Sociopathy and the Far Left. by R.P. BenDedek


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I’ve been doing some study recently on Narcissistic Personality Disorder and it seems to me that many on the far left exhibit lots of the behavioral characteristics of this disorder.

If people on the far left are suffering from this disorder, then part of their behavior can be explained by the disorder’s root causes, which is to say that they have NO real SELF ESTEEM because of their upbringing and/or life circumstances.

They are desperate to have a decent public and self-image and all the benefits that brings and to that end they punish anyone who does not reinforce their chosen self-image. They virtue signal, lie, steal, kill, manipulate, coerce, punish and otherwise attack anyone who either dents their ego or whose stand, position or behavior indicates that they are actually a better person than the NPD sufferer.

They will always claim to be right and will do everything to appear to be righteous and make claims to victimhood when it is they who are abusing.

Right where the NPD abuser wants you!

To put it in terms of something I read once, ‘at least 50% of Americans at any given time are in therapy.’ Given the Democrat-Republican divide, I can well imagine the need for therapy in the USA. It would be interesting if one could get statistics on those in therapy to see if their political alignment is predominantly on the left. Since the far left seem not to believe in God it would not be surprising that those on the far left are in psycho-emotional turmoil.

The issues of God, Faith and Morality provide a fundamental basis for good self-esteem (except when you reject those value systems) and of course offers genuine forgiveness to those who repent of wrongdoing.

For the far left there can be no forgiveness because there is no deity or intermediary to dispense it. They therefore must carry their guilt and shame forever.

It is strange to think that the Catholic Confessional is probably the most healthy of psychological remedies ever to be provided by Christianity and it does I believe rank higher than the protestant idea of simple self-confession because it involves discussion with a third party and oral confirmation of absolution.

With no way to obtain absolution, those on the far left stand either self-condemned or relieved of guilt through sociopathy.

Anyway – that is where my thoughts take me at the moment. Your comments are welcome!

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