Book One Photographs from Chibi

When my book ‘Finding Myself in China: A Politically Incorrect Story’ was published, I began work on collating all the travel stories and interesting events from particular places (irrespective of when I was there) into a series of books that are part travelogue but which broaden the field of my life’s experiences in China – something which I could not do in the first book because it would have been too big.

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Book One Photographs: Yichang and Three Gorges Dam in China

Earlier this year, I finally managed to publish a PDF Book about my life in China. You can read why I published it as such rather than get a publisher to publish it in hardcopy.

I was in fact reminded in an email today Dec 17th 2016, of the extraordinary lengths to which these so called ‘self-publishing companies’ (who are nothing but fronts for ‘Author Solutions’ Publishing House in the USA) will go to extract money from would-be authors.¹

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