constantly revised the book.

At the beginning of 2016 BenDedek discovered that he could not get his book published because as a 'non-fiction' book the American book publishing industry's virtual "monopoly publisher" 1 would not touch it lest they end up on the wrong end of a lawsuit.

On August 15th 2016 R.P. BenDedek's book "Finding Myself in China: A Politically Incorrect Story" became available for purchase via PDF Download from the Kingscalendar Website. The book has 230 pages and 130 active links to various photographic and other stories published at Kingscalendar. The book sells for AUD$5.99

Try before your buy!

Not being a person who likes to go into anything ignorantly, BenDedek has provided readers with 18 article pages of excerpts from his book, in order that they can try before they buy.
Active Links

In addition to the excerpts from Finding Myself in China, BenDedek has provided a page of footnote links from the book that readers may investigate prior to buying the book.

Download your copy and SAVE it someplace safe

Recently someone wrote to me that they had downloaded the book and then through some action whilst reading it, caused the book to disappear. Now they are trying to find it in their computer. Please make sure you save it to a specific location and name it accordingly.

Help Combat the Monopolies

'Finding Myself in China: A Politically Incorrect Story' cannot be published as a hardcopy book.

In publishing from the KingsCalendar Website this book is sidestepping the Google e-book platform (which I believe would publish it at perhaps $5 and take 50% of sales for their trouble plus another 30% to satisfy American Tax Laws).

I believe that Google operates immorally, opportunistically and prejudicially against any website (including KingsCalendar) which refuses to be a party to the Google Advertising Empire. What they do apparently is ensure that only a small percentage of site articles become available in search engines. Every time my monthly unique hits reaches a certain level, the site suffers an immediate 70% drop in monthly hits. It then takes time to build up again and then it happens again.

And so I ask you dear readers - should you purchase this book and like it - to assist me to combat the monopolies who control the advertising world, by recommending this book on all of your social media sites.

Without your assistance, this book will never become known.

Thank You.

1 Today most books are published via self-publishing companies, but most of these are controlled by one American company which is in league with some famous traditional publishing companies. This monopoly's behavior via the front companies is quite despicable and plays on the ignorance and stupidity of aspiring authors - BUT they do save traditional publishers a lot of time and money. Once a book proves itself to be a winner, traditional publishers step in and offer a new contract to the author. That author's book continues to be sold by the original publishing company brand name for one year - but nowhere is it stated that the author gets any money from those sales. See How much in royalties do book authors get paid?

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Since 2004 he has been writing academic articles, social commentaries and photographic 'Stories from China' both here at KingsCalendar, and formerly as a contributing columnist at Magic City Morning Star News (Maine USA) where from 2009 to 2015 he was Stand-in Editor. He currently has a column at iPatriot.com.

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    When the Synchronous Chronological Data provided in the Books of Kings and Chronicles for the Divided Kingdom Period are measured in years of 336 days, the synchronisms actually align. [Refer to Appendix 5. to see how it synchronises the Divided Kingdom Period]

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