The Once Great but now Rogue State of America

I recently got into a fight with one of my nephew’s Facebook friends. Nephew had posted a couple of news articles about North Korea which had been written by different people.

These articles indicated that life for North Korean’s is not actually what has been portrayed to us in the media. (As if the Media and Politicians would lie!)

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Learning HOW to read : Media Triggers

This article is primarily focused on the topic of how to read the news.

I doubt that many people today would consider themselves to be illiterate but in reality many people are effectively illiterate because they don’t know “HOW” to read and analyze the news. For example, since Donald Trump became president of the United States the mainstream media has gone absolutely crazy with stories about him and for a while there I read everything that they published. And then I stopped. Why? Because I actually do know “HOW” to read and I realized that almost every headline was misleading¹ and every article devoid of anything approaching relevancy. In short, I realized that I would not learn anything from the reading. Let me explain.

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Giving the Finger to Islam

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This article was first published March 18th, 2017 at

Recently while updating very old articles on the old KingsCalendar website I came across an article titled To Hell with Political Correctness and Multiculturalism! – Australia It’s OUR Country and after reading it I added a (2017) post script. Today I am publishing that post script (minus the very direct bad language) because I think people need to understand what is going on in our western world. So here it is.

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