We invited him in

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FabianoDonald Trump liked to use Oscar Brown Jr.’s story of the snake at many of his rallies before he became President of the United States.

Over a year later, I would like to submit a different view of this work:

On our nations way to work one day
Down our nations paths
A man who promised better things intrigued a proud nation
His assurances of a better life for the poor and middle class
Excited a country that thought they were left behind
The people thought the powerful mistreated this person
Who had led their nation for many years
“He is right”, the nation thought
“I’ll support you and make you great again”
“You will be more prosperous and taken care of” promised Mr. Trump

Our nation supported him and his ideas
Our media kept him warm by covering all he did
Many times our citizens found Mr. Trump hurt by his own deeds
Many times our citizens were told that he lied
“I promise you better times.” Bellowed Mr. Trump
“I promise you we will be great again”

He became more popular and powerful because our nation’s people
Thought he was beautiful and would lead us to a better future
By ridding our nation of it’s corrupt past
But, instead of making his promises realities
He changed when he was given what he yearned for
He said he never made the promises he did and
Twisted his past words so they made him great again

“I believed you,” cried our nation
“And you now talk of eliminating what made us great before.”
The nation simply asked, “Why did you do this to us?”
You know your leadership will make us all weak
You know your past and now present will corrupt us all
Now all of our futures will look different from what we thought it should be

“Oh shut up, silly nation,” said our new President with a grin.
“You knew damn well I was a snake before you supported me”
“I promised you better times.”
“I promised you would be great again.”
“You will be more prosperous and taken care of,” laughed Mr. Trump.

Jim Fabiano
Email Jim: james.fabiano60@gmail.com
Writers Journal column

Author of two books “Laugh it Off” (2003) and “Humor from York Town” (2005)



Author: Jim Fabiano

Jim Fabiano is a retired teacher and writer living in York, Maine

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