How Liberals, Progressives and PC ideologues are assisting Islamists in the Destruction of the West

This article was also published at under the title Liberals are Helping Islam to Destroy the West and within 24 hours had been shared 800 times. That article has a photo caption provided by iPatriot editors and additionally they provided access to view the video on the article page. Readers there also made some comments in the comments sections.

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Refugees, migrants and jobs

Are they true refugees, defined as fleeing persecution, or “mere” migrants, seeking opportunity better than can be found at home? Does the distinction even matter? In either case, they are hungry, homeless, needy and foreign. Most likely, their faith and customs differ from the country where they are seeking help. Race as well as ethnicity may add complications to their entry.

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The American President’s Legacy

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Americans Deserve those whom they Elect

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From 2004 to 2008 I was a columnist for Magic City Morning Star News (Maine USA), and in 2009 I became the Acting Editor. (2009 to Feb 2016). Even before Barack Obama was elected President, we had writers trying to warn the American people not to allow him to become President. One of the writers used to get so much hate mail that he nearly went crazy.

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Politically Correct Second Class Citizens

This article was first published at under the title Progressive Liberalism’s Second Class Citizens. The photo caption on that site is courtesy of their editorial staff.

Over the last decade I’ve written a lot about Sociopathic Political Correctness Ideologues. The basic tenets of Political Correctness are on the face of it pretty mundane. You can find them in the tenets of Christianity and Judaism and funnily enough in Communism. The basic doctrine is that we are all equal and deserving of equal treatment and respect.

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The Passions of Youth

As a child in elementary school, I enjoyed mythology – especially Greek mythology – with the powerful Zeus as the regal king of the pantheon of the gods – carrying a lightning bolt and a royal scepter, with an eagle by his side. In high school, I took joy in Norse mythology. During college, I was fascinated by the gods of Sumer and Akkad.

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Reviewing My Opinionated Past (No. 4)

A recent study has indicated that over time, many people change their intractable thinking and positions on a variety of issues, and when confronted by documentary proof of their former opinions, find it incredible that they could have held such beliefs. In looking back on a variety of articles I have written, I have found that my beliefs and opinions have changed very little over the years. For Example:

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Women’s Rules and Inequality

Recently in the Australian press I read an article in which it was claimed that a section of the feminist movement was calling for ‘women only’ train carriages. This call was made in order to protect women from sexual assault, most particularly from drunken S.O.B.’s.

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Belgian cops face intense terrorist investigations; Obama calls for sensitivity

In the aftermath of Tuesday’s coordinated terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium — that left at least 34 innocent people dead — that was claimed by Muslim terrorists from the Islamic State of Iraq, the United States Marines are gearing up for an Obama reaction to the global jihad: sensitivity training. President Barack Obama has pushed for more and more programs aimed at sensitizing and softening U.S. fighting forces and critics believe under a Hillary Clinton administration Americans will see a continuation of the anti-military agenda.

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A sorely wounded heart that cannot be mended

You live your life, but there are certain things which when wounded cannot be repaired.

When people tell you about what language has done to the lives of some people in Kebek, they have not even touched the irreparable damage it has done to families, which have not been considered at all, but treated as something not open for discussion and cannot be talked about in the open.

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Being Gay is Genetic Right?

The other day I published an article titled 2nd Amendment and Violent Women which was about one news report that demonstrated the flawed ideology of two different political agendas. Today, I want to draw to your attention to an article which effectively sets two Political Correctness issues up to cause division in the PC ranks.

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