King Jehu of Israel Killed King Ahaziah of Judah and King Jehoram of Israel

This article was first published many years ago on the old website as
Math and Science No. 6 “The Reign of Jehu King of Israel”
It has been edited a little for this presentation.


This article is just a brief discussion on the mathematical principles behind the King’s Calendar determination of the reign of King Jehu of Israel. What is the King’s Calendar?

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Did Queen Athaliah Really Kill ‘All’ the Royal Children?

This article was first published ten years ago on the old website under the title The Murderess Queen Athaliah of Judah

I am not a believer in the ‘Infallibility of the Bible.’ By this I mean that I do not believe that all the words contained in the Bible were dictated by God and that each and every letter thereof is somehow ‘divine’ and unalterable. I do however believe that the records contained in the Old Testament are true records that record true events. Many Bible Skeptics rely on Biblical Infallibility beliefs to justify their stance that the Bible is full of errors and is therefore a ‘fable.’

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King Ahab of Israel and Ben-Hadad of Syria

This article, which is a composite presentation of two newsletters originally published years ago at KingsCalendar (No 16 – and – No 17), principally concerns King Ahab of Israel and Ben-Hadad of Syria and its content directly relates to issues raised in the article Bible Misidentification of Kings 8th Century BC and to the The Battle of Qarqar 853 BC : Reliability of the Evidence.

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Bible Misidentification of Kings 8th Century BC

This article was originally posted on the old website under the title Assyrian, Babylonian and Israelite History 8th Century but has now been republished on this smartphone friendly site.

As a warning to those readers who hold that every English word in the Bible is Divine, infallible and immutable, this article indicates that some sections of Israelite history have been recorded incorrectly by the ancient redactors.

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Adad-Nirari III and his Western Campaigns: Tribute from Jehoash of Israel

The following article which was published many years ago on the old website, comes from Chapter Ten of ‘The King’s Calendar: The Secret of Qumran’ titled: 849 BCE to 756 BCE Athaliah to Uzziah & Jehu to Jeroboam II. (What is the King’s Calendar?) The article has been a little edited and external links are still current!

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Rules of Evidence Part 4: The Deaths of Jehoram of Israel and Ahaziah of Judah

The Law, Rules of Evidence & Archaeology Part 4 continues on from where Rules of Evidence Part 3 left off in relation to Legal Issues related to “The Battle of Qarqar – 853 BC” – and – Includes Issues related to Kings Calendar Chapter Nine : 883 BC. to 756 BC. The Ancient Near East. See also:

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