‘Counter Protesters’ ARE the cause of violence

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There you go! I said it!

Counter Protesters ARE the cause of violence!

The biblical book of Romans talks about people who deny the existence of the creator and who call the truth a lie and call lies the truth. It says of them that they are given over to darkened minds.

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96th Anniversary of the San Remo Conference (Israel’s Right to Exist)

On the 24-25 of April 2010, the European Coalition for Israel conducted a number of educational seminars delivered by Eli Hertz from the United States and Solomon Benzimra (zl) from Canada. It was followed by a ceremony held in San Remo at the same house (Villa Devanche) where the signing of the San Remo declaration took place in 1920.

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Discovering the Sweet Spot of Life

Can people truly discover and consistently experience the so-called sweet spot of life? Can people create a life where they no longer just live but “really” live with total fulfillment, inner peace and joyful-bliss? My answer to these important questions is a resounding YES-YES they can! Especially when they treat themselves to a daily slice of Purpose Pie. Purpose Pie is the sweet-spot of ones purpose. It’s the OBT, the one big thing. The calling or mission that each one of us are brought into the world with. It’s the hot-white center of purpose that manifests greatness and creates our best life. When our gifts, passions and values are fully uncovered and intersect with the needs of the world, then we have the opportunity to make the most impact for others and witness our highest and best self. They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too. But that doesn’t apply to Purpose Pie. Because this sweet treat provides the necessary ingredients to the most Passionate-Inspired-Enthusiastic life imaginable!

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World Leaders Want Hillary: Best President Money Can Buy

On Sunday’s televised CNN Democratic Townhall, Democratic Party heir apparent to the White House Hillary Clinton boasted that World leaders are contacting her privately to ask if they can endorse her. She also said they wish to help her presidential campaign in order to stop Donald Trump specifically.

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Is spring really here? – almost? Down the Road a Piece

Spring may have sprung. Maybe, can’t quite trust it in Maine.

A warm week. The sun has been out a lot.

I’ve been in a lot — not feeling well. But with spring springing upon us, that not well should soon become weller.

I had a long, drawn out cold this past week. That’s one way I know it’s spring. I always have one long, drawn out cold a year. Usually about this time of year. Just as spring springs.

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Milt Gross Book Review: “Manhunt” by James L. Swanson

That dark day in American history most of never think about, and if we do, we face a handful of facts — or myths — about the bloody evening when President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. And we almost never think about the assassin, John Wilkes Booth, beyond his name.

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Revolutionizing Autism awareness: Don’t ‘dis’ my ability

“She has a developmental disability.” My heart immediately filled with uneasiness. This meant our daughter’s life would contain limitations forever. Looking at her, I still could not fathom the concept that her mind was disabled. It worked a little differently but it could still think and function.

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2016 Book Basket KingsCalendar No. 4

Kingscalendar “Book Basket 2016” is a freely provided service to authors and their publicists. I commenced ‘Book Baskets’ a couple of years ago at Magic City Morning Star in Maine USA, and you can find those book baskets in my column there. With the introduction of Book Baskets on this my new Kingscalendar website, I am making the same offer to authors that I make at Magic City Morning Star.

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Five Reasons to Integrate Calcium Bentonite Clay into your Daily Diet

Calcium Bentonite Clay is Mother Nature’s pharmacy. Bentonite clay is volcanic ash with all the impurities burnt out leaving tightly bound pure trace minerals. Clay is a nano crystal with a strong negative ionic charged surface area from the thermodynamic heat of a volcano. It is highly regarded as a strong detoxifier.

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What makes Donald run?

Donald Trump’s fortunes rise as the fortunes of the US seem dimmer, as the image of the US political establishment is deflating, and as the self-confidence of the US working and middle classes is eroding.

In 2008, the US electorate was driven by a sense of urgency to snatch America from its economic and social crises, and therefore approached the inexperienced presidential candidate, Barack Obama, as the “Light Worker,” possessing mythical capabilities to heal the country. In 2016, a growing segment of the US electorate has lost its confidence in the political establishment, looking for a strong man on a white horse to stop the slippery slope trend of recent years.

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