Looking at the NEWS April 24, 2018 Dunning-Kruger

When your vocal dissent, disapproval or opposition is criminalized,
then you know that your society is less free than Communist China.

Virtue Signaling is a sure sign of Ignorance

In a recent Looking at the NEWS Mar 9, 2018 Pot Calling the Kettle I wrote:

They not only do not slobber at the mouth in praise of believing Christians for example, but in their virtue signaling orgasm they set the stage for the abuse of the regular Islamic Joe Blow by those in Islam who want to see YOU DEAD. Actually one must wonder if this virtue signaling and politically correct love of Islam is not just some form of rejection of the Judeo-Christian heritage that western people have, and over which so many feel such guilt which is twice intoned should they happen to have white skin.

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