Welcoming Jihad or Being Free (VIDEO)

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As a writer I have for years – 13 years to be precise – been warning people of the dangers of political correctness. I think that term captures all people from all walks of life. Being PC is not of itself wrong. In fact, if you follow the teachings in the Bible or Buddhism or Communism, then you would automatically be PC. But the term political correctness has nothing to do with ‘your’ behavior and everything to do with ‘my’ control of and influence in your life.

PC fanatics are sociopathic ideologues and what that means is that they actually have no ability (and if they did they would not care) to see what damage they cause to other people as they pursue their personal ideological agenda. The final result of that type of dysfunction is what grips the USA right now and to a lesser extent other western countries (although the affects are far more obvious in Europe). You have a bunch of political liberal progressive activists running around hysterically raging against the United States Government or should I just say President Trump, because he is a racist who is trying to stop Muslims entering the USA.

These people for instance hold up big signs for the Media to note; signs which read ‘We Welcome Refugees.” Such people are really and truly moved by photographs like this one.

FEB 6, 2017 Refugees Jihad
I cannot credit any person or organization with this photo as it turned up UNCREDITED in an email.

This picture is purported to be that of ‘REFUGEES’ but if you take the time to actually examine it, you become aware of some very disturbing things; the same things which many European’s have complained about but which the Liberal Progressives dismiss as RACISM.

For the PC thought police (sociopathic ideologues), anything a non-Muslim says is going to be racist, and so it is that the world needs to become aware of ‘ordinary Muslims.’ Unfortunately, ordinary Muslims do not attract media attention. It is therefore left to those with the ability or the platform to make it possible for the world to understand that what the sociopathic liberal progressives rage over is not reality. As terrible as it is to see refugees fleeing Syria, the fact of the matter – and attested to by all security forces – is that within the refugee company, there are terrorists, and these terrorists care no more for the ordinary Muslim than they do for the non-Muslim.

Organizations like The Clarion Project  are doing their best to warn the world of what is actually taking place in the world – made much easier to accomplish because of sociopathic western ideologues. In doing this Clarion Project has published many articles and made films to try and warn the unsuspecting public of the threat that Islamists pose to our western freedoms. In doing so they have enlisted the assistance of Muslims who truly do just want to practice their personal religion in an otherwise secular state.

In 2007, Clarion Project completed ‘The Final Jihad,’ which they describe as a landmark film highlighting radical Islamists’ engagement in a “multifaceted strategy to overcome the Western world,” waging a “cultural jihad” to “infiltrate and undermine our society from within.”

On the film’s 10th anniversary you might be shocked to see how accurately they predicted the future, in a world where radical Islam has been allowed to flourish, in a world where political correctness silenced Islamist detractors and in a world where ‘cultural sensibilities’ trumped free speech.

Here is a brief introduction to that film. To see the full film go to


Here too below is a Muslim, Raheel Raza, Clarion Project Advisor, talking about President Trump’s Muslim Ban. And in the video clip you will see perhaps that the term ‘Muslim Ban’ is FAKE NEWS.

This is not the first time that I have provided a clip of Raheel Raza. In a previous short article I provided two video clips, one of which was of her.

These videos need to be viewed by the general public whose tendencies lay toward liberal progressivism. Having a belief is totally fine as long as in the process you don’t become idiotic in the following of it. (See Useful Idiots and Islam)

Despite all the hysterical accusations made by the sociopathic ideologues, the reality is that REAL everyday Muslims who have left their homelands to settle in democracy loving western lands DON’T WANT to be controlled by Islamists. They more than anyone else know what living under Islamic (theocratic) political and social control means.

They want freedom! Unfortunately, sociopathic liberal progressive ideologues cannot understand how fragile their own freedom is and are actively aiding and abetting (Islamic) totalitarianism.

Western peoples need to be truly informed and not just blindly follow nice sounding but otherwise self-destructive political ideologies.

See the full 71 minute Clarion Project presentation at


or on YouTube

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