Vaccines: a Benefit or a Menace

The global focus on disease prevention continues to be vaccinations according to Big Pharma and the medical authorities. However, there is a growing concern that vaccinations fail to prevent their targeted diseases and can cause other health issues, including death.

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Our Changing World By M.M. Justine

I follow movements, trends and phases; I read everything that makes sense. I don’t limit my perspective when I read; I focus on what is not said, like reading between the lines. What fascinates most is the relationship between big government, corporate power and society as a whole.

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8 Ways Corporations Can Improve Their Image

1. Care about Society

Society is the fabric from which corporations thrive. It is a circular system; without the population, corporations would have no markets to sell their products. If corporations to harm society, they are harming themselves. It is like biting the hand that feeds you!

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M.M. Justine Column Writers Journal Kingscalendar

M.M. Justine is a Business Executive and the Author of “The Traitor’s Trilogy”. She is widely travelled and has lived and worked on four continents.

She writes fiction from facts to educate the unknowing, depicting the turbulent world in which we live.

After her publicist advised her of the opportunity to publish an article in the Writers Journal KingsCalendar, she did so, and has now decided to write regularaly.

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