R.P. BenDedek Book Review: ‘The Moral Vacuum’ by Martyn Gabe


R.P. BenDedek Book Review The Moral Vacuum by Martyn GabeMartyn Gabe’s book ‘The Moral Vacuum’ is a bold, audacious, pointed, accusatory, well researched and up-front perceptive of the totalitarian manipulation of western society by that incestuous ‘ménage-a-trois,’ Big Business, Government and Media. I loved it after eight pages so I would hazard a guess that most people either wouldn’t like it (hate conspiracy theories); haven’t got the patience to read through the research (love predigested food), or just don’t care enough about society and their place in it (most people).

The author’s purpose is succinctly stated thusly: “My intent with this book is to discuss complicated matters in terms that are easily understood by laymen in order to broaden comprehension and encourage more people to question the official line. It is very easy for those that wish to make things opaque by concealing the real meaning with over-complex terminology – rather like the ‘transparent wall technical maintenance engineer’ who wishes to conceal the fact that he is actually only a window cleaner. If the terminology is obtuse, you can guarantee that the motivation is obfuscation.”

The first section of the book titled ‘Perspective One’ which runs from page one to page twenty-six is all that one really needs to read to fully understand the book, its meaning and the author’s purpose. From page twenty-seven onwards, the author reveals certain socio-political facts (providing nine pages of references at the end of the book) to explain what he sees as this incestuous relationship between government and big business which provides both with mutual pleasure in the form of wealth and prestige, but which effectively turns the rest of society into ignorant indentured servants.

His starting point – wait for it – is the biggest conspiracy theory of all time, ‘9/11.’ Yes folks that’s right! That wacky nut job conspiracy theory that all was not as we were told. The shocking thing about the author’s perspective is that he provides technical and other ‘freedom of information’ material along with public testimony that really knocks your socks off.

At the very beginning of the book he introduces information that is really disturbing, such as the suicide rate of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan; the behind the scenes financial link to genetic modification of seeds; the dumbing down and memorization of society via modern technology such as the internet and how 9/11 provided government with new opportunities to ‘control and monitor’ society at large. But once he really begins to pull apart the evidence related to the 9/11 events, you can’t help but be intrigued. So many questions but so few publically provided legitimate answers. If 9/11 wasn’t a ‘callous put up’ by the political and financial powers that be, then its coincidental occurrence has to be more unbelievable that resurrection of that carpenter from Nazareth.

At 400 pages long ‘The Moral Vacuum’ is a long read, made even more difficult by the intricate nature of, not to mention details surrounding the subject matter. This will definitely appeal to the conspiracty theorists and those with the ability to sift through long drawn out argument. I am guessing that it will not have that big of an audience, for, as the author himself points out, “The comfortable lie is far easier to digest than the awful possibility of a difficult truth.’

There are so many ‘difficult truths’ contained in this book that were they not actually true the author ought certainly to face legal action for even mentioning them.

Simply astounding!

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The Moral Vacuum
by Martyn Gabe
Xlibris Publishing
Published 10/2/2015
416 pages
Hardcopy $48
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