Is it time for Ben Carson to step down?

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Let me be clear, I like Dr. Ben Carson. I was a supporter of his during the 2016 primaries and appreciated his many books long before he considered running for public office.

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The Trump Administration Is About To Make a HUGE Mistake

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Media Advisory

Last week the American Policy Center issued an urgent Sledgehammer Action Alert demanding that the federal department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) immediately withdraw the nomination of Neal Rackleff as Assistant Secretary of Community Planning and Development.

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Obama’s last ditch regulations that devastate

In the final days of Obama’s presidency two rules slid under the radar that drive explosive local planning and building costs, transfer control of certain grant-related planning to the government, and render local officials helpless to combat them.

Federal agencies often enact onerous regulations by couching them in dry sounding names, or titles that appear so munificent only a dark-hearted bean counter would question them.

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HUD’s poor need paths to wealth, not vouchers to affluent zip codes

Rather than help low-income families learn the skills to succeed, HUD wants to move them into “opportunity rich neighborhoods” hoping pre-existing success rubs off.

With the new administration, HUD has an opening to help the poor escape poverty, reduce the pay gap, and eliminate a main cause that fuels America’s decade of increasing social clashes.

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One Man’s Heritage! The Struggle to Survive

This article was first published a few years ago on the old kingscalendar website under the title The Tale of the City Blacksmith.

Given the new American President’s desire to actually cause the USA to prosper, and given the number of calls for breaking the regulatory strangle hold that some political bodies have on business and the community, I thought it might be worthwhile republishing this litte tale.

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HUD needs faith-based initiatives to shrink poverty

Since the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed, The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has expanded its mandate to enforce these laws by labeling everything that is not equal, from the educational experience and housing, to the relative wealth of your residential zip code, as discriminatory.

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This happens if Trump fails to rein in HUD

If you want to know what will happen to your hometown if Trump allows the Department of Housing and Urban Development to continue its devastating control of local rule, look at Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania. It is the latest community to surrender to HUD’s aggressive tactics.

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Stop AFFH: Get S.103 to Trump’s Desk

I have a vital update for you on our battle to stop the HUD assault on private property.

Senator Mike Lee of Utah has just introduced a new bill to stop the AFFH Rule.

This bill MUST be passed in Congress!

That’s why it’s URGENT that you sign the attached petition to Senator Mike Lee right now!

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Trump can halt HUD’s AFFH, today!

Yes, President Trump can halt HUD’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing program even before Dr. Carson is confirmed.

If you follow the news, you probably noticed that President Trump is moving quickly on his campaign promises.

You have also probably noticed that the Senate opposition is slow-walking his cabinet appointments to make it harder to for the president to address regulatory actions.

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Five Actions Ben Carson Must Take to Control HUD’s Tyranny

After twenty four years of a relentless drive for centralized government power through Clinton, Bush and Obama, finally there is a chance to roll back some of the destruction to our Republic. Donald Trump has an historic opportunity to fulfill his promise to “drain the swamp,” meaning getting rid of the corruption, the power grabs, and the disregard for Constitutional law.

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