Feminist PC Guilt and Hypocrisy Promotes Domestic Violence by R.P. BenDedek
Written on 10/02/15 at 19:28:21 AEST by R .P. BenDedek
Racism, Abuse and Political Correctness I questioned why it was that domestic violence offences and deaths caused by immigrants with a culture of misogynistic violence were not identified, but rather concealed within statistics meant to cause the general public to believe that 'Australian Men are Violent.'

Feminist PC Guilt and Hypocrisy Promotes Domestic Violence

by R.P. BenDedek

(10:28 AM 10/3/2015 Beijing Time)
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Over the last six months I have written several articles in response to Australia's current "Domestic Violence" campaigns, and I commenced in March with an article titled Quentin Bryce, Domestic Violence, Sociopathology and Statistics which attacked the anti-male feminist agenda and the lack of transparency when quoting statistics on domestic violence.

I pointed out that government funds were being wasted on "so called" Domestic Violence Researchers and that perhaps instead we ought to simply find out what the difference is between those who grow up sexist and violent and those who do not. Today we are going to look at some of the reasons.

In the abovementioned article I questioned why it was that domestic violence offences and deaths caused by immigrants with a culture of misogynistic violence were not identified, but rather concealed within statistics meant to cause the general public to believe that 'Australian Men are Violent.'

I had formed the opinion that the feminist movement was made up of sociopaths who truly hated all men and therefore didn't care that they were creating a false picture in their Domestic Violence Campaign. Today however, I understand the truth, which is that these women are sociopathic political correctness liars; deceptive individuals full of anti-western angst and guilt who cannot point the finger where it belongs for fear of being branded racist. They are in short, traitors to the liberal cause for which they stand and are therefore hypocrites.

Don't just take my word for it; take a look at some recent articles and videos which spell out the truth about these types of hypocrites. From what you will see and read you will begin to understand why it is that the Domestic Violence Campaign 'skews the evidence' which then deceives the general public.

Let's first take a look at a video from JewsNews about radical Islam in the UK. At around the two minute mark we are introduced to Anne Marie WATERS of Shariah Watch UK who says two very important things. She tells us that the reason we have capitulated to Islam is that we are full of self-hatred of our own society and culture and that multiculturalism in Britain is "Dangerous." She points out that this Multiculturalism is 'killing women.' "Everyone knows how women are treated in Islam but no one will admit to it or do anything about it," she says.

Moving right along, we can find in America a film called the Honor Diaries which is about institutionalized Islamic violence toward women. This film has received serious opposition from American Universities (those places full of young people and oh so Politically Correct) which have tried to prevent its screening. They want to silence it. Where then are the feminists? Where then are they who falsely claim to care about the safety of women? Where is the women's movement which normally loves to scream abuse at 'males' because of their sexist and misogynist treatment of women? They are silent!
    Since we released Honor Diaries in 2013, we have faced numerous attempts to suppress our production and ban screenings of our film on college campuses. These (at times, successful) attempts aim to suppress the voices of women worldwide who face institutionalized discrimination and violence, and do a disservice to the freedoms of speech and expression that we value so much.
When one bypasses the regurgitated PC ad hominem meant to demonstrate that 'MEN' (subconsciously rendered 'White - Native born') in Australia are violent, and instead one looks at violence in its entirety, one discovers that there is a significant problem in Australia, located right there in the midst of the various ethnic communities, about which of course one cannot speak without being accused of being a racist. In an article titled Melbourne's Indian community calls for end to domestic violence it was stated that "Psychiatrist Manjula O'Connor said she treated about 15 Indian women a week who have been the victims of domestic violence. She states that "The cases that we see are the tip of the iceberg."

It is very clear that domestic violence has very deep roots in cultures other than European/White Home Grown Culture. PC indoctrination however makes us (the whities - the anglo-saxons - the well educated and RICH westerners) feel terribly unrighteous and downright guilty if we start pointing the finger at minority groups. It just reinforces the Marxist propaganda that the dominant class persecutes the minority. For that reason we do our best to ignore reports like the one recently in Germany (Honor Killing in Germany After Police Slip-Up) about a 19-year old girl who was strangled to death by her father after police informed him by letter she had been caught shoplifting condoms. It's not violence really is it? It's just poor ignorant ethnic culture and in time we will be able to teach these poor sods to adopt a far more enlightened way of living and treating women. For this reason we ought not to point the finger! Right?

But choosing not to point the finger is quite a different matter than expressly trying to silence the dissemination of information about such abuse. In the article Islamists Score Two Victories Against Free Speech in the UK it is explained to us quite clearly how free speech is being destroyed and what its suppression conceals.
    Namazie is the spokesperson for the One Law for All campaign against sharia law in the UK and also for the Council of Ex-Muslims. She was born in Tehran, Iran and has campaigned against Islamism for many years after fleeing Iran and leaving Islam.

    "They're basically labelling me a racist and an extremist for speaking out against Islam and Islamism," Namazie said, slamming those who rescinded her invitation.

    "If people like me who fled an Islamist regime can't speak out about my opposition to the far-right Islamic movement, if I can't criticise Islam... that leaves very [few] options for me as a dissenter because the only thing I have is my freedom of expression."
It seems that on the one hand, our PC bleeding heart masters are turning a blind eye to the truth, whilst on the other they are actively persecuting those who wish to reveal the truth. The most clear cut accusation of, and explanation for this type of hypocrisy relating to human rights issues can be found in an article at www.clarionproject.org which speaks about the danger of criticizing Islamic misogyny and sexism, titled: Aki Muthali: Critics of Islamism Must Have a Bigger Platform
    There's no limit to how far a Western liberal will betray actual liberal values to make up for the guilt they erroneously feel towards their own country.

    Their priority is consoling their indignation (regardless of how misplaced it is) -- not human rights. (Emp. added)

    A former Muslim friend revealed my identity to an Islamist which prompted him to dox me on Twitter. I have to live with the knowledge that this Muslim friend, whom I had been friends with for 20 years and shared my secrets with is now intentionally putting me and my family in danger. Just because I dared to criticise Islamic misogyny and sexism.

    But I also accept the fact that if I want society to change for the better, I'll be making a lot of enemies.
When I first began to write about the hypocrisy in Political Correctness, I admit that I didn't really understand the hypocrisy. I could clearly see it, but couldn't fathom it. Today however I am beginning to see much more clearly and now understand that the PC inability to publically acknowledge the truth is tied to feelings of guilt and unrighteousness that would arise if it were to criticize Islamic or other ethnic culture groups. (Then again maybe it is just good old fashion reaction formation.)

Those who claim to be acting in defense of women are in fact betraying the thoroughly righteous cause for which they appear to stand. They have become hypocrites, dealing in deceptive practices so as to not appear unrighteous. I believe that this sense of guilt and unrighteousness which causes them to effectively provide a 'free pass' to certain ethnic groups, is not only sinful, but is leading western societies toward national suicide, because the end result has been the enabling and empowering of the very people against whom our utterly righteous causes justifiably rail. This hypocrisy tied to western liberal guilt has become the enabler of human rights abuses worldwide.

The fear of criticizing Islam combined with our politically correct bleeding hearts which wish to help all those poor Syrian refugees currently flooding into Europe, is actually aiding and abetting all manner of violence in Europe. In this Clarion Project article titled: Germany: Asylum Seekers Enforcing Sharia Law in Shelters, we are informed that:
    Muslim asylum seekers are enforcing Islamic sharia law in German refugee shelters, according to police, who warn that Christians, Kurds and Yazidis in the shelters are being attacked by Muslims with increasing frequency and ferocity.

    Muslim migrants from different sects, clans, ethnicities and nationalities are also attacking each other. Violent brawls -- sometimes involving hundreds of migrants -- are now a daily occurrence.

    "We can only estimate the true extent of violence because women and children are often afraid to file a complaint. Since it is also about sexual abuse and rape...
Political Correctness which espouses righteousness but uses unrighteous practices to enforce compliance to it, has successfully achieved one of its primary aims - to guilt trip the general public into silence. Public criticism of Islam and other "minority" groups is now seen as unrighteous, racist, sexist, homophobic or whatever and therefore unforgivable.

On my personal Facebook page one relative recently had a little spat because several people including myself had posted articles critical of Islam. I asked her if she would be showing the same sensitivity had she not had Muslim relatives. I later went on to explain that we ought not allow ourselves to be forced into silence. My (edited) reply was:
    For me, the bottom line is this: 'Australia is a secular democracy wherein we are all entitled to think and speak our opinions.' I believe that everyone has a right to live their life as they please - BUT - when it becomes a crime to have a thought or an opinion because it is not sanctioned by PC, then we are living in a totalitarian country. Hypocrites have as much right to be hypocrites as saints have a right to be saints. In a Democracy - we are not required to agree! But we are required to respect people's right to have and to hold their opinions. People who respect people's rights to have and to hold their opinion do express their differences correctly - which is to say politely and respectfully - or with silence.
In another post I went on to say:
    I have no western liberal guilt and I love Australia my country. I am not ashamed of its history and nor am I ashamed of its Judeo-Christian historical culture and traditions. I am not ashamed to have grown up in the lucky country and I do not feel guilty because my parents gave me so much in life! Perhaps it is because I don't hate my country, its history and its wealth, that I don't turn a blind eye to the truth. When PC people DEMAND silence from the general public - when activist groups DEMAND that sinners against PC doctrine be punished - when ideologies CLAIM that it is a hate crime to criticize them - when citizens are not allowed or worse - ATTACKED - for protesting against government decisions in a democracy - then it is time to realize that you are no longer a citizen of a FREE and DEMOCRATIC country. Australia is a secular country with a Judeo-Christian cultural history and demographics tell us that within 50 years we will be a country of recent immigrants. Australia will change quite naturally without activists trying to FORCE A CHANGE.
The average Muslim living in a western country is happy to live in a secular society, even though in their true religious heart they hope for that western country to surrender to Allah. Christians hold to the same type of religious hope. Unfortunately the Muslim community in general does not devote much time to publically denouncing Muslims around the world who preach hatred and death to the infidels. The average Muslim is like the average Australian - just part of the silent majority. And you know what the silent majority is don't you? It is irrelevant to the political landscape of the country since it says nothing and does nothing until its own selfish interests are threatened, and by that time it is usually too late.

When those defined by Political Correctness as 'Islamophobes' speak ill of Islam, they are punished by PC people who suffer from this false sense of western guilt. When Muslims speak out, they are not just denounced by the masters of Islam but betrayed by the Political Correctness brigade who ought to be there to support them. Many people see this truth but the silence of the majority is deafening.

Many see the hypocrisy of the so-called Politically Correct Elite who righteously proclaim that they are fighting the good fight, but whose actions betray them. I sometimes wonder if the reason the Women's Movement is failing to halt sexism in society (their claim not mine!) is precisely because too many young males see this hypocrisy so clearly, and become so disgusted, that they loath both the feminist hypocrisy and the women who espouse the feminist agenda.

When it comes to Islam and groups like Reclaim Australia, I wonder if their disgust and loathing is not also in reaction to the hypocrisy found in the self-righteous and self-serving Politically Correct demands made of them and accusations made against them. There are many who will gladly tell you that whereas once they were not racists, now they are. They say it results from observing 'reverse racism.' PC academics of course call this hogwash and I guess it is true. It is not 'reverse racism,' it is just simple hypocrisy. There are far too many who have come to hate Muslims because of the public silence both of the Muslims themselves (in support of a secular society) and the public silence of the PC hypocrites and their hypocritical defense of (Political) Islamic demands.

Unfortunately, while intuition tells us that Islam is doing everything to blindside the west and trick it into submission to Islam, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, columnist and founding member of British Muslims for Secular Democracy claims that The evil empire of Saudi Arabia is the West's real enemy
    To date, 4,000 young Muslims have been referred for reprogramming. One was three years old. In May, a young Muslim schoolboy talked about "eco-terrorists" and was taken away to be interrogated about whether he supported Isis.

    Extremism is a serious problem. Westernised, liberal Muslims do try to influence feverish, hostile young Muslim minds, but we are largely powerless. Our leaders will not confront Saudi Arabia, the source of Islamist brainwashing and infection. They won't because of oil and the profits made by arms sales. Political cowards and immoral profiteers are the traitors, the real threat to national security, patriotism and cohesion. How do they answer the charge?
So you see it is not just the non-Muslims who are critical of Islamic extremism and Islamic mistreatment of women. Unfortunately it is a PC crime to do this if you are not a Muslim.

We are living in an age in which Democracy has become a joke. The political cowards and immoral profiteers and traitors mentioned in the article above, are all tied up with politics and politics pays attention to only two types of people; those with money and power, and those with power.

Democracy doesn't run on the will of the majority, because most of them are silent. It runs, changes and adapts according to the will of the power groups - and they are themselves, minorities. You can call them Lobbyists, activists, multi-national corporations or PC self-interest groups. No matter the name, they share one thing in common - "power!" It is the minority groups which control the direction of a country - not the silent majority. Hence today in Australia we have a push for gay marriage. I doubt that anyone 40 years ago who fought for decriminalization of homosexuality ever thought the movement would end up fighting for gay marriage. In the not too distant future, Australians will be voting on whether or not to enact legalization to support gay marriage and by extension gay adoption. That is such a hilarious concept, but not for the reason you might imagine.

Muslims are flooding into Europe (and soon coming to a town near you); the same Europe that believes in Gay Marriage and Anti-Domestic Violence Campaigns.

Orthodox or Fundamentalist Islam is incompatible with western social ideologies. But you are not allowed to say so because that would be racist. And who says it is racist? Well - everyone knows it is racist because we have been told it is racist. And that is why all White men in Australia are misogynists. It would be racist to say otherwise!

In a secular society the true Muslim and the true Christian hold their beliefs and accept that the law is the law is the law. Yes they might protest but then again that is their right. Well - at least for now!

Our society is one of extremely polarized and extremely angry ideologues. But this should not be the case. In a secular democratic society all may hold opinions or ideologies but they have no right to force them onto society as a whole. They are not entitled to punish those who disagree with their sacred cow.

Unfortunately, those ideologies tied to Political Correctness are being exposed more and more frequently as not only totalitarian, but hypocritical. The sociopathic feminist Domestic Violence Campaign currently underway in Australia is just one of them.

It is time for the feminist movement to 'walk into the light' and speak factually - statistically - and honestly about the causes of domestic violence; the ratio of offenders according to gender and sexual orientation; the part that mental cruelty and emotional abuse play in triggering domestic violence, and it is time for them to stop being hypocrites when it comes to domestic violence in ethnic communities.

Violence in our society is a big problem, but it is not restricted to male-on-female violence. In fact, the greatest number of victims of male perpetrated violence is other males. Whilst the feminist movement weeps and wails over female victims of domestic violence, they are also concealing the rather tragic statistics related to child abuse which clearly demonstrates that the biggest single threat to child abuse victims is in fact their mother.

It's time our societies stopped playing the PC game; dispensed with inaction that arises because of PC guilt trips; stopped playing with statistics in order to advance certain causes and stopped deceiving society at large. If we have a real problem, then it requires real action to solve - not PC game playing.

October 5th 2015 Addendum

In the latest Domestic Violence article published by a Women's Magazine in Australia, once again the feminist anti-male agenda has been displayed. It is not obvious at first glance, but when you begin to look closely at what is and what is not written, that it is an 'anti-male' article is obvious. In response to that article I published an article titled 'When Women and Women only matter! (October 5, 2015) at Magic City Morning Star in which I stated:
    The Domestic Violence article failed to address a number of issues.
    What are the statistics for female violence against other people including males?
    What are the statistics for Male-on-male Domestic Violence?
    What are the statistics for Domestic Violence within homosexual relationships?
    What are the statistics for Domestic Violence within relationships in which the male is involved in violent crimes and gangs?
    What percentage of offenders are found in ethnic groups within which honor killings are part of the ethnic culture?
    What percentage of male offenders are the victims of mental cruelty and emotional abuse by their female partners?
    What percentage of Male perpetrators of Domestic Violence suffer from Mental Illness?

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