Useful Idiots and Islam (and the Orlando Massacre)

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R.P. BenDedek MuslimsWe live in an age of ‘useful idiots.¹’ Another way to express that concept is to say that we live in an age of ‘dumb sheep,’ except that the ‘stupid’ sheep are not ‘voiceless sheep,’ which is okay except that their voices are used to silence logical thinking and self-preservation.

I personally stand accused of being a racist, a fanatic and a person who can’t see the truth. And that truth is that Muslims are not terrorists; that Islam is a religion of peace, and that we have nothing to fear from Muslims. Any logical, rational person can see and understand that all three propositions are not exactly true. Just look at the Muslim world. Just look at what Muslims are doing to Muslims throughout the world.² And it is at that point that the ‘useful idiots’ (U.I.) deviate from logic and turn to ideology. They do this because at a fundamental level, they believe that Muslims are no different to every other citizen in our secular democratic societies. (Note the June 15th comments relating to the Orlando Massacre at the bottom of this article.)

I do not hate or fear Muslims. They are people. They have a right to their religion, but what the useful idiots do not see, is that Islam is manifested in two entirely different ways, and it is only the one and not the other, that the U.I. can see. The first way in which Islam is manifested, is as a religion. The second way in which it is manifested, is as a political power.

As religions, Islam and Evangelical Christianity share essentially the same (although specifically different) end game: The coming of the Promised One, world subjection to God and the end of current world history. To understand Islam as a political power, one needs to take a look at Christianity in bygone ages.

In centuries past, the Roman Church, or more specifically the Pope, was both the political and spiritual leader of the western world. It did not matter what Roman Catholic individuals thought, felt or believed, they were subject to the political and spiritual power of Rome. And it was the political power of Rome which ultimately controlled the actions of the believer (and whole countries). Since the time of the reformation however, the power of the Roman Church has steadily declined.

Today most Catholics recognize Rome as the center of their religion, but they no longer submit to the political power of the church and generally make their own personal decisions when it comes to the spiritual pontifications of the church. Christianity today is a personal matter, not a political one. One serves God directly rather than the authority of the church and its leaders. But this is not exactly true when it comes to Muslims.

Muslims today are divided into two camps. There are those in Islamic theocratic countries, and those in secular democracies. Those in the former are controlled by the spiritual-political authorities just as Christians in times past were controlled by Rome. Look at how Muslims in Iraq and Iran lived fifty years ago and look at how they live now. They were once secular Muslims but now Orthodox Muslims. Did this change just happen over time? No! The political direction of the country changed and the people submitted to their leaders, irrespective of their own personal beliefs.

Those Muslims living in secular democracies are also divided. There are those for whom religious belief is a personal matter, unrelated to the secular environment in which they live. In this they are like most Christians. But there are also those who wish to see their secular societies submit to God – ‘to get saved’ or ‘find salvation’ if you will. These people are essentially no different than the evangelical fundamentalists. But as I will soon explain, there is one big difference.

Except on an international political level, we in the secular democracies have nothing to fear from Muslims in Islamic Theocracies, and in our secular democracies, we have nothing to fear from those Muslims whose religious beliefs are personal, in the same way that every other religious person in our secular world holds to a personal religious belief.

With regard to those Muslims who wish to see our secular societies submit to Allah, they are essentially the same as any Evangelical Fundamentalist (of whatever denomination). As much as we might permit Evangelicals to stand on the street corner preaching their individual brand of religion, we generally ignore them and distance ourselves from these religious nuts. What we do not do however, is do everything in our power to support them, and everything possible to shut down those who are opposed to their beliefs.

But when it comes to Islam, the U.I. walk a different path. For the sake of a political ideology, (PC and Multiculturalism) they support the Muslims. So brain dead are they, that they fail to understand that an Orthodox Muslim has more in common with an Evangelical Fundamentalist, than they do with us – the secular Western godless sinners. If you don’t believe this, then please answer the following questions:

  • On the issue of homosexuality, what is the difference between the Orthodox Muslim and the Evangelical Fundamentalist?³   (See this 5 minute YouTube Video 2019)
  • On the issue of the man being the ‘head of the house,’ how do these two groups differ?
  • On the issue of ‘hell and damnation’ for non-believers, how do these two groups differ?
  • On the issue of female attire and modesty, how do these two groups differ?
  • On the issue of alcohol consumption, how do they differ?
  • On the issue of pornography, how do they differ?
  • On the issue of blasphemy, how do they differ?
  • And finally, do not both groups look forward to the day when God’s judgment will fall on the unbeliever and the ‘saved’ will enter Paradise?

So tell me: “Do you offer the same public support to Evangelical Fundamentalists as you do to Muslims?”

Useful Idiots, who constantly defend Muslims whilst ridiculing Christians, cannot see their hypocrisy because to them it is not hypocrisy. They are just standing up for ‘human rights and multiculturalism.’ They are being good citizens. In fact, they are the pawns in a covert political game played by those Muslims wishing to fulfill the will of Allah and bring the whole world into submission by either conversion or death.

I mentioned earlier that with the exception of one big difference, Muslims who wish to see their secular societies submit to God are no different than Evangelical Fundamentalists. That big difference is that while Evangelical Fundamentalism waits for God’s judgment to fall on society, fundamentalist Islam is both political and militant and believes in physical and military Jihad. By any means whatsoever, the fundamentalist Muslim must do all that is within their power to bring about the will of Allah on earth. War, death, forced conversion and every form of deception in order to achieve this is permissible. And if that is not worrisome enough, every innocent, by-standing, uninvolved religious or secular Muslim who is accidentally or deliberately killed in the carrying out of that objective is automatically a martyr and therefore goes to Paradise, or so some have preached.

The point is that while not the primary targets, Muslims are the first victims of Islamic fundamentalism. (This is what I meant when I wrote “Just look at what Muslims are doing to Muslims throughout the world.”) The primary targets for the Islamic fundamentalists are the unbelievers. That’s you! They are coming for you! It is just a question of time! Of course if you are a Christian then you know that Jesus will return before then and all will be right with the world. But then again, if you are a useful idiot, the Islamic fundamentalists won’t do this because all the Muslims you know are really wonderful caring people. Islam is a religion of peace; Muslims are not terrorists and we have nothing to fear from Muslims. W-R-O-N-G!

I have already stated that Muslims, whilst not the primary targets, are the first victims of the Islamic fundamentalists – the political, military, violent Jihadists who know that they are following Allah’s will to conquer the world, especially the sinful, disgusting, racist, non-believing world. To be a Jew or a Christian in their eyes is bad enough, for you have fallen from the way. But to be an unbeliever is beyond comprehension. How can you live and not believe in God? Truly you are an abomination!

And in their path to conquering and converting the world to Allah, do you think that they will not use any and every tool at their disposal? Do you wonder why we publically hear so little from the Muslim Community in opposition to the atrocities occurring in the Muslim world? Has it never occurred to you that many Muslims fear for the lives and safety of relatives back in the old country?

Do you not realize that most Muslims in a secular democracy will lie and deceive you – the infidel – if it will save their own life or their children’s lives, or relatives in other places? Do you not realize that the harmless, peaceful, secular democracy loving Muslims can be co-opted by the political wing of Islam, in order to bring about the desired goals of that branch of Islam?

So next time you are preaching how Muslims are not terrorists, and that there is nothing wrong with requiring that all our food products be labeled to acknowledge that the local Catholic Priest personally blessed them in the name of Jesus Christ; and next time you start criticizing those you call racists, xenophobes, and homophobes, or Evangelical Christians and others who don’t believe in secular ideology, ask yourself why is it that you so quickly defend and support Islam? Why is it that you refuse to believe that Islam – the political religion – is not a threat to your country, simply because Muslims are nice people? If Muslims posed no threat to anyone, they wouldn’t be at war with each other in their home countries.

It is time to realize that whilst individual Muslims and whole communities of Muslim people are nice people, they are no different to the Catholics of the Dark Ages. No matter their personal feelings and beliefs, ultimately they have to protect themselves from the political forces of their religion, and make sure that they don’t do anything which will allow their religious leaders to spiritually consign them to the fires of hell by accusing them of apostasy.

As a great man once said; “If I must choose between your life and my convictions – I’ll choose my convictions.” (Ok it wasn’t a great man who said that. It was me. I just made it up. But I stand by it!)

I don’t hate Muslims but I do support every citizen’s right to object to the government’s Immigration Policy. I don’t wish any Muslim harm, but I do support Israel’s right to exist as a sovereign state. I wish the Palestinians well, but I do know that the official Palestinian policy is that there should be no Jew left in what is now called Israel.

I welcome all immigrants to Australia, but I do believe that oil and water don’t mix. If Muslims want to be welcomed as a cultural entity that requires special privileges, or with a right never to integrate into the mainstream of Australian life, then they need to find a more appropriate country to live in, because, while I welcome immigrants, I refuse to give up my beliefs, my traditions, my culture, my religion, and my pride in my country, because a Muslim or someone else thinks that I should change to suit you the Muslim or the Useful Idiots and their hate filled, intolerant, and fanatical ideological beliefs. As I wrote in ‘Finding Myself in China’:

“For any of the obtuse sociopathic PC thought police reading this let me reiterate that I live in China and I believe that a billion Muslims and a billion Chinese cannot be wrong. Like me, they believe that if westerners and other foreigners want to live in their country and change their society to suit their own personal religious and political ideologies – then they can get lost.”

“They pave the way for the advancement of Islam and they will assuredly be among the very first victims of Islam as soon as it assumes power.” (Amil Imani)

R.P. BenDedek


¹ “Beware of the Useful Idiots who live in liberal democracies. Knowingly or unknowingly, they serve as the greatest volunteer and effective soldiers of Islam. They pave the way for the advancement of Islam and they will assuredly be among the very first victims of Islam as soon as it assumes power.” Amil Imani (Original Article link lost but his website is

² There is so much information that I could provide here but the one thing I find really disturbing in relation to the way these Useful Idiots support Islam, is their hatred toward and delegitimization of Israel and their constant bleating about the poor people of Gaza. How many people are aware of the fence Egypt – that Muslim country – has built to keep Gazans out of the Sinai, or of how the Egyptians regularly flood the escape tunnels, and in the process have drowned a number of poor Palestinians? Most useful idiots are also unaware of the great Islamic ideological divide between Saudi Arabia and Iran, or of the hostile murderous ideological divide between Sunni and Shi-ite.

Watch the Youtube Video of Mosab Hassan Yousef – the “Green Prince” or “Son of Hamas” (son of a Hamas leader), speaking at The Jerusalem Post’s annual conference in New York where he said: “Today the free world should unite against Islam, not against Muslims but against Islam as a belief system. When the president of the free world stands and says that Islam is a religion of peace, he creates the climate, he provides the climate, the perfect climate, to create more terrorism.”

³ Lest you now think that I have a bee in my bonnet about Evangelical Fundamentalists, let me just point out that almost every Christian denomination and Christ related sect shares the same viewpoints, although their voices have become muted by the secular democratic process.

June 15th Addendum on the Orlando Massacre in the USA.

Bilal Qureshi (former editor and producer for NPR’s “All Things Considered”) published an article in the New York Times titled “The Muslim Silence on Gay Rights.” This is a really insightful article on the problems that the Democracy loving Muslim community faces – especially so for the Gay Muslim community.

For eight years, I was an editor and producer for NPR’s “All Things Considered.” It seemed as if each week featured an example of “Muslim” violence and with it an opportunity to bring more nuanced perspectives and context to the discussion. Through highlighting the voices of Muslim reformists and liberals, I felt optimistic about a generation that could bridge our widening divisions. But in my personal life, I was struggling in isolation with how to reconcile my own faith with my sexuality. When I was growing up, there were no Muslim role models or blueprints for taking a different path to love. When it came to the breakthroughs for gay rights in the Obama era, even progressive Muslims were mostly ambivalent. An open letter by the religious scholar Reza Aslan and the comedian Hasan Minhaj supporting same-sex marriage prompted handwringing and arguments in my newsfeed. “Islam teaches us to be accepting but it is best for homosexuals to be celibate. What is wrong is wrong,” someone wrote.

In Australia there has been an upset resulting from the Orlando Massacre. As long as the link remains active you can read the article Islamic cleric Farrokh Sekaleshfar leaves Australia after anti-gay comment controversy.

This cleric, three years ago made statements in relation to gays, in which “He said he advocated the death penalty for homosexuals who have sex in public, in a country that abides by Islamic law.”

What I find strange, is that had not the Orlando massacre occurred, this man’s visit to Australia would not have drawn anyone’s ire. What I also find strange is that if knowledge of his statements was known, why is it only now being brought to our attention.

If I read the man’s statements as they appear in the press, and accept that he is a truthful person, then I must agree with him that his words were not related to hate speech. Those with no theological background cannot understand a discussion on theological perspectives. All they can do is scream and shout against the religious.

But over and above all matters involved in these two quoted articles, there remains an issue of profound importance, and that is the compartmentalization of ideological doctrines that the Marxist – Liberal – Politically Correct Multiculturalists have. People who have stood up to demonstrate against the Muslim immigration policies of the Australian Government have been attacked as bigots. But now that a Muslim man (who quite possibly was more motivated by self-loathing over a confused sexual orientation) has killed a bunch of gay people, the Australian Prime Minister has stated that Australia has “zero tolerance for people who come to Australia to preach hatred“. Had that statement been true, the man’s visa would never have been issued in the first place.

Given the Islamic theological hatred for the infidel, ought not decent citizens be concerned that their country is being opened wide to a religion in which a significant number will use their religion to justify the deaths of infidels.

Muslims walk a difficult path, but it is a path that must lead to assimilation – not a path on which the Marxist ideologues enable them to carve out ‘new countries’ in our lands, or which requires us to change our culture. Pro and Anti Islamic Immigration ideologues need to stop treating Muslims as something special or worthy of special treatment, but rather, treat them as everyday AUSSIE citizens. Nothing is more likely to disempower outside Islamic influence over the local Muslim population, than to know that Muslims are and must be and must support ‘secular democratic principles.’

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