1 thought on “Visiting the man on the other side of the wall by Jim Fabiano”

  1. Although I stopped publishing a month ago or perhaps because of it, I published your article. I fully relate to it! I have arrived at that point where I don’t want to go on. I am too tired of this world and old age and illness to bother any more. Everyone wants to fight and argue but no one wants to talk. Everyone wants to blame but no one wants to take responsibility. Everyone claims to know what is in my mind and heart but no one has time to listen to my words. My toes are too far from my hands to make slipping on a pair of socks a simple matter and it doesn’t help that my feet can never easily find their way into a pair of underwear. I recently went to the doctor to find out the results of some tests and when he saw me walk into the surgery he exclaimed: ‘My God! You’re still alive?’ The only real blessings I have these days are my pension which is graciously granted me by the Australian Government; a sister who provides me a room in which to live, and a cousin and Aunt with whom I frequently visit and play cards. Oh where oh where did my good looks go? ‘You never had any!’ my sister tells me. Damn that man in the mirror! Mirrors and half price chocolate should be illegal!

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