The IDIOTS at Microsoft

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My father told me to believe nothing of what I hear and only half of what I see because humans have a great capacity for self-deception. Today we know only too well how people only see what they want to see. This photo was taken from my kitchen window in Suzhou in 2012 on Chinese New Year. This is not a war zone. It just looks that way. You should see the video! CLICK THE PHOTO (This photo is used in my ‘Looking at the NEWS series)

Frustrated with the IDIOTS at Microsoft

Don’t you just L-O-V-E technology? I know I do! The only two problems I find with technology are 1) those who write the computer programs that run technology and 2) those who actually use the technology. Personally speaking I mainly love technology from afar. I do try to avoid it but it has become impossible to live life without technology.

Computers are a marvelous technological invention which have just one major drawback – their programmers.

The internet is a wonderful invention except that its primary function today is making money (any way and at any cost to society) rather than providing access to knowledge. (Just look at Google Dot Dollars).

Today you can’t even trust what passes for knowledge on the internet and with Google now controlling what you can and cannot access on the internet it becomes obvious that the internet is being used to control the minds and hearts of people.

Emails are a wonderful technological invention except that the email programs are written by idiots who grew up in a box, went to university in a box, went straight to work working in another box. They don’t have any real experience of the world.

I read recently where a politician said he does everything he can to discourage young people from entering politics because they have no real life experience. First they were supported by parents at home, then supported by teachers and students at university and then by fellow politicians. Politics is fine for making a financial career but without real life experience a political career lacks the very soul needed by a true politician – real life, real adversity, real problem solving abilities.

In China when asked a question, people will often reply, ‘you can just……’ That English reply is quickly recognized to translate as, ‘I really have no idea how to answer your question but since I don’t want to lose face, I will just point you in a direction and leave you to your own devices.’

Whenever I would hear ‘You can just..’ I knew better than to keep talking. It is rather like those OPTIONS which sometimes appear on computers which say: ‘Do you want to do this?’ (Press this button) or ‘Do you want to do that? (Press that button). Having made your decision you press the button of choice only to see the sign bounce back up again with a determination to force you to choose the CORRECT button of choice. (Obviously designed by a liberal progressive)

It’s even worse when you don’t want to choose either button but you cannot proceed until you do.

And don’t get me started on all those pro forma sections on websites that REQUIRE you to fill in your details. They want your home number – which is fine, but your mobile number which is currently for a different country IS NOT ALLOWED and so you can’t proceed with whatever you needed to do. Once again the expectation that you pay $5 per day to have phone roaming while you are living overseas or on holidays.

My Commonwealth Bank (CBA) Netbank even asks me if I will be out of the country for any length of time and if I hit ‘YES’ they want to know the telephone number to call me on AND THEN they send credit card verifications to the Australian number because as they informed me when I came back, ‘WE DON’T SEND THEM TO OVERSEAS NUMBERS.’ They didn’t even put a note to that affect in the section where they ask for details. IDIOTS!

These computer programs and prompts are of course designed by young computer wizards (YCW’s) who understand everything about computers. They spent years of study at university and doing specialized program training in their particular computer company. They understand perfectly how computers work and therefore haven’t a clue how the ordinary person feels, reacts or responds to instructions which don’t seem to make any sense.

Take my (Microsoft) Outlook express email account (it used to be called Hotmail and worked quite well. Now young wizards are paid just to sit and play with the way it works so that it performs better – but it never does).

These people are EXTREMELY concerned about my email security. So concerned are they to protect my account that they ignore the regular SPAM emails I get from my own address, and create numerous way to keep me out of my account.

These young computer wizards have never lived in a country where the Internet is controlled by the state. (In fact, given their age, I think that these Y.C.Wizards are probably liberal progressives who probably think that the state controlling the internet would be a wonderful idea.)

These Y.C.W’s don’t know what it is like to have to access the internet via VPN’s – virtual private networks. VPN’s were invented by other YCW’s to help you get passed government firewalls to restrict access to information.

Some YCW’s who work on some internet sites have programs in place to recognize that you are using a VPN from a foreign country that makes it difficult to access media in foreign countries. But the people at Microsoft – Outlook Express – Hotmail designed a program which gets extremely annoyed if suddenly you stop using SERVER ONE (out of Dallas) and use SERVER TWO (out of Reno). Their programs throw a hissy fit and say ‘THERE IS SOMETHING SUSPICIOUS ABOUT THIS SIGN IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT’ and then they want you to jump through security hoops to confirm your identity.

I couldn’t wait to get back to Australia just so that I wouldn’t have to keep facing this difficulty getting into my Microsoft – Outlook – Hotmail email account. What a complete shock it was to find out that Microsoft is just full of idiots who have never lived outside of their office boxes.

I got to Australia and immediately needed access to my mobile phone so bought a SIM card for use in Australia. (I should just say here that if you are an under 35 person and particularly if you work at Microsoft, you simply don’t understand why for the 15 years I was in China that I didn’t have an Australian phone number and use Phone ROAMING at a cost of $5 per day. – Like I said – IDIOTS!)

I went to open my Microsoft – Outlook – Hotmail account (without using VPN) and got told that there was something suspicious about this attempt and that I should jump through their security hoops which involved texting or calling me on my CHINESE telephone number IN CHINA on the other side of the world while I was sitting in Australia trying to access my account via an Australian server. So I closed down and opened up a VPN and entered my account that way.

The Idiots sent me a message which informed me that someone just tried to open my account from Australia but advised me that if it was me then I should not worry. Did the Young Computer I.T. Wizard ever stop to think what their little inventions do to people when they try to use or stop using a VPN? No they didn’t! Why? BECAUSE YOU SHOULD HAVE A SMART PHONE WITH PHONE ROAMING so that we can call you any time any place! – IDIOTS!

So what to do? I somehow found my way into a chat with some tech person who showed me how to change my telephone number for the security question. NOW GET THIS. I needed to prove who I was in order to change my telephone number AND THEN, they will not let me into the account unless I confirm my identity by answering my old telephone number in another continent! IDIOTS!

But like I said, I can just switch to VPN and use my account! ‘You can just use your VPN for which you pay money to get around a communist government firewall.’ I DON’T LIVE IN A COMMUNIST COUNTRY NOW? (Actually I’m not so sure that is actually true!)

No! I have to wait ONE MONTH before I can access Hotmail in Australia without using VPN because they want to send me a text IN CHINA. So I waited!

After I arrived in Australia I needed to look into a phone plan, and the one I chose would not allow me to keep the number I acquired at the airport upon my arrival. Because I have to wait a month for Microsoft’s YCW’s program to allow recognition of that first telephone number, it means I can’t enter my permanent number until after that is done. (That will be another month wait.)

So, with the month up, I try to access my email account. OY VE!

They want me to tell them who my last emails were sent to? What?

These guys live in little boxes. They are geeks with no lives. They remember every single email they ever sent – all 10 of them and because they do, they expect me not only to remember who I sent my last emails to, but at what email address AND the subject line information. IDIOTS!

As I have VPN access I could actually go get that information – but what about someone who doesn’t have that advantage.

They also wanted me to provide my SKYPE details. Do they have any details of my use of SKYPE? If they did they would know it has been forever and a day since I last used that IDIOT YCW’s invention. (I used to have messenger and then one day they changed it to Skype.)

So end result is that I have to wait to see IF THEY WILL GIVE ME ACCESS. BUT I HAVE ACCESS using a VPN. And I have two different accounts. They could email me at either account to confirm my desire to change the telephone number. NO THEY CAN’T! Because the IDIOT YCW’s never foresaw this problem – or indeed anyone’s problems because they have lived sheltered technological lives! They have no real life experience. They have never been trained in the school of life. That makes them IDIOTS!

The word original word ‘Idiot’ comes from the meaning of someone who has never studied under a master or never been apprenticed. It means unskillful – unprofessional – unqualified!

So yeah! They are IDIOTS! They may know about computer programs but they don’t know about real life. They need to get out of their little boxes and find out from real people what problems they cause with their technological tunnel vision.

And By the Way:

Should anyone from Microsoft find themselves reading this: “YES that new telephone number does end in 25 but once you let me in I have to change it to 53 – just like the other account.’

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