The terror of an American Policy based on Orwell’s “1984”

1984, was a good year for me. At least those parts I can still remember. I was a healthy 34 years old and working my way up the American Dream by owning multiple businesses with my wife and watching my beautiful daughter grow ever more beautiful. Ronald Reagan was our president and even though I was not a big fan I had faith in the man who was Governor of California and has an overwhelmingly positive charisma that had people have a positive view on the future of their nation and family.

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We Love to Hate Our Presidents

This politically incorrect article by John J. Walsh (pseudonym) was originally published on April 21st, 2010 at Magic City Morning Star News and republished at Kingscalendar under the same title as today’s version and can be found as the 4th of four articles on this linked page. In light of all that has gone on and is going on in the USA since the election of Donald Trump, I think that this little bit of humor needs to be revisited and taken a little bit more seriously — R.P. BenDedek

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Big Government: No Friend of the Poor

When you’re a conservative, you have to develop a thick skin. You get used to hearing how heartless you are. How devoid of compassion.

And why? Because you don’t automatically support every government program that purports to help poor people. Why, you conservatives must hate poor people!

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