What is the correct etiquette for using the Facebook LIKE button?

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NOTE: This article will undoubtedly offend many people and those who are easily offended should proceed no further.

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The Irony in Democracy

This politically incorrect article by John J. Walsh (pseudonym) was originally published on December 14, 2010 at Magic City Morning Star News and republished at Kingscalendar under the same title as today’s version and can be found as the 4th of four articles on this linked page. In light of all that has gone on and is going on in the USA since the election of Donald Trump, I think that this little bit of humor needs to be revisited and taken a little bit more seriously — R.P. BenDedek

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What the Women’s Movement Wants and What Women Do

Australia is currently preparing for an election and in a news article the other day (From Mamamia by Alys Gagnon) the Australian Prime Minister was criticized for having lunch at an exclusive gentlemen’s club.

While the author was candid in saying “it’s highly likely that Malcolm Turnbull has almost no control over his movements” the article was critical of the fact that the PM dined in a club which the author referred to as “one of the last strongholds of institutionalised misogyny.” The author also made mention of the fact that women guests are allowed in the club but membership is restricted to men.

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Reviewing My Opinionated Past (No.7)

Research indicates that over time imperceptible changes take place in people’s thinking and therefore their opinions on a variety of matters can significantly change. When confronted by documentary proof of their former opinions they find it incredible that they could have changed their beliefs so much. In looking back on a variety of articles I have written, I have found that my beliefs and opinions have changed very little over the years. Take this article for example which I published on Sep 15, 2004 – 8:15:00 AM at Magic City Morning Star. I had some serious points to make and again used a little humor to make them. I stand by what I wrote 12 years ago. The links in the orginal article have not been reproduced here.

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