Who was King Hezekiah’s Father and How long was Hezekiah sick?

This article was originally published many years ago on the old KingsCalendar website under the title Who was Hezekiah’s Father? Jotham or Ahaz? and some of the issues discussed on this page were touched upon on this new website in an article titled Bible History Error: Kings Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezkiah of Judah.

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The Battle of Qarqar 853 BC : Part 1 – Reliability of the Evidence

Today’s academic article was originally published as the first of “The Laws of Evidence & Archaeology” Series and was titled PART 1: The Battle of Qarqar 853 BC. (The Laws & Rules of Evidence (1-4) – and – Issues of Evidence (1-3) are different series in the quest to separate Academic Opinion from Factual Evidence.)

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Methodology of The Secret of Qumran: King’s Calendar

This article was originally published on the Old KingsCalendar website but because it is not smartphone friendly, I have republished the article here. Assumptions and Limitations also appear on this new site.

King’s Calendar Chronological Hypothesis

The King’s Calendar: The Secret of Qumran hypothesis is that ‘original’ Biblical (Historical) Chronological data was transcribed into an artificial calendar and that that calendar consisted of years comprised of 336 days each, which had their origins in a 364 day solar calendar, as was believed in by the Dead Sea Sect. The redactorial encryption of this artificial calendar occurred between the 5th and 3rd centuries BC., and was accomplished ‘presumably’ by the ‘Proto-Essenes’ or ‘Hasidim’ of Babylon, who saw an artificial period of 70 years of Sabbath Rest visited upon the land (2 Chronicles 36:21), in consequence of 490 years (Leviticus 25:4) of past Monarchal History in which it did not occur. The redactorial creative process of the artificial calendar reduced each true Solar year by one and one quarter days, which must be corrected in order to accurately portray the true solar history of Israel. When the Synchronous Chronological Data provided in the Books of Kings and Chronicles for the Divided Kingdom Period are measured in years of 336 days, the synchronisms actually align. [Refer to Appendix Five to see how it synchronises the Divided Kingdom Period]

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Assumptions and Limitations of ‘The Secret of Qumran’ Research

Some years ago I published this article on the Old KingsCalendar website but as that is not so smartphone friendly I am republishing the article on this new site. Before proceeding directly to the assumptions and limitations, I have provided some information to help readers appreciate what ‘The King’s Calendar: The Secret of Qumran’ actually is. It is the result of 10 years research into the chronological problems contained in the Bible in relation to the history of Israel

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Synchronous Chronology of Ancient Israel and Judah

This article (for the most part) was originally published many years ago under the title ‘What is the King’s Calendar?

The King’s Calendar: The Secret of Qumran is the published result of ten years of research into the issue of the troubling chronologies contained in the Bible, and in particular, in the books of Kings and Chronicles.

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Choosing Onias III as ‘Teacher of Righteousness’

This article was first published many years ago on the old KingsCalendar website which is not that smartphone friendly. It concerns the KingsCalendar identification of the Teacher of Righteousness. (Most of the links used 10 years ago are no longer active.) This article only contains ‘PART B’ of the original article.

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Kings of the Ancient Near East from 934 to 522 BC

This page contains a short reference file for students of ancient history. It contains the names and dates of Babylonian and Assyrian kings dating from 934 BC with Ashurdan II King of Assyria and ending with 522 BC Darius King of Babylon.

This list originally formed ‘Section Two’ of an article titled: Kings of Assyria, Babylon and Israel 607 – 595 BC which was concerned with synchronizing the reigns of the kings of Assyria, Babylon and Israel. The purpose of that file was to provide the reader with an historical timeline within which to compare the activities and reigns of the King’s of Judah and Babylon.

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When Did Rameses and Merneptah/Merenptah Reign?

The following article is a synopsis of Chapter 18 of ‘The King’s Calendar: The Secret of Qumran’


The King’s Calendar is a computer generated mathematical reconstruction of the chronological synchronisms found in the Books of the Bible, which successfully synchronises Bible chronology for the Divided Kingdom Period of Israel’s history.

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