There is a difference between patriotism and nationalism

Our winter has finally come to an end. Most of my neighbors are now tired of the snows and cold wind of our winter nights. The headaches of the next morning are starting to wear on us all and a yearning for old routines are getting more intense as the days passed into the spring.

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How President Trump plans to Destroy the USA

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Trump’s Supreme Court Will Destroy America…for Liberals

It is truly amazing how media dislike for President Trump can turn positives into negatives and turn a limited government constitution into one of centralized power and control.

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Media Attack Trump’s Terrorism Expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka

In keeping with the news media’s tradition of denigrating and maligning Republican appointees to key White House positions including those related to national security and counter-terrorism, famed military and law enforcement strategist Dr. Sebastian Gorka is being targeted and accused of being Islamophobic without any credible evidence.

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Flawed Nature of US Security Guarantees And Constitutional Limits

1. US-Israel defense cooperation should be driven by the enhancement of the mutually-beneficial, win-win, two-way-street ties, not by the re-introduction of one-way-street relations, which would burden the US and increasing the dependency of Israel upon the US. The proposal to extend, to Israel, US security guarantees – including a defense pact and a peacekeeping force – in exchange for Israel’s retreat from the historically and militarily critical, dominant mountain ridges of Judea and Samaria, ignores the inherently ineffective track record of such (open-ended) US guarantees, the provisions of the US Constitution, which enables US presidents to avoid full implementation of the guarantees, and the US public opposition – especially since the military involvement in Vietnam and then Iraq and Afghanistan – to the stationing of US troops abroad.

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The Renewed Drive to Exit the United Nations

Alabama Congressman Mike Rogers has introduced a new bill (H.R. 193) to end U.S. membership in the United Nations. The bill is the reintroduction of his American Sovereignty Restoration Act (H.R. 1205) from the last Congress. And of course, that was basically the same bill introduced year after year by former Congressman Ron Paul.

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Israel facing Western seduction (Video)

1. Western media and policy-makers try to seduce Israel to misread Palestinian and Islamic terrorism, to make-believe that “one’s terrorist is someone else’s freedom fighter;” that Palestinian terrorism is a reaction to occupation; that Palestinian terrorists are “lone wolves” not institutional….

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Draining the cultural swamp in our children’s minds

While Donald Trump maneuvers to cleanse government’s cesspool, communities face a bigger challenge at home.

Academics, classroom teachers, newspapers and television, movie stars and the Cultural Arts are seducing our children into believing it is their duty to relinquish their rights for a coveted scrunch into the bloated backseat of the global collective.

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Secretary Kerry’s suspension of disbelief

The term “suspension of disbelief” refers to well-intentioned subordination of documented-facts and common sense to one’s zeal and wishful-thinking: sacrificing long-term realism on the altar of oversimplification and short-term gratification and convenience.

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Obama: Why Are People Surprised?

For reasons beyond my comprehension, friends of the Jewish state both here and in Israel are shocked and dismayed over last Friday’s U.S. veto abstention at the UN. But hold the presses.

If Israel’s claims, which they profess to be iron clad are true, the passage of UNSC resolution 2334 is just the tip of the iceberg in the ever widening breach of American/Israeli relations. The real story may be the Obama administration orchestrated the resolution and colluded with New Zealand, and such democratic stalwarts as Malaysia, Senegal, and Venezuela to present it to the Security Council. If this proves correct it will confirm what many on the right have been saying for years, Obama is malevolent toward Israel and intends to apply this animus both here and in the UN. With only 3 weeks to go he’ll be working at break speed to make as big a mess as possible for incoming President Trump. Love him or hate him, Obama has never hidden his disdain for Israel in general, or Prime Minister Netanyahu in particular.

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Rejecting the false notion that Israel is occupier

The UN Security Council’s passage of Resolution 2334, an outrageous act of hostility personally engineered by President Obama against the State of Israel, has rightly evoked great anger across all parts of the American political spectrum.

This past summer, the Republican Party’s platform section expressing our unequivocal support for Israel, included a key statement made in anticipation of President Obama’s betrayal of our great ally: “We reject the false notion that Israel is an occupier…” Given the anticipated effects of Resolution 2334, this policy statement is critical, as it represents the central tenet of what will now unquestionably be the policy of the Trump Administration and the pro-Israel community.

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