The Flood of Tribalism

Looking at the NEWS April 30, 2018

Respect and Channel the Water of Life
Lest you be washed away in a raging flood

Where the Present, Past and Future Meet

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The Liberal, PC, Racist and Multicultural Lie!

I published the original version of this article in April of 2006 on the old site under the title Believing Politically Correct Lies. Even though America has ostensibly thrown off the leftist yolk of oppression by electing Donad Trump as President, the message in this article is just as pertinent as it was when penned eleven years ago.  (This version has undergone a little editing.)

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Hideous Political Correctness

The following article recently appeared as one section of The Shamrak Report March 1, 2017.

Not long ago political correctness was introduced to the West with very good intentions. It was needed to make a transformation from a barbarian and bigoted society to one that pretends to be civilised, where all are equal. Therefore, Blacks have become African Americans; the Spanics and Chinese – Ethnic minorities; Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims – Religious minorities; Man or woman are called a person.

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Every Step Taken Makes a Difference.

I founded the American Policy Center (APC) thirty years ago, back in 1986. I had goals to accomplish and dreams of success. Mostly I just wanted to make a difference in protecting our culture and our unique American form of government as a republic that protects the individual, the free market and the security of our homes.

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Islamic aspirations and maintaining democracy

In addition to the numerous articles written and published by retired Ambassador Yoram Ettinger over the years, I recently published two articles (both at Kingscalendar and in which I relied heavily upon the Ambassador’s articles. See Rejecting the threat of ideological terrorism – and – Others saw what the Democrats did not

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Rejecting the threat of ideological terrorism

The other day both here at Kingscalendar and at I published an article relating that twelve months ago, political analyst Ambassador (ret) Yoral Ettinger, in an article titled “What makes Trump tick (so far)?” provided then current facts and figures indicating that Donald Trump would probably win the election.

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Musing about King Trump

This article was first published at under the title:
Trump: King, Clown or President

As an antipodean I have watched with a mixture of interest and disgust, the goings on leading up to the 2016 election of the USA President Elect. I learned so much about American politics and political parties during that time and I came to think that I understand Mr. Trump’s appeal.

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Left and Right Hate Filled America

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This article was also posted at under the title
The Latest Front in the Liberal War on America is the Electoral College

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Who was King Hezekiah’s Father and How long was Hezekiah sick?

This article was originally published many years ago on the old KingsCalendar website under the title Who was Hezekiah’s Father? Jotham or Ahaz? and some of the issues discussed on this page were touched upon on this new website in an article titled Bible History Error: Kings Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezkiah of Judah.

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How Liberals, Progressives and PC ideologues are assisting Islamists in the Destruction of the West

This article was also published at under the title Liberals are Helping Islam to Destroy the West and within 24 hours had been shared 800 times. That article has a photo caption provided by iPatriot editors and additionally they provided access to view the video on the article page. Readers there also made some comments in the comments sections.

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