Xitang Water Town in Zhejiang Province China (with Video)


R.P. BenDedek January 2017 - looking svelte and sexy as usual.
R.P. BenDedek January 2017 – looking svelte and sexy as usual.

Last week my former foreign affairs liaison officer called me and invited me to go out with him on Saturday. I agreed and reorganized my plans for the day. I had no idea where we were going or why, just that I had been invited and it would be impolite for me to refuse. The funny thing was that while speaking English he three times named the place to which we were travelling but I didn’t recognize it.

On the way however he received a call and told his friend the destination in Chinese. I immediately understood him, and even funnier was that I had been there before. We were headed to Xitang water town in Zhejiang Province, just to have a look as neither my friend nor his wife had ever been there.

In 2012 I traveled from Suzhou City by train to Shanghai where I met up with some Chinese friends before travelling to Xitang Water Town where we stayed overnight. The next day we moved on to Hangzhou where we visited The West Lake and strolled the Southern Song Dynasty Road.

As I have already written about Xitang Water Town and there is nothing in particular to add to that story, on this page I merely provide you with some fresh photographs and an opportunity to read my 2012 articles. Additionally on this page there are some very very like ultra short videos which I have just learned how to embed from my public Facebook Page

I must point out that prior to 5pm you must pay an entrance fee.
After that it is free to enter.

I hope you enjoy the insights

Photographs on arrival

Xitang FB.1
We entered Xitang Tourist spot from the back gate so to speak and we immediately came to this area. Notice in the top left frame there is a yellow building – a temple. It is directly opposite the stage you see in the top right frame, and the photograph of the stage in the photo below was taken from in front of the yellow building. If you click on the photograph it will take you to the 2012 story of my visit. Further down there is a musical video which contains a brief shot of performers in 2012 performing on the stage.

We actually entered from the right of the stage in the photograph below. In the article Clowns in Xitang you can see some performers singing on stage.

Xitang FB.5Last night I uploaded two short videos to my Facebook page and then did a search to see if I could upload the videos to my website. After discovering that I could, I spent some time today experimenting and it appears that I have muddled my way into embedding two videos on this page. I say muddled, because when I later tried to add the musical video it all came out different in the background article manager. I couldn’t find my way back to how I uploaded the other videos. Oh well!  It is all a learning curve.

Xitang like the rest of this part of the country has lots of canals and you can take rides. Here are a couple of photographs.

Xitang FB.3

Well here is my first attempt at embedding a video from Facebook

As I did not have it in my head that I would be uploading to my website, I did not take care to ensure that I couldn’t be heard talking. My apologies!

Interesting Sign and even more interesting Sight.

Xitang FB.2a

Two fat people definitely couldn’t pass here so I did not proceed any further.

Xitang FB.2b


Xitang FB.4
More photographs. Last time I was here was in 2012 and after leaving Xitang we traveled to West Lake (Xihu) in Hangzhou. If you click the picture you can go to read that article and view some photographs of Xihu.

Photograph Below

After we entered we ascended a walk-over bridge and from there I took a photograph of the area just outside (left frame) and immediately in front of us is the scene in the right frame.

Xitang FB.7
Xitang is not that far from Suzhou where I live and so the architectural style is similar. Click on the photo to view just one of many articles and photographs from and about Suzhou.

At a certain point in our wanderings, Mr. Xu asked me if I wanted a coffee and so we entered one of the many coffee houses, bars and restaurants around the place. This gentleman below was singing the whole time we were there and as we were leaving I looked back at him and saw him gawking at this svelte and sexy foreigner and so gave him a smile and a wave and I think he nearly wet his pants.

Xitang FB.6

After we left the coffee shop we wandered around a bit and finally entered a restaurant where we had a fine meal for only a little more than the cost of the coffees we had consumed.

Regarding the 45 second video below
The first 15 seconds or so is of a performer on the stage – taken 2012
The rest is of the singer in the coffee shop.

This video is only 45 seconds and the first 15 seconds is of traditional singing on the stage at Xitang. The following 30seconds are of the singer in the coffee bar.

Posted by Reb P. BenDedek on Monday, March 13, 2017

After leaving the restaurant we headed back to the rear entrance of this scenic spot in order to leave. Along the way I switched my camera to video mode and below is a little view of what it was like to walk through the crowd.

I do apologize for the singing – mine – and by way of explanation, the reason that you hear me saying ‘hello’ (twice) is that a man told his son to say hello and when I decided to say ‘hello’ a lady walking passed me thought I had said it to her and so she also greeted me with ‘hello!’

I hope that you have enjoyed this little insight into life in China.
If it interests you this link will take you to the Southern Song Dynasty Road in Hangzhou.

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