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NOTE: This article will undoubtedly offend many people and those who are easily offended should proceed no further.

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Rejecting Ethnic Laws and Culture

If this is your first time to read one of my articles, let me just tell you that I am an Australian who has been living and working in China for thirteen years. I often write against Political Correctness and Multiculturalism. I write against the former because it is a totalitarian instrument being used to destroy democracy, and I write against the latter because the PC sociopaths who constantly accuse Australians of being racist are completely ignorant of the ‘ethnic’ cultures they promote and yet demand that we change our culture to suit theirs. Notice I did not say that the ‘ethnics’ demand it. I didn’t say that because it isn’t true! It is the totalitarian PC sociopaths who do demand we change, and they started first with the claim that nativity scenes in shop windows offended ‘non-Christians.’

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