We’re not in Iowa Anymore


The yellow brick road that Donald Trump has built brick by brick through hard work and business brilliance has not translated into victory at the Iowa caucus. Iowa is tailor made for a candidate such as Ted Cruz. Iowa is the first to vote but certainly not the last. As we move forward Senator Cruz as well as other candidates has the challenge of pivoting to a national campaign. What translates as momentum for any candidate will be determined by the media to a large degree. It currently benefits Fox News to admonish Mr. Trump for backing out of their debate. If the tables were turned Mr. Trump would do the same.

The race is now Donald Trump against the establishment donor class, Fox News Channel, the Democrats, other Republican candidates, Marco Rubio and the world. Frankly, I like his odds. This begs the question, does the American electorate truly desire an “outsider?” Is a pragmatic businessman not bound to lobbyists acceptable as president? Or does the electorate favor a system in which lobbyists write the legislation and politicians at the federal level sell it to their constituency with all the integrity of the often maligned proverbial used car salesman?

Mr. Trump is king of a world he has created within the real world. Reality and hard choices with actual consequences define Trump’s world. Our elite media and political class who exist as one entity only have brief uncomfortable brushes with the real world. The media does not work as a check and balance on our political system as intended by our founders but fights to wrest power from politicians by playing king and queen maker. The rules that define reality for most Americans, including Donald Trump, do not apply to our pretentious oracles and legislators.

Government does not produce anything of value, so why do politicians, who claim devotion to public service, deserve money or power? This is why Americans identify with Mr. Trump. Many Americans view Trump as having made his money the old fashioned way, through hard work and risk at the top tiers of the world market. A politician may get a highway or airport named after them, but they didn’t build that. When Trump puts his name on something, often, he did build that. He has also built a brand with his own name which many pay dearly to license in order to say “Donald Trump approved that.” The key is in his name, the Trump name, which rest largely with Donald Trump the individual, rather than a political party.

Is the concept of “We the People” or the value of the individual now too abstract for the average American to envision beyond a hazy romanticized impression of our founding? If so, if “We the People” is not part of the average Americans real world but only trotted out as a convenient standard of aimless political campaigns, America has already been lost. Is reality nothing more than image and text generated by the wonderful Wizards of Oz behind elite media and political curtains? Is the clash of the politician’s fantasy world and Trump’s rhetoric of reality enough to motivate the American voter to force a course correction for America? The widely derided notions of populism or nationalism proffered as obscene four letter words by establishment politicians and media darlings are actually not even in play, at least not for Trump. Donald Trump’s reality is grounded in “Americanism.” I really doubt the concepts of, let alone the actual words nationalism or populism have ever crossed Donald Trump’s mind. Trump is not entirely new in American politics but has run into the typical power brokers entrenched in our political and media elite class. People like Mr. Trump who actually do things, build things; scare the hell out of people who only talk.

Mr. Trump has now found himself in a somewhat ominous contradiction in that he is an immensely popular larger than life figure who also has high negative numbers regarding electability among the greater electorate. This is a schizophrenic existence for any candidate. At least that would be the assumption concerning an ordinary candidate. However, Trump is not an ordinary candidate, person or American. He is extraordinary, a direct result of our founding documents and the idea of America which defines almost every American life to one degree or another, including Donald Trump’s.

Mr. Trump is not the most conservative candidate in the race. I do not agree with everything he says. I desire to be politically pure of heart in that I wish to see an extremely conservative president in the White House. I see Trump as a transitional president if elected, a president CEO who allows America to swab the decks clean as we right our political ship of state with sails filled with the collective energy and genius of the American people. If America limits bureaucratic power and regulation, secures its borders, enacts tax reform, strengthens its military and fires up its economy we will have a situation that facilitates America’s pursuit of its loftier ideological aspirations whether grounded in the constitution, conservatism or both. Without these basic reforms all talk of who is more conservative, more religious or more constitutionally grounded than the next candidate means absolutely nothing. These ideological positions will once again be consigned to immaterial talking point status to the same degree as the phrase “We the People” often is.

The burden is not on Mr. Trump as presented to us by our corrupt media, the burden is on us, “We the People.” Will Americans once again embrace the concept of self-governance as reality or reject it as nothing more than a quaint notion from a distant irrelevant founding?

It’s not about Mr. Trump America, it’s about us.

So a word of caution is due Senator Cruz.

“We are not in Iowa anymore.”

Patrick J. Fornari
Commoner Sense: The Working Person’s Guide to America”
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Trump is not politically correct and refuses to join the cult just like the millions of Americans who have rejected the guilt ridden, ludicrous, PC, Leftist label factory that divides America into a land of many rather than a nation of one. Most realize that Trump’s voice represents the dismissal of modern-day political royalty and a return to a “We the People” government. America’s founding mandates that the people govern the government by choosing a leader of government who represents the peoples will.

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