Book One Photographs : Villages in Central China

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Book One Photographs from Chibi

When my book ‘Finding Myself in China: A Politically Incorrect Story’ was published, I began work on collating all the travel stories and interesting events from particular places (irrespective of when I was there) into a series of books that are part travelogue but which broaden the field of my life’s experiences in China – something which I could not do in the first book because it would have been too big.

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Book One Photographs: Yichang and Three Gorges Dam in China

Earlier this year, I finally managed to publish a PDF Book about my life in China. You can read why I published it as such rather than get a publisher to publish it in hardcopy.

I was in fact reminded in an email today Dec 17th 2016, of the extraordinary lengths to which these so called ‘self-publishing companies’ (who are nothing but fronts for ‘Author Solutions’ Publishing House in the USA) will go to extract money from would-be authors.¹

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Photos Hangzhou West Lake – Shaoxin – Ningbo

I’ve been publishing photographic stories about my life in China for more than a decade and the ones I am displaying here today were taken between five and 10 years ago.

For this article I have selected photographs from three different locations but recorded in four different articles. If you want to see more photographs, just click on a photograph and it will redirect you to the original article from which it was taken.

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Photos Yellow Crane Tower + Chu Tower Moshan Park Wuhan

I’ve been publishing photographic stories about my life in China for more than a decade. Some of my photographs therefore are old and perhaps provide perspectives no longer evident in the places which I at one time visited.

Be that as it may, today I am providing for my readers on my new website, some photographs from Wuhan. There are of course many more photographs in the original articles from which they come, not to mention a story.

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Planning a Presentation or a Speech in English as a Second Language

The One Child Policy has finally affected the number of students entering higher education in China and as a result the Entrance Examination Score required in third tier colleges is lower than in previous years and students now studying English are doing so with less ability than earlier students. They often have great trouble writing reasonably decent presentations and speeches.

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Organizing the Points of your Speech or Presentation

In Part One “Planning a Presentation or a Speech in English as a Second Language” we ended with the final results of our research and brainstorming after we removed unwanted information. Now we will proceed with organizing that information.

Chart 4 – In What Order do we use the Information

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The Outline or Bones of a Speech or Presentation

In Part Two (“Organizing the Points of your Speech or Presentation“) of this series about writing a speech we looked at the order of the points, ideas or information that we had researched or brainstormed in preparation for our topic. That article ended with:

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Topic Sentences and Transitions in Speech or Presentation Writing

Writing involves more than just words. In this section we are going to look at paragraphs and their topic sentences and transitions.

In Part 3 of this series (The Outline or Bones of a Speech or Presentation), we looked at the different ways in which you can organize an outline or bones of the writing that you intend to undertake. In that section I used the example of ‘Toilets’ as a topic for writing. I am now going to provide you with a copy of a speech involving just the nine points listed in those outlines/bones.

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Traveling from China to Australia with Murphy’s Law

I’ve been living in China for 13 years and every year I travel back to Australia to visit family and friends.

I commenced writing this particular article about my June 2016 trip while sitting in Shanghai Pudong Airport waiting for a plane to take me to Guangdong where I had to transfer to a plane bound for Brisbane Australia.

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