The Collapse of the USA: Preaching to the Choir

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I have for years kept email contact with Wm. B. Fankboner, an old American Patriot who has written a number of brilliant articles over the years about the state of the world.

Two sentences in particular in his most recent email really struck a cord for me and prompted a reply which I have decided to publish here today. Mr. Fankboner wrote:

It’s a cliché, but nonetheless true, that we are approaching a breaking point reminiscent of Rome’s decline in the Second Century.

I may have retired from the work force, but I haven’t retired from the love of my country. And witnessing the collapse of a once-great nation, and the last best hope of mankind, is not a thing one can watch with any dispassion.

Nothing in my reply to his email is really new to Willie. I am really just preaching to the choir. I think we both just need to freely air our feelings from time to time, (not an easy thing to do in a liberal progressive society). I thought perhaps if I publish my thoughts it might possibly provide one or two face-glued-to-their-smartphone people with some fresh perspective on the state of things in the USA and the world.

(I recently watched a video in which young Americans demonstrated their complete lack of knowledge about the Civil War, the War of Independence and the identity of the then current Vice-President. They did however know who various Hollywood stars were married to. It was rather pathetic.)

My Reply to Mr. Fankboner:

I understand how you feel AND the USA is your country not mine. Australia is already a long way along the path though. Throughout my life no matter what job I did, I always did my best. It was never about the job but about ME and how I feel about myself. In my work life I have always had trouble with workmates simply because I work too hard or care too much and in just about every workplace there was someone trying to tear me down with lies.

Both my marriages were the same. No matter what I did there was always complaint. I don’t earn enough money – and – all I think about is work. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation BUT ALWAYS the lies; always the attempt to destroy people’s love, appreciation, like or admiration for me because of Jealousy.

I have lived my life in the face of these LIES and when I look at the news and see the LIES, the crass stupidity, the blatant hypocrisy, hatred masking itself as love, totalitarianism calling itself anti-fascist, and the intentional program of deceiving an entire nation and future generations, it makes me sick to the stomach and I am reminded of The book of Romans Chapter 1 around verse 28/29 which talks about what happens to people who refuse to acknowledge truth but call truth lies and call the lie truth.

I believe that either Trump was put in place by God to save America, or that he is the last truly patriotic president of America and that America will collapse.

Ancient History was always my strong point and like you I have seen the similarities between Rome and USA. Arrogance is what drives people. It is the first sin – to believe that one knows better than the creator himself. In arrogance people believe that the USA is supreme, better than the rest, and that it is unconquerable, but they don’t know the cycle of history. Begin, grow strong, grow complacent, grow careless, no longer care and then collapse. The USA is only as good as it is today. Tomorrow hasn’t come and if the cretins CANNOT imagine today’s ripple effect on tomorrow, then they can pretty much kiss their collective asses goodbye.

When you start deconstructing your society because of imperfection you end up with nothing because no one is perfect.

The USA belonged to the Indians – so all you bloody whites, blacks, browns, Hispanics and Asians should piss off and go home. Only then can America be great again! No more bullshit about statues, slavery, discrimination etc. Let’s chop the tree down to its roots and SOLVE the problem. The problem is that no one should be in America except American Indians. PROBLEM SOLVED.

That which is built on a solid foundation will stand and that which isn’t will fall. Right now the left wants to change the foundations.

If you change the foundations then the structure is no longer secure – or at the very least, will require a different outcome which is theoretically ok except that the only blueprints we have for a society with the foundations that the left want all ended up in poverty, corruption, totalitarianism and loss of individual freedom and in those lands (thinking of Russia and China) it has taken decades for the people to get their freedoms back. But the young are too stupid to understand this.

Anyway – End of sermon.

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