Looking at the News No. 1 – Sept 9, 2017

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This is the first of what is hoped to be a series of articles commenting on world news. These articles will be decidedly ‘anti-leftist’ (because I find ‘them’ to be quite insane) but the articles will not automatically be ‘pro-rightest.’

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On Islamic Violence

This article was first published at KingsCalendar in November of 2005 under the Title; A Muslim Perspective on Islamic Violence by Bilal Racheha.

I’m republishing it today because I think that now that Donald Trump is President of the USA, we are going to see less Islamic ass kissing by politically correct politicians who only listen to Radical Muslims while ignoring ordinary Muslims. The reaction of the far right to the loss of the far left in US politics is I believe causing the pendulum of oppression to swing too far the other way. In other words, the right is beginning to enforce their brand of political correctness in society.

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Irrational Phobia or Rational Fear? Islamophobia awards

This article was first published at iPatriot.com on December 17th

I have just finished reading an article at the Clarion Project titled Islamophobia – Paranoia or Reality? which was penned by Tahir Gora, the director of the Canadian Thinkers’ Forum and member of the Coalition of Progressive Muslim Canadian Organizations. The article ends with:

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