Who are the ‘Dumb Sheep’ in Society? What does it mean? Are they really idiots?

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R.P. BenDedek Dumb Sheep
Taking the sheep by the horns – Xinghua Town Taizhou City Jiangsu Province 2016

If you remember a few years ago there was a big to-do about nursery rhymes whose words when written hundreds of years ago were what we now call racist. The politically correct ideologues wanted the nursery rhymes banned because of their ‘former meaning.’ I some time ago published an article titled Useful Idiots and Islam. Using the same logic as the sociopathic Ideologues, I would like to point out that the word ‘Idiot’ is not offensive. Its original meaning simply meant someone who had not been apprenticed.

Today we might call that person an unskilled laborer, but its true meaning is that idiots were people who had not received a qualified education in the area of their alleged expertise. So when I call PC types ‘idiots,’ I mean it quite literally. They are people who have not had sufficient academic training to understand the complexities of their particular fields of interest.

When you hear a born-again Christian say that the unbelievers will spend eternity in the fires of hell, you undoubtedly call them idiots as a derogatory expression. But when I hear them say the same thing and I call them idiots, I am not trying to be offensive for it is apparent to me that they do not know what the Bible teaches in the Book of Revelation about ‘Death and Hell.’ They are just spouting words the meaning of which they know not. There are lots of idiots in this world, and the least trained among them are the PC thought police. (They are however highly trained in being abusive, obnoxious, intolerant and punitive.)

Because I frequently use the expression ‘dumb sheep’ in my writing against the Sociopathic Politically Correct Ideologues, a person on Facebook recently asked ‘What does it mean to call people ‘Dumb Sheep?'” I very succinctly answered this question in a recent article titled: When your beliefs are manipulated by Media , but today I want to explain the term in full.

Dumb sheep and stupid sheep do exist both in the animal kingdom and in the realms of mortal man. Any person who has worked on a sheep station knows quite well how dumb sheep can be. I’m sure you have experienced times in your life when you justified some action on the basis that someone else did it too, and your guardians asked “And if he jumped off a cliff would you follow him?” You probably bowed your head and said ‘no!’ But in real life, dumb sheep really do just walk off cliffs as they follow the leader.

I remember a few years ago reading of the story of how a pastoralist found almost three hundred dead sheep at the bottom of a cliff. It appears that the dumb sheep just kept following the ones in front and walked straight over the edge. By the time a couple of hundred sheep had died, there was sufficient cushioning for the rest to survive the fall.

Dumb sheep in my aggressively humble opinion, when used in reference to people, indicates a person or people who have no idea where or why they are going in a certain direction, and they certainly have no concept of the possible consequences of doing so. In Chapter Twenty-Six of my book ‘Finding Myself in China: A Politically Incorrect Story’ I wrote:

Alexander Pope (An Essay on Criticism -1709) wrote: “For fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” The implication is that some people don’t stop to weigh up all the factors involved in the making of a certain decision. A wise man and a fool may both make the same decision, but the wise man will have beforehand considered his options should everything go south. It’s always handy to have an umbrella in case of inclement weather, and some sort of safety net should you need one.

To me, dumb sheep are the ones who haven’t weighed up the reality of the situation into which they are rushing headlong. When they are right, it is nothing more than dumb luck!

To give you an example of someone who is an idiot – someone who is untrained in critical thinking – or who is a dumb sheep just following the mob while not knowing exactly where they are headed (but they nevertheless insist that they are absolutely confident that they are on the right path), let me cite for you something that you have no doubt heard so many times, especially since the Orlando Massacre: “If the USA would just ban guns, there would never be any more gun deaths!”

The people who say this are sincere and I have no beef with them for saying it. What I do have a beef about, is that many of these same people utterly oppose the proposition that Muslims should be banned from the USA. Naturally they think that they are right to protest such a proposition, for it is after all ‘racist’ and contrary to human rights. And naturally they will point out that talking about guns and Muslims is like talking about chalk and cheese. They are not the same. They are two entirely different topics aren’t they?

Well, I suppose they are, but I am not talking about topical compartmentalization, I’m talking about logic. The logic behind the anti-gun movement is the exact same logic behind the Anti-Muslim movement. If banning guns will prevent further gun deaths¹, then banning Muslims will remove the possibility that one of them might turn into a terrorist and kill us as we go about our daily life. The logic is the same no matter how you might try and play it down or away. Unfortunately, logic is not a quality the Sociopathic Politically Correct Ideologues are interested in. They much prefer ‘stirring the pot’ and ‘inciting the general public’ to support them in the Marxist march toward totalitarianism.

Some time back I read a ridiculous article in reference to a man who had killed his children. The writer was upset that apparently our ‘compassion and understanding’ for mothers who kill their kids should not be extended to men who kill their kids. So much for equal rights! The problem is that when it comes to ideology, people are immersed in ’emotion,’ not logic.

Nothing in life is as simple or clear cut as bleeding hearts and ideologues believe or pretend to believe. Life is complex! The people whose heart cries when Israel lobs a bomb on a Palestinian rocket launcher and kills a child, don’t cry when a Palestinian deliberately kills Israeli civilians including babies in baby carriages by mowing them down with his car, or blowing them up in a suicide bombing. If you are truly compassionate, you cry for both, but unfortunately when you listen to bleeding hearts carry on, you can often hear their ideology at work and it is their ideology that they cry for.

I have related above the story I read of sheep walking over a cliff, but now I want to tell you of something personally witnessed in relation to ‘stupid sheep.’ I used to work on a cattle and sheep property in Western Queensland in a voluntary, unpaid, part-time position. (I was a serving Police constable at the time). During that time I learned a lot about the land, about sheep, about cattle, and about snakes, feral pigs and kangaroos.

In the heat of summer, it is not unusual to come across sheep bogged down in dams. What bogs them down is their wet wool. A sheep will enter a dam and become waterlogged. The weight of the water will pull the sheep down and if the water is deep enough, the sheep will drown. If the sheep has not ventured that far, you will find them waterlogged, sometimes struggling to keep their heads above water.

Although many bleeding heart animal lovers will be thoroughly offended reading what is to follow, I do ask readers with delicate temperaments to try and remember what the ultimate aim of the action is.

In order to get a waterlogged sheep out of a dam the pastoralist usually has only two choices. He might with the help of others try to lift the sheep out. Good luck with that one! He is more likely to throw a rope or chain around it and drag it out using the power of a horse, motorbike or land rover.

When a sheep is removed from the damn, the weight of the wool will force the sheep to collapse on its knees, and depending on the ground condition, it is possible that the water will not readily run off in which case the sheep will just sit there and die. In order to get the sheep up on its feet so as to drain water, the Jackaroo (Cowboy) might throw a hand full of dirt into the sheep’s mouth. The sheep gags, struggles and tries to flee and in the process there is a sudden evacuation of water from the fleece. All is now right with the world. The sheep is on its feet and the pastoralist loses no money.

Unfortunately, whilst it might not be dumb for the sheep to have become waterlogged in the first place, many a stupid sheep, once set free from their potentially deadly mistake, will immediately turn around and jump straight back into the water. Nothing is more frustrating and time consuming than to have to rescue this stupid sheep twice.

Some people are stupid sheep. They don’t learn their lessons. You can’t blame them for never having been properly educated, but you would think that they would learn from their mistakes. They do have after all a more superior brain than that of a sheep.

The two legged bleeding heart or sociopathic ideological dumb sheep in society are those who can’t see beyond what is immediately apparent. They have not been trained to be fully aware. A few years ago the word ‘holistic’ appeared in every possible form of advertising. People loved the concept of treating the ‘whole’ not just the part, therefore people should be aware that life and circumstances do not exist in a vacuum. The recent Orlando Massacre is a very good example of how utterly futile it is for people to pontificate on what actually happened and why. The issues involved in the formative stage of the gunman’s actions are complex, but most people have no ability to see that.

When people begin to pontificate – and PC ideologues or thought police just love to pontificate – they generally do so from an ideological position and quite often that position is motivated by emotions.

From my perspective, every person is entitled to their opinion, but when you start shoving your ideology, you condemnation, your intolerance and your anger down my throat during an orgasmic self-display of righteousness, you are an idiot.

When you follow such people without question, you are a dumb sheep.

When you continue to do and believe the same thing – never learning from your mistakes – you are a stupid sheep.

And when as Einstein is alleged to have stated, that you do the same thing the same way every day all the time expecting different results – then you are insane!

Well I hope I have cleared that up!

It’s just a pity that dumb sheep can’t read!

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¹ For anyone who does not know, I live in Communist China where guns are illegal. But that doesn’t stop terrorism, and nor does it stop people from obtaining and using firearms. In 2004 my flatmate was in the local supermarket when a gunman burst in, shot the security guard and stole cash.

If banning guns prevented terrorism, then China ought not to see any terrorism on its soil, yet just last week, at the same airport from which I will take a plane in two weeks time, four people were injured when someone set off a homemade bomb at check-in. Some years ago, I was talking on the phone to a friend in Chengdu, when someone set off a homemade bomb on a bus.

Not long ago a man went berserk with a knife and killed and wounded a number of people.

China Daily Newspaper once reported that during an eighteen month period during 2005 and 2006, there were eleven hundred terror attacks in China. Anyone who thinks that terror attacks will cease when guns are banned, is an idiot.

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