Book One Photographs from Chibi

When my book ‘Finding Myself in China: A Politically Incorrect Story’ was published, I began work on collating all the travel stories and interesting events from particular places (irrespective of when I was there) into a series of books that are part travelogue but which broaden the field of my life’s experiences in China – something which I could not do in the first book because it would have been too big.

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Photos Yellow Crane Tower + Chu Tower Moshan Park Wuhan

I’ve been publishing photographic stories about my life in China for more than a decade. Some of my photographs therefore are old and perhaps provide perspectives no longer evident in the places which I at one time visited.

Be that as it may, today I am providing for my readers on my new website, some photographs from Wuhan. There are of course many more photographs in the original articles from which they come, not to mention a story.

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