We Love to Hate Our Presidents


This politically incorrect article by John J. Walsh (pseudonym) was originally published on April 21st, 2010 at Magic City Morning Star News and republished at Kingscalendar under the same title as today’s version and can be found as the 4th of four articles on this linked page. In light of all that has gone on and is going on in the USA since the election of Donald Trump, I think that this little bit of humor needs to be revisited and taken a little bit more seriously — R.P. BenDedek

We Love to Hate Our Presidents
by john J. Walsh
April 21st, 2010

I guess by the time this little piece of nuthin goes to air so to speak, the waters will have calmed somewhat, but right now at the time I be writin, there is such a fuss goin on over ‘Obamacare’, though I dare say some like the good reverend Swank would probably call it ‘ObamaCAIR’. Where is he anyway? He hasn’t written anything political for weeks.

Anyway, as I was sayin, America right now is once again up in arms over what their president has been doin and sayin. I often wonder what a good head doctor would make of the American love/hate relationship with their president.

When you think about it, most modern presidents have caused outrage of some type or another.

There was that good son of the Holy Mother Church JFK, who paid for his Catholicism with his life. It’s a fact now sure enough. Just cause he was a Catholic – Bang! Twas the C.I.A. that did it don’t you know! I remember as a lad hearing of his murder, and cryin me eyes out for no other reason that the Catholic president was murdered. Sure it was that I knew nothin about America ‘cept that it is where ye go when the tattie crop fails.

And what of Nixon? Remembered forever as a liar; an impeached president. He kept all those tapes just to be sure to be sure, and they came back to bite him in the ass.

And what of Bill Clinton? What will he be remembered for but white carnations and a wife who ‘stood by her man’.

Then there were those two bushes, one kicked up a storm in the desert and the other tried to outdo his pappy and got bogged down by a bunch of uncooperative terrorists.

And now we have President Obama and his care for these good United States and its people. Some seem to think he is the Messiah and others that he is the Devil himself. He hadn’t even taken his first breath in office before he was blamed for every evil besetting this country.

It is a fact it is for sure, that no matter who is president, one half of the country speaks nothin but bad of him; while the other half thinks that the sun shines out his ass, while the other half pontificates on Presidential suitability without ever having voted at all.

All presidents set out to do their job and to put their names in the history book. Along the way, some of them are remembered with love for having done a great job. Others are remembered for being handsome, or strong, or remembered as ‘B’ grade movie actors who got shot. All of them however are just people doing a job. And they don’t do that job on their own. They are the top dog to be sure, but they don’t personally run the country. We have a bureaucracy for that. And a fine job it does of wrappin everythin up in red tape.

It matters not what a President’s personal religious faith is, or what his personal opinions are, or whether he was a good actor or not, or even if he is black, as long as he does the Presidential job in accordance with the constitution and the support of the Senate and Congress.

But it in the end it matters not what they really do in office that counts; it’s how they are remembered.

JFK will be remembered for the Bay of Pigs and for being an assassinated Catholic President; Nixon (like Clinton) will be remembered for length of the tape in his drawers and being Impeached; Clinton will be remembered for his love of carnations and Bush; and Bush junior will be remembered for his one month war in Iraq.

As for President Obama, he will be remembered as being the first black president of America, who … er… mmm … guess we will have to wait and see.

John J. Walsh
Living in a fool’s paradise March 28th, 2017

John J. Walsh wrote thirty plus articles at Magic City which were later transferred to Kingscalendar. The full list of articles may be found here.

2017 Editor’s Comment:

What will Obama’s legacy be? How will history remember him? My personal opinion is that he will be remembered as a puerile president who put his own agenda before that of the country and who deliberately set out to sabotage the incoming president’s presidency. R.P. BD.

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