Tears for the Death of the United States of America


Sun Yatsen's Memorial
The Memorial for Sun Yatsen (Sun Zhongshan) the founder of the first republic of China. That republic fell into civil war. Will the USA do the same? (Click the photo)

Let me state at the outset that I am not American but Australian and for the last 14 years I have lived and worked in The People’s Republic of China. I have written a number of articles recently in relation to the elections in America, but today I want to talk about something that goes beyond politics to the very core of what America stands for.

The media nastiness directed toward President Elect Trump prior to the election was expected. That is the name of the political game. To win at any cost!

But what has occurred since that election has not been a political game. It has instead been nothing but disgusting. In an online reply to a comment made by an American in relation to an article about Trump’s election, I made a comment which went something like this: ‘Your country is a laughing stock. It has become a joke!’

That is what the USA was beginning to look like; a bunch of namby-pamby puerile little twits. But that feeling that the USA has become a joke has now changed, and all I can do is feel like I want to cry. Do I care about Trump? – No! Do I care about the USA? – No! So why do I feel like crying? I’ll tell you.

It is because the world’s brightest light for democracy and freedom is being extinguished, and not by the enemies of the USA, but by its own people. The very people who scream and clamor over every imagined slight and injustice; the very ones who decry discrimination and intolerance; the very ones whose hearts publicly and profusely bleed for the oppressed, have become intolerant, discriminatory and abusive towards both the President Elect and those who voted for him. They have begun to oppress the people of the United States of America. Even that name is now a joke.

They are daily and in diverse ways proclaiming that they will not abide by the constitution of the United States; that they will not accept the President chosen according to the process established in their constitution, and they appear to be doing so because it contradicts their ideological agendas.

Perhaps they see themselves as revolutionaries ready to rise up and overthrow an oppressive but as yet non-existent American Government.

Having previously preached their righteous cause and having sought to vilify and punish those like the baker whose Christian conscience would not allow him to bake a wedding cake for a homosexual couple; they are now the ones proclaiming that they have an obligation to follow their conscience. This has led some companies to tell customers that if they voted for Trump that the company will no longer provide services to them.

These bastions of human rights are angry as all hell that Trump praised President Putin’s refusal to kick out American Embassy officials. They apparently wanted Putin to kick these Americans out. They are also apparently furious that the future President of the United States of America demonstrated tolerance, understanding and courtesy toward the leader of a foreign country. At least Trump did not bow to a foreign potentate.

I cry for America for two reasons. The first is that the light of honesty and decency – the hallmarks of democracy – are being extinguished by puerile and apparently sociopathic people. But perhaps the more important reason for my tears is that I believe that what we are seeing now is the death throes of the American Republic.

When I read the history of the lead up to the American Civil War, I find it eerily similar to what is happening today in the USA, and with places like California declaring that they wish to secede from the Union, I can’t help but wonder what will happen in the coming year or two if the Democrats cannot destroy – or god forbid – kill President Trump. Will America see a repeat of history?

Throughout the Obama administration, that man has done everything he could to change America, and if what is now taking place in the US is the change he intended, then he has probably been the most successful president America has ever seen.

The peoples of the American colonies threw off the yoke of oppressive monarchal government, and it sure seems like that is what the left are now proclaiming that they want to do, except that this time it is their own duly elected government. Forget the word ‘treason’; forget the expression ‘civil disobedience,’ what these people seem to be declaring is that they want to overthrow their own – as yet sworn in – government.

The peoples of the United States of America need to sit up and start thinking of the ramifications of their words and actions, and it is not just the extreme left that need to do some soul searching.

Your country has become puerile. It has become a joke! It seems to be headed toward civil war! It seems to have forgotten the basics of both left and right ideology.

I live in China. It is a great country! Like the peoples of the USA, they threw off monarchical government; endured a civil war; languished through the Cultural Revolution, and today, those people value safety and security over everything. Their general attitude is to live and let live. They think what they like and say what they like and keep their noses out of other people’s business, especially the business of government.

If the people of the United States of America truly believe that they live in the best country in the world, then both left and right need to begin to act like it.

If America falls, then so too does democracy, and if democracy falls, what hope do any of the peoples of the world have?

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