Looking at the NEWS April 6, 2018 Just Asking Questions

Liberal in tolerance but
Alt-right in protecting freedom of thought and speech.

Ideologues Don’t Usually Like Questions!

I read a rather interesting article the other day about the state of Australian politics, the key point to which was that society has shifted over recent decades from being predominantly just left or right of center, to more extreme points on the scale. This would explain why there was such a reaction to Donald Trump’s election. People are becoming extremists.

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List of Writer’s Columns at KingsCalendar
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The following is a list of all column pages for all writers past and present on both the old site and the new irrespective of whether they currently publish in the NEW Writer’s Journal or not.

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Leaked GOOGLE document – Free Speech undesirable. October 10, 2018
Google Search Censorship Worse Than Originally Feared
August 14, 2017

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