The Hypocrisy behind Media Anti-China Campaign


R.P. BenDedek a decade ago in China’s countryside. Click to see photos.

From February 2003 to August 2017 this writer lived and worked in the People’s Republic of China and has always taken note of western prejudice toward this Communist country.

Over the last few years in particular there has been a lot of what I would call ‘scare mongering’ in relation to China in the Mainstream Media, and I have no doubt that it is politically motivated. It is not as it is sometimes portrayed, motivated by concerns for the people of China and their social issues.

Brushing aside the propaganda

As a foundation upon which to build the points to which I would like to draw your attention I am going to directly quote from a May 2, 2018 article by Tara Francis Chan which was published by, titled: A chilling story about Chinese pressure in Australia shows how far Beijing will reach to silence critics.The first two sentences to this article read:

Forget Russia.

Attempts by China’s Communist Party to influence international politics and societies are increasingly causing alarm worldwide.

What a brilliant way to draw attention to how serious this Chinese issue is. Unfortunately, as we have come to understand, the American hysteria about Donald Trump and Putin has all but fizzled, although there is no denial of Russian attempts to influence American politics. But I ask in all seriousness, do people not understand that Russia, like China, is a Communist Country? Do they not understand how a Communist country is governed?

This photo was taken by Chen Yufei at Tiger Hill in Suzhou. He came up from Wuhan for a visit and we were lucky to catch this cultural production inside the Tiger Hill site. [Click the photo for more photos and links to other articles about Tiger Hill and Suzhou]
From Communist Russia and Communist China you would expect political interference but have you ever stopped to consider how much our free and democracy loving countries have interfered in and do interfere in foreign countries? Stop and think about it! Take a look for instance at how many countries the USA in particular has interfered in and how many of those countries ended up in social upheaval resulting in Communist or totalitarian regimes taking power.

The statement that China’s actions are causing alarm worldwide is almost laughable when one considers what has been taking place in the USA over the last 16 months. The world’s allegedly most powerful nation and beacon of freedom has become a cesspool of puerile, self-serving and self-righteous political ideologues willing to lie, cheat, steal, prostitute themselves and commit treason at the drop of a hat if it will result in the removal of a duly elected President whose foundational platform was that of removing corruption from politics.

This more than anything else ought to instill fear worldwide. And should the USA collapse under the weight of the fecal matter that the Media and Cultural Marxists have thrown at Donald Trump and conservatives since the last presidential election, then I dare say there will be no need to worry about clandestine communist influence, for communist armies will soon be at the door at the behest of the government to restore (financial if nothing else) order to a nation in chaos.

Just a note in relation to ‘the establishment’ and Trump’s accusations of corruption in the swamp, take a look at this article about financial corruption and treason in the US Navy that has seen 60 Admirals investigated.

So far, 21 naval and marine officers, some as senior as rear admirals, have been charged with criminal offences. Nine are serving jail terms. Two-hundred have been referred to the Pentagon for possible military charges. Eleven have been disciplined or face courts martial, including six rear and vice admirals.

The first half of the next line in the article I found particularly annoying, not because it contained a statement of untruth, but because it was rather irrelevant. It says:

“In Australia alone, a book critical of China’s influence attempts struggled to get a publisher…”

The misleading meaning is that the Chinese Government stopped the book being published, but just as a matter of record, I wrote a book about my 15 years of life in China – a book favorable toward China and its people – and I too struggled to find a publisher. Did the Chinese government interfere in my plans too?

The fact is that anything truthful, which is to say non-fiction, will find it extremely difficult to get published today. Everything is now published through Author Solutions in the USA [who hold authors to ransom] via their self-publishing front companies. Their contracts and processes are nothing short of what in the vernacular is referred to as ‘rips offs!’

The rest of the original sentence which goes ..”the federal government drafted a bill making foreign interference and political donations illegal, and a former adviser to the prime minister even spoke on the matter with the US House Armed Services Committee” does not warrant comment but the next sentence does:

While some of China’s covert actions have been difficult to pinpoint publicly, Maree Ma, the general manager of Australia’s Vision Times Media, recently described how the Chinese government is successfully interfering with the operations of Australian media companies.

This is Guo Heyun from Huangpi near Wuhan who befriended me when I was living in Wuhan. Unfortunately when I moved I lost his telephone number. On this day we were at Zhongshan Park in Wuhan. [Click the photo for more of this boy and others at different parks in Wuhan]
Personally I think it about time that Media companies were interfered with because when you look at most social upheaval (in our un-harmonious society) you can trace it all back to Mainstream media who wish to make a buck through negative sensationalism via emotional manipulation.

I do however appreciate that M/s Ma is referring to China’s attempts to control, silence and influence non-Mainland Chinese language newspapers. Most foreigners would be unaware that if you travel from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan or any other place which publishes Chinese language newspapers, ONLY those newspapers approved of by the government may be carried into Mainland China, and are so marked.

China is, I would remind you, a communist country.

God forbid that we in democracy loving English language FREE countries should forbid entrance to any publication, statements, propaganda or persons of which and whom we as a nation disapprove.

We promote freedom and freedom of speech and belief – except that is in relation to – oh – let’s say ‘gay marriage or Israel declaring sovereignty over Samaria and Judea, or female circumcision, or polygamy or Trump Supporters………….’ then we want to beat the speaker to death, lock them away, destroy their business or cause them to lose their jobs.

We expect Communist countries to behave this way, but how do we excuse ourselves for behaving this way?

The next section of the article says:

“We have a migration agent who has an office both here in Australia and also in Beijing. He is actually very close to us, he’s been doing ads with us for quite a few years,” Ma said. “But since he’s had his Beijing office – a couple of weeks before he pulled his ad contract from our newspaper – the Chinese State [Security] bureau was actually camping in his office for about two weeks, constantly harassing him to the point where he couldn’t really do much work.” After describing the “pressures” he was facing from China’s intelligence and security agency, the advertiser then pulled his ads “in our paper in Australia, all the way in Australia,” Ma said.

OH MY GOD! China’s intelligence and security agency harassed and pressured a businessman into pulling his ads in an Australian newspaper! Shades of CHICK-FIL-A and Bakeries which don’t bake cakes for gay weddings. How dare the Chinese put pressure on people so as to interfere with their businesses just because the Chinese government disapproves of viewpoints which do not align with their own!

This would never happen in OUR country! We would never use political and other tactics to force people to conform to our will! If you believe that then I have a bridge in San Francisco to sell and its going cheap!

This next line is somewhat scary:

“Some of our advertisers have been pulled into the Chinese consulate, [they don’t pull Chinese citizens into Chinese consulates in China]
I won’t say which one, but [one advertiser] was grilled for three hours for a ‘tea chat.’ She was told not to tell anyone,” Ma said.

Do we gather from this that the advertiser involved was kidnapped and held against her will in Australia? Is this not a criminal offence? Ought not the consulate staff be evicted from the country?

Anyone who knows anything about Chinese culture recognizes immediately what the Chinese were doing and the advertiser involved could have walked out at any time – unless she was a citizen of The People’s Republic of China and holder of the relevant passport, in which case she could easily have been whisked away on the next flight to Beijing.

The next sentence appears to segue into a discussion of advertisers in Mainland China:

Such actions by China’s government appear to be a means of intimidating and cutting financial support for independent journalism, [meaning: they are stopping us from earning money]
in the hope enough advertisers boycott a publication, [advertisers in China – not Australia]
forcing it to either close or
accept state funding and editorial input [meaning that it becomes a vehicle for Chinese Government propaganda]

The article ends with:

They also serve as a warning, encouraging companies to self-censor their advertisements. And it’s a ploy that may have worked in the past. For more than two years, telephone carriers have not advertised Apple products in two independent Australian Chinese-language newspapers, reportedly at Apple’s request. Ma believes the newspapers have been blacklisted for political reasons as the tech giant wants to protect its business in China.

Note the import of that last line: We will obey the Government of China in order to make financial profit!

I’ve known and become friends with many different types of people in China. In the top photo are some Muslim friends from Wuhan and the bottom photo includes two Catholic priests I met in Chibi. Click the photo to see more photos of the Chibi Catholics.

I want to make very clear here that I have no reason to either believe or doubt the details listed in M/s Chan’s article. But I do wish to draw to your attention a few points.

1. This article is about a newspaper and its advertising revenue! It provides no information at all about the Chinese government’s political interference in Australian or any other country’s politics.

2. As already pointed out, China is a Communist country. We should not be surprised by what it does to maintain its political power base and control over Chinese language newspapers.

We should however be very alarmed when we, the supposedly freedom loving, free speech supporting, egalitarian, humane, tolerant and non-discriminating democratic peoples of the world, call for, demand or support totalitarian and communistic tactics against people who have beliefs and cultures not shared by our political elites [meaning our ideological political activists].

3. I have not read anywhere at any time that the government of the People’s Republic of China seeks to incorporate Australia or America or any other English language country into the makeup of China, or that it seeks to remove our religions or cultures and replace them with their own. This is to say that whilst China may wish to financially profit from our countries, and may seek to manipulate our political policies so as to make them more amenable to China, it does not seek our destruction. (They want and need our money!)

I believe that if there are countries in this world of whom we ought to be afraid, then it is they who overtly state that they seek to conquer us and force upon us cultures and beliefs that are not our own. Take note of such countries. And do sit down and take a good look at the United Nations and what it is comprised of and who is in control of it.

All news outlets, which includes M/s Ma’s Australia’s Vision Times Media, are in the business of making money and shaping public opinion. They play on people emotions, inflate issues, divide society and create disharmony because all such things pay financial dividends.

But Mainstream Media is not your friend.

Whipping up anti-Chinese hysteria does several things, the most important of which is to divert attention from those nations and peoples who are a real threat to Australia, USA, Canada and the UK and those nations seem to have an unnatural effect on our politics and social culture.

I lived in China for 15 years and I do have concerns at the moment about China’s future as it applies to the citizens of China. And I would like to add that during my years in China I frequently came across negative articles about China which caused me to scratch my head and say ‘WTF?’

To put it more bluntly, so much of what I have read at times was written by idiots with no understanding of China, its peoples or its customs.

China is a Communist country! That is all people need or want to know and is the be all and end all of all negative judgments by media and armchair pontiffs.

Being an armchair pontiff may be good for one’s ego, but when all is said and done, armchair pontiffs are just propagandized Useful Idiots. And we don’t like propaganda do we?

The Majority of the population of China follow Buddhist or Daoist teaching and many worship their ancestors. It is a diverse nation with different cultures and most Chinese are patriotic and proud of their country. [Click the photo for links to China stories]

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