Truth and the Destruction of Chinese Churches

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Photograph courtesy of the Catholic Church in Puqi City

Today a friend emailed me a link to an article about the violent abuse perpetrated by Chinese police against God fearing Christians in Henan Province.

“Christian church DESTROYED as Chinese police drag worshippers into street and beat them” read the title of an article by Katie Mansfield on June 11, 2017

I went to the article and read it and then penned this reply (not edited for publication except for the word Doggy-Do and location names.)

Like so much FAKE NEWS, this article is full of anti-Communist angst but right in the middle you get the sentence which contains the actual truth.

The demolition came as row between the church and government escalated over allegations the church refused to pay a £450 arbitrary road usage fee. Pastor Zhang Di was summoned for questioning last month and accused of assaulting police officers and attacking a village official.

You can read of these reports IN CHINA and it is usually the same. Ministers get called up to police stations and spoken to; cops go visit them and warn them; they get orders to do this that or something else AND FINALLY when they just will not do what they are told – the full force of the state falls on them and then they plead innocent.

In (a place in Hubei) there was a 300 member (illegal) society operating without hassle from the law (because no one cared about it).

In — there was a 10,000 strong Buddhist Monastery that was repeatedly ordered to reduce in size (people just kept coming and they just kept building onto the monastery). After years of the Central Government ordering the site to be shut down and local authorities doing nothing – when the senior monk died, the central government sent in the bulldozers to knock most of the place down. They were allowed to have only 2000 members at most.

In Xinjiang (Muslim north-west province) Christian missionaries were trying to convert the Muslims and after many incidents and many warnings from the police, the Christian missionaries were arrested (and people wrote in the west about suppression of Christianity).

In — I was invited to attend a NON-REGISTERED (underground) Church and I refused. I warned them that even though the local police do not care about them, the moment something bad happens they will be in trouble – and I told them that if there was anything likely to draw official complaints, it would be a westerner going to the Church.

In Puqi I spoke at length with the Catholic priest and took photographs and learned so much about Christianity in China. He provided me with photographs to use in my article – took me to breakfast with the local church community – I spoke with the young priest who talked about the ministry in southern China etc and they said I could publish anything and everything. THEY WERE REALLY EVANGELICAL….

So when I read reports as in the link you sent and see the ACTUAL TRUTH in the middle of the article, I know that there is a lot more going on than is being reported.

Today’s China is not the China of Mao Zedong, but it is still communist. People are FREE provided they do not engage in anti-government or antisocial behavior AND the government does become afraid of groups exceeding 2000 people. Police in China are not like police in the west. They are more like counselors who give advice and encourage everyone to work together and to co-operate. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE when their patience has finally run out – YOU ARE IN DEEP DOGGY-DO.

Additional Comment:

China is ruled by a Communist Government, and while it may be fashionable and even RIGHTEOUS for Americans to publicly flaunt the law of the land, citizens in most other countries, especially Communist countries, MUST abide by the law.

You can find Bibles easily enough in China, in both English and Chinese, and though there are not many churches in evidence the only place I never happened across one was in Honghu back in 2003-2004.

I don’t know what China was like prior to 2003 when I came here to live, and I don’t know what it will be like after I leave in Summer of 2017, but I do know that life here is quite different to that which is portrayed in Western Media.

(That would be the same media which believes that Obama and Clinton are part of the triune God and that Trump is the devil incarnate. The same Media which constantly misrepresents, forwards on fake news, publishes unsubstantiated allegations of wrong doing and freely expresses opinions instead of reporting actual news.)

If you go to the original article, make sure you read the comments section. I find it interesting that people who might otherwise call themselves tolerance loving, non-discriminating, multicultural liberals are often the most abusive and intolerant people you can encounter.

Don’t forget to take a look at the photographs in my Puqi article (there are about four articles related to Chibi/Puqi in all).

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