The Irony in Democracy


This politically incorrect article by John J. Walsh (pseudonym) was originally published on December 14, 2010 at Magic City Morning Star News and republished at Kingscalendar under the same title as today’s version and can be found as the 4th of four articles on this linked page. In light of all that has gone on and is going on in the USA since the election of Donald Trump, I think that this little bit of humor needs to be revisited and taken a little bit more seriously — R.P. BenDedek

No. 4 The Problem with Democracy
by Jack Walsh

‘Life,’ as me grandpa used to say, ‘is full of irony,’ and ain’t that the truth now?

I be readin of late about the wikileaks saga which of itself is poor praise of democracy, but the recent goins on round the world with all them hackers shutting down websites and such bespeaks the irony in democracy.

Them that demand their rights loudly, ne’er give a thought to the rights they steal from others and them that talk about liberty care naught for the liberty of others.

Many there are who delight in bringin shame to their country and heritage, and all in the name of some blessed cause or other, but when there be no difference at all between their words and behavior and those of our worst enemies, how be it that such folk can think of themselves as ‘decent, patriotic or right-minded’?

Notice I didn’t say ‘law abidin?’ A fool may convince himself that he acts in a just cause, but even a fool knows when he has broken the law. Two wrongs don’t make a right says the old sayin, and the Good Book says to take the beam out of your own eye before complaining about the splinter in another man’s eye.

Those hackers doin their best to bring harm to law respectin websites, claim to be standin up for justice. But where is the justice? Those who talk of freedom but who deny freedom to others truly have their heads where the sun don’t shine.

Democracy, freedom of speech, and human rights are things to be shared equally by a people, and when one group amongst them begins to deny these to the others; when they begin to impose their will on the others, how is it said that they believe in the ideals that spew forth from their mouths?

I read recently in England where all those students who were protestin about the rise in university fees, took to violence, which included attackin the heir to the throne, Prince Charles.

Some ignorant twit claimed that the protestors didn’t know whose car it was that they were attackin. The Prince of Wales when out and about has his security escort with him and flyin the royal flag on the front of the car, so how can it be said that the protesters didn’t know whose car it was? But if we denied intelligence for a moment and assumed that the statement were true, is that sayin anythin decent? “Oh! If we knew it was the prince’s car we would have chosen some other car to assault.

Is this the way to behave in a democratic country? Sure it is that they could not behave in such manner in a non-democratic country. I’m sure the Chinese Government would not be so understandin of such behavior, and I’m sure an attack on a member of the Thai royal family would have seen far more dire consequences than was seen in England.

When democratic process turns violent, it sure as hell is no longer a democratic right, and if the day comes when there is a need to remove democratic rights such as the right to protest, then democracy be gone, and if democracy be gone, what then?

Do those protesters in England or those hackers on the internet really believe in justice, democratic process, right living, decency and human rights? I’m sure that they would say so, but their actions bespeak somethin quite different which at the very least can only be called ‘naughty’ and at worst, ‘totalitarian.’

Democracy brings order to chaos, and chaos bring disorder to democracy, and if democracy fails through civil disorder, there be only one destination at the end of that road, and at that destination, such ‘anti-social’ behavior would be punished with imprisonment at best and death at worst.

If the intentions of these folks is misguided, then they need careful instruction, but if their words and behavior are lies, then we as societies need to deal with them.

You can keep away from the rogue, but you cannot keep yourself safe from the liar. Wisdom is what makes a poor man a king, a weak person powerful, a good generation of a bad one, a foolish man reasonable.

John J. Walsh wrote thirty plus articles at Magic City which were later transferred to Kingscalendar. The full list of articles may be found here.

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