What is the correct etiquette for using the Facebook LIKE button?

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I have no ideological problem wearing Muslim hats, Jewish hats, funny hats and no hats at all. Leftists and Rightists can both be offended if they choose by this pic of me in a Muslim establishment. I care not for your brand of mindless stupidity. I am opposed to Muslim Immigration but I am not opposed to Muslims. You may LIKE that statement or not!

NOTE: This article will undoubtedly offend many people and those who are easily offended should proceed no further.

Thank you for coming to this page but I have a duty to inform you that the title is an actual question. I don’t have any answers! I need answers! Facebook frustrates the hell out of me.

For starters, it was one of my daughters who told me to open a FB account as emailing photographs specifically to me was too time consuming. (I live in China). If I would just open a FB account then I could see all her photographs posted there.

So I opened an account and for the longest time I never heard from her. She is one of the many people whose usual form of contact with me is to hit the LIKE button and I am pretty sure that a lot of people at various times hit the LIKE button merely to acknowledge your (read ‘my’) existence – nothing more. I’m sure that they don’t even read the post.

Take this for example. I went through a period when every time I tried to logon to FB I was instructed that my account may have been hacked and that I therefore had to submit to a security check and then had to change my password. It got so bad that I couldn’t remember what my password was. Naturally I wanted to talk to someone in charge at Facebook but I couldn’t find out how to contact them. This amazed me since I had at numerous times read that people had made complaints to FB about certain FB content on certain FB walls. Where did they get the contact details?

So here’s the deal. I write on my wall that I am having trouble with this constant password changing and that I want to contact FB directly and then ask if anyone knows how to do just that. I got 45 LIKES. WTF? What is that supposed to mean? Did anyone actually read what I wrote?

I read an article one day about a man who killed his grandparents. I decided to post a little something about the topic and said ‘Well I can certainly understand why some people feel like they would like to kill their relatives.‘ I got 15 ‘so-and-so likes your activity!’ W-H-A-T? What activity?

After I had a heart attack which put a hold on posting to FB, I posted my apologies for not responding sooner. “My dear Friends” I stated, “I apologize for not having responded to all of your posts over the last week but I had a heart attack and I have been in hospital for five days. Although I am no longer critical, the doctors have warned me that I could drop dead at any moment.”

I got 78 LIKES. I thought to myself ‘Do they like the idea that I could drop dead at any moment?’

As I thought about it I realized that the Facebook LIKE button is nothing more than an acknowledgement that they saw my post – not that they read it. It seemed to be nothing more than an acknowledgement of my existence. I began to wonder if I should just block these people.

Once I thought it all over however,  my facebooking changed dramatically. I stopped feeling guilty when I couldn’t find anything to say about posts, for example, like the AWARD my first grade grandson got on his first day at school. WTF?

I stopped spending time trying to find meaningful things to say to people who were writing airy fairy puffs of air about their lives or worse, were posting photos every day of that day’s sunrise or sunset. Yeah sure they were beautiful photographs but must I say so e-v-e-r-y friggin d-a-y?

And so I began using the LIKE button. Ah such freedom! New sunrise photo – LIKE! Second day of school award for my granddaughter – LIKE! My 98 year old grandmother passed away yesterday – LIKE!

But then the weirdest thing happened. Someone posted an article about two homosexuals who were given a public flogging in Indonesia. ‘Two gays flogged in public’ read the caption. So I hit LIKE! Bloody hell! 163 accusations of homophobia! 23 threats of physical violence upon my person, and 17 announcements that I was about to be defriended. WTF?

Well – you guessed it, I learned my lesson about hitting the LIKE button. And then came the Manchester bombing.

Returning to FB after a few days absence I was pleasantly surprised to find there were no posts about the bombing. (I don’t own a smart phone so I don’t get up-to-the-minute notifications about what everyone is doing or saying). I use the word ‘pleasantly’ because I do get tired of all those people who feel the need to ‘Virtue Signal‘ – well that is apparently what it is called although I just prefer to think of such people as Islam’s Useful Idiots. Their hearts bleed for the dead and injured and they send their condolences and then point out how bad they feel because now all the Muslims in that area will be vilified by all those racist miscreants. And God forbid that someone should actually make a comment linking Islam and Muslims to such terror attacks.

So there I was feeling pleasantly surprised when I came across a post which started with an expression of gratitude that no ugly, racist, islamophobic, hate filled asshole had posted anything disparaging of Islam or Muslims. And I thought -‘WTF?’ and I was offended. What’s worse is that someone in reply to that post boasted how they unfriend anyone who says anything that does not fit that person’s ideological agenda. I became even angrier! So I decided to post something. And here it is!


Since I am offended, outraged and upset by people who post things which do not completely agree with my ideological beliefs, I have decided to start defriending, deleting or blocking all those who at any time say anything with which I disagree politically, religiously, culturally or socially. Unfortunately, after having done a quick tally, I’m guessing that the only person who will DEFINITELY not be unfriended by me by the end of the week will be my cousin Jackie who – despite posting some outrageous stuff, always points out to me that even though she doesn’t agree with all the stuff I post, she will always love me. HER I WILL KEEP. THE REST OF YOU I’M NOT TOO SURE OF.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not doing this to be nasty but it has come to my attention that many people FEEL that no one has a right to believe anything other than what they do and both encourage people to Defriend them and also Defriend those with whom they do not share ideology. If this is the measure of a DECENT democracy loving, tolerant and non-discriminatory person, then I think I need to get on board with this behavior too!

Having posted the post, I found that my anger had not abated, so I wrote another:

Just for the record folks – I didn’t post anything about the terrorist attack in England because I DON’T CARE how many people are killed in terrorist attacks. People die from many many different causes and I think it would be an insult to all those who die early in car accidents and from cancer etc to start blubbering on about the POOR SOULS who died in a terrorist attack – as though their deaths were somehow SPECIAL.

Well! Bugger me dead and paint me pink! A distant relative wrote: “You should really shut your mouth if you have to spew words like this” and then unfriended me.

I thought to myself I did: ‘Did your mother not die of cancer? Is she less important than those who died in the terror attack?’

But at least that post and defriending helped me to see the light. I get it now! Posting on Facebook is all about virtue signaling.

Apparently one may go on FB and call people nasty names for not having and holding Marxist ideology, but those who do not have Marxist ideology have no right to express their thoughts. (Hell they even get abused for being Islamophobic and Racist when they don’t express any anti-Muslim sentiments at all.)

I didn’t want to LIKE the original anti-anti-left comments because apparently that means I agree with the ideas expressed. And I didn’t want to make comments that would just rile up the leftist angst. And I didn’t want to involve myself with virtue signaling by uttering pithy and meaningless comments about how my heart was bleeding for the terror victims (unless I was also free to speak to the causes of terror), but I did want to say something truthful.

The fact is that I don’t care about the victims of the bombing. How could I? Do I know any of them? Do I know anyone related to any of them? About the best I could have uttered was ‘Bloody disgusting!‘ as if that was going to accomplish anything other than signal that I was worthy of entrance into the bleeding heart society.

Did I care that there was a terrorist bombing? F**KING OATH I DID!

Am I angry with the terrorist? No I am not! What he did was a foregone conclusion in a society that does not actually understand what is happening in the Islamic world. (Honestly have you ever read of Muslims who were targeted by Muslim suicide bombers claiming that the terrorist act was not really related to Islam?)

I am angry with the stupid, virtue signaling, idiotic, self-pleasuring society that is bending over backwards to accommodate a people amongst whom there are millions of willing terrorists. (With 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, you only need 1% of them to be Islamists to find yourself looking at 18 million terrorists worldwide. If only 0.1% are terrorists, then you are looking at 1.8 million terrorists. And if only 0.01% are potential terrorists, then you are looking at 180,000 would-be terrorists.)

To say that there is no connection between Islam, Muslims and terror is a denial of truth and the constant refusal to acknowledge the truth is suicidal. When mad cow disease hit England they destroyed whole herds of cattle to stop the spread of the disease. Many were undoubtedly not infected. They did the same in China to the chickens when bird flu hit.

The mentality in the west toward Muslims however is that we must protect the guilty in order not to cause pain and suffering to the innocent. (And of course this ultimately leads to Islamic oppression of the decent or secular or non radical Muslim).

There really is only one solution to this problem of terrorism. STOP MUSLIM IMMIGRATION until security organizations actually know who it is that is coming in; ignore all accusations of injustice made by Muslims and Marxists on the basis of ideology; PROFILE Muslims and imprison or deport anyone involved in or protecting those who wish to perform acts of terror and do what the Chinese do to ensure that religious groups are not being stirred up to create social chaos, by publically installing a security officer in suspect places to monitor what people are being taught.

If this seems too totalitarian for your ideology, then just accept that dying in a suicide bombing is no more or less of a risk than being killed in a traffic accident. It happens – it’s a part of life – stop making such a big deal of it. It’s all quite normal! What? You want to ban all cars because a few people die each year in accidents?

Terrorism has become a cancer and the cost to the human body of trying to rid it of cancer is extreme! It is painful! It is disgusting! But it is necessary! And so it will be if we want to actually stop the terrorism.

We have to get rid of this Marxist Mask of Compassion that the far left and political activists wear.

[That link is to a 90 minute interview with psychologist Dr. Jordan B Peterson titled: “Harvard Talk: Postmodernism and the Mask of Compassion.” Ninety minutes is far too much for the average person to devote to learning, but this interview really does explain what is behind the extreme leftist motivation, principally in universities.]

Unlike so many of those who refuse to read or study anything that offends them in their little safe places, I like to read opposing views and see how they stack up. According to the good doctor at the link above, the act of actually doing that has a measurable physiological effect on the brain, and he also points out that the act of ‘protecting’ students from the truly evil in the world actually reduces their ability to function in life.

So there you go. I started out talking about the etiquette of using FB LIKE buttons and ended up preaching from my soapbox. So sue me!

With all that said, I still don’t know what to do about the Facebook LIKE button situation, but I have been thinking that since I will permanently return to Australia this September that I might just block all Australian friends and relatives living in Australia and just leave my personal page for my foreign friends both in Australia and overseas. If my Aussie friends and relatives actually have any interest in what I write they can go to my public FB page and LIKE or not to their hearts content.

But as far as posting on personal Facebook pages is concerned, I believe that if you believe in your Human Rights, specifically the right to say what you like about any and all topics then you cannot deny to others what you claim for yourself. LIKE IT – or lump it!

Whilst this article was obviously satirical in the beginning,
the FB quotes and my comments about them are very real.

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