The Hypocrisy behind Media Anti-China Campaign

From February 2003 to August 2017 this writer lived and worked in the People’s Republic of China and has always taken note of western prejudice toward this Communist country.

Over the last few years in particular there has been a lot of what I would call ‘scare mongering’ in relation to China in the Mainstream Media, and I have no doubt that it is politically motivated. It is not as it is sometimes portrayed, motivated by concerns for the people of China and their social issues.

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How Liberals, Progressives and PC ideologues are assisting Islamists in the Destruction of the West

This article was also published at under the title Liberals are Helping Islam to Destroy the West and within 24 hours had been shared 800 times. That article has a photo caption provided by iPatriot editors and additionally they provided access to view the video on the article page. Readers there also made some comments in the comments sections.

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How do you know if you are a Racist?

This article was first published at under the title What is a Racist? It is however an abridged and expanded extract from a previous article at Kingscalendar.

I have been living and working in China for thirteen years and I have been writing about Political Correctness and Multiculturalism for most of that time.

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Racist Chinese and Idiot Political Activists

Recently there appeared an article which made a big to-do about the racist Chinese because of an add in which a Chinese woman puts a black man into a washing machine and he comes out Chinese. The article claimed that viewers (which viewers I would like to ask) were ‘appalled!’ It stated that:

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Overwhelmed by Love in China This Week

Over the last dozen years or so I have written so many stories about my life in China and I am currently preparing to publish the first of several books about that life. The most important aspect of my life in China is just how much love I have found here and during this last week my heart has been overwhelmed with the amount of appreciation and love that I have received.

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What it means to be Young and Chinese

I have been writing about my life experiences in China for almost thirteen years now and from time to time I get emails accusing me of being a liar or something much worse – of being Politically Incorrect. Truth is the first victim in Political Correctness judging by the way some people react to it.

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2016-2019 R.P. BenDedek Articles Column

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The following articles were published between 2016 and 2019 by R.P. BenDedek. Articles prior to 2016 can be found here on the old KingsCalendar site. (Finding Myself in China : A Politically Incorrect Story” is now available. Click on this link.)

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