The King’s Calendar and Sociology

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For an academic explanation of ‘What the King’s Calendar actually is,’ go to the New Website Article retitled Synchronous Chronology of Ancient Israel

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This article is both a personal and a sociological explanation of the significance of the King’s Calendar results. I’m sure if you understand what Sociology is that you would find my statement rather strange for it leads to the question of what impact the King’s Calendar Research Result has on society and societal problems. But before we go look at that aspect, I want to talk about the personal aspect – MY aspect.

At the time I commenced my research into Bible Chronology I was out of work, bored, and trying to give up smoking. I needed to do something to occupy my time and my mind and so I decided to get straight in my mind the synchronous chronology of the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah. What started as a simple distraction exercise ended up becoming an obsession and a real pain in the derriere.

After I realized that you could not reconstruct biblical chronological information as recorded in the Bible (and at the same time agree with all the history experts), I realized that either the Bible was rubbish (and therefore so too was God), or that there was a logical reason why all the information did not fit together as it should.

I eventually decided to put aside all obvious contradiction and follow one logical principle; that the chronology recorded in the Bible was an artificial construct. (Biblical years are 336 days).

I’ve written about all of this before in other places and I’m not going to rehash except to say that the more I investigated the more astounded I was to discover that despite academic (and even religious) rejection of biblical history, what was recorded there actually demonstrated archaeology and history to be spot on. (Topic 14 Seder Olam Rabbah How many days in a Biblical year)

It was by no means an easy task to understand the synchronisms between the northern and southern kingdoms or how and why they did not sometimes fit known history, but after ten years of research and writing I finally understood that the Bible’s chronological history is not just real but that it is alive and testifies to the reality of God. People have called me a heretic and I’ve had hate mail because my research refutes Biblical Infallibility, but my research does not refute the infallibility of God.

Others may base their faith on a book but my faith is based in the author of that book in which it is clearly stated that the whole of creation testifies to the reality of God and that his spirit will lead us into all truth. Those who state that the Bible is the WORD OF GOD are mistaken, and if you are offended by that statement then I suggest that you have forgotten that the WORD OF GOD existed before the creation of the world. The Bible has only existed for less than 2,000 years. And so I ask, ‘In what do you actually place your faith?’ – and – ‘What would happen if you could never read a Bible again?’

Ultimately I don’t particularly care what anyone thinks or believes. My research demonstrated to me that God was more real and more involved and far less anal than he is depicted by churches, believers and preachers.

The Sociological Aspect

There are two very significant problems in the Judeo-Christian world today. The first is that many people no longer believe in God, and the second, that far too many people (including Bible Skeptics) believe in the concept of Bible Infallibility.

The Unbelieving World:

Within the unbelieving (in principle) Judeo-Christian western world there are two general streams of people. There are those whose scientific / technological minds reject the concept of a personal Creator God, and then there are those who have rejected God. You might think that the two are the same, but I assure you that they are not.

Science has made a lot of advancements over the centuries and technology is developing at an exponential rate. It is therefore understandable that many people no longer believe that there is a personal God and their personal beliefs effect the beliefs and development of their children. For this there is no cure but that God touches their hearts and fills them with illumination.

Perhaps some people reading this might laugh at that last statement but as anyone interested in Quantum Mechanics might be able to tell you, a number of former disbelievers are slowly being converted to belief in (a personal?) God precisely because that seems to be where science is leading. Believe it or not! ~ It doesn’t matter!

I see in the research results of the King’s Calendar a possibility of reaching out to the non-believer and showing them something of the mystery and majesty of God. My research is Mathematical and operates on the principle of Linear Causality and as such its remarkable results demonstrate design – something of a statistical improbability.

Those who have rejected God:

Imagine if you will for a moment that you have a friend who tells you that he does not believe in mice. Then imagine going into his house and finding mouse traps set in various dark places. Why would he have mouse traps if there are no such things as mice?

While there truly are many people who don’t believe there is a creator God, many of those who claim that they do not believe, do actually believe BUT they reject him. It is not correct to say that they do not believe. What is correct to say is that they reject him and all statements relating to his existence. An atheist does not believe and an agnostic doesn’t care, but what do you call a person who hates, rails at and opposes that which does not exist? I would call them hypocrites!

There are many reasons why a person may reject God, but in my personal opinion the worst is the one who seeks to dethrone God. Their personal desire is to see God punished. This I would suggest is the original sin in the Christian Universe. It is the Devil’s sin. Such a person is as far from the possibility of accepting the reality and love of the personal God as it gets. Nevertheless, God is God and who knows the lengths to which he will go to redeem that which is lost.

I don’t think that my research can have any effect on people who reject God, but you never know.

Those who believe that the Bible is infallible.

I have actually written a couple of articles on this topic and so don’t wish to rehash the topic. See:

Bible Contradictions and Learning to Crawl
Biblical Infallibility and Bible Skepticism

In essence, what I see and believe is that there are many evangelical Christians whose faith is not in Jesus Christ but in the Bible. I consider such Christians to be Gnostics as per this Wikipedia statement :

Gnosis refers to knowledge based on personal experience or perception. In a religious context, gnosis is mystical or esoteric knowledge based on direct participation with the divine. In most Gnostic systems the sufficient cause of salvation is this “knowledge of” (“acquaintance with”) the divine. It is an inward “knowing,” comparable to that encouraged by Plotinus (neo-Platonism), and differs from Christian proto-orthodox views. With gnosis comes a fuller insight, and gives an understanding of the deeper spiritual meanings of doctrines, scriptures, and rituals.

The New Testament promise was that Jesus would send the Holy Spirit who would teach his followers all things, but what has happened is that reliance is now on the personal and/or sectarian perception or interpretation of the written word ~ the Bible. Thus we get people who find a revelation concerning the generation of wealth or the obtaining of health or arrival on a plane of peace or a commitment to non-violence (or even violence and judgment toward the sinner). They are seeking something ‘extra’ – something more than reliance on God.

With each revelation is attached an invisible (though not always) heavy chain of ‘ATTAINMENT’ – of having arrived – which is actually nothing more than self-righteousness. The salvation of grace through faith is subverted to become a salvation of works and theology. (‘The Secret of Qumran’ Fanciful or Gnostic?)

I see in my research a complete refutation of the concept of Biblical Infallibility AND YET a complete affirmation of the reality of God, his intervention in history and his participation in the history of the world. I also understand why there are Chronological Differences between the Septuagint and the Masorete Texts.

Ultimately it is my hope that many ordinary people whose beliefs are being manipulated by external forces will see for themselves the subtle beauty in God’s plan to draw to himself those who desire Him and are willing to put their trust in Him. (For the Day When it will be True and Needed)

When I commenced this research I wanted to know if the Bible was really the word of God. What I found was that it is the history of God’s relationship with Israel and the promise to the world of his reality. Unfortunately there are many today who for their own personal reasons wish to lead people away from the truth of the Bible. See:

Biblical Infallibility, Academic Deceit and Manipulation
Political Correctness Mind Control Rewriting History

At the end of the day, the only truly important sociological effect of the ‘The King’s Calendar: The Secret of Qumran’ is that I finally understand that it doesn’t matter what anyone says or claims, I know that God is, and that his foolishness is wiser than the wisdom of man!

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