Reviewing My Opinionated Past (No. 1)

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R.P. BenDedek MuslimsRecently a person who is always right and never wrong and who had previously and vehemently insisted that my opinion on a matter was completely incorrect, came to me and informed me that he had been incorrect.

Some studies indicate that over time many people change their positions on a variety of issues and when confronted by documentary proof of their former opinions find it incredible that they could have held such beliefs. In looking back on a variety of articles I have written I have found that my beliefs and opinions have changed very little over the years. For Example:

On January 30, 2005 at 7:25:00 AM, I published an article at Magic City Morning Star titled: “Spring Daffodils, Cigarettes and Cameras.” What prompted the article was an article titled ‘Spring Daffodils‘ by Jan Herron. Although I am not American I did understand the sentiments she expressed and penned the following slightly edited article. Although the article is now eleven years old, the message it contains is for me still relevant.

(Since the election of Donald Trump as President of the USA it seems just so much more relevant!)

I’ve now been in China for thirteen years. My love and appreciation for this country and its people is stronger than ever, and my disdain for what passes for humanitarianism (read ‘liberal progressivism) in Australia, is greater than ever.

2005 Article Spring Daffodils, Cigarettes and Cameras

I arrived home in Australia this week and I find myself suffering culture shock. During the last three months in China I have had no internet access and so lost touch with what was going on in Australia. I arrived back to discover that smoking has been banned almost everywhere (I can hear the cheer go up) as our society endeavours to become more healthy, or more realistically, as political interest groups successfully exert more and more power over society.

That ‘exertion of power’ however, does not stop at the humble if body destroying cigarette. Michael Jackson’s antics have apparently stirred up a hornet’s nest here in Australia and a recent paedophilia targeting police exercise has made everyone SUPER sensitive to this sensitive issue. Apparently now in Australia (if not already legislated), one is left open to prosecution for taking photographs at the beach, on suspicion of being in the deliberate process of taking photographs of small children for the sake of some perverse purpose. In the paper on the day I arrived home there was this big thing about an Asian youth who, at the beach, allegedly sexually molested a 12 month old boy in front of the baby’s mother. When she screamed at him he put the boy down and ran off. As no details are given, one wonders what ‘sexually assaulted’ means.

Like America, Australia has a process to be undergone for the purpose of immigration, but at the same time, it seems to let ‘illegals’ stay in this country, or else face the wrath of human rights groups who protest their incarceration with cries of ‘racism.’

Australia is fast becoming a country where what is illegal gains the full support of interest groups whilst those things which are mundane are being classified as illegal. In the book of Romans St. Paul talks about those people who call truth a lie and vice versa. Such seems to be the trend in the west today (read – FAKE NEWS).

As a teacher in China I often hear students talking about their desire to move to the west, but I think that by the time that those eager Chinese have saved enough money to go to the West, the West will have less freedoms than Communist China. The whole issue of human rights which was designed to protect citizens from oppression has now been turned on its head and is actively used to oppress citizens in their ordinary lives.

Anti-Vilification laws which were supposed to protect or at least provide redress to those who have been abused or attacked on the basis of their ‘difference,’ are constantly used to punish ordinary people who exercise their democratic right to freedom of thought, opinion and speech.

It is easy to blame the self interested arrogance of a bunch of people whose prime motivation seems not to be the welfare of others, but rather the getting of fame and power for themselves; it is easy to blame the general populace who sit on their backsides, never lifting their voices to protest against the stupidity which passes for ‘intelligence’; but where the real blame lies, (and I usually hate people who always blame the government for everything), is with the government members whose prime motivation for everything is self interest which allows them to check out their brains, their fortitude and their sense of right and wrong, for fear of losing votes at the next election.

(Question: What’s the difference between a Democrat and a Republican under the Trump Administration? Ans: NONE! )

Whatever might be said of the Government of China (and others), in this one thing they are right; The Government must always act in the best interest of the country and not give a damn about what ANYONE, anytime or anywhere, says.

But as I said, Government members really don’t give a damn about their country (just look at Republicans in the US – they have a chance to do some real good and instead sit around playing with themselves).

I for one am grateful that I have had the opportunity to live in China, for I have not only come to love life there but to appreciate what true freedom means, and for the first time in years, I feel happy, content and FREE.

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R.P. BenDedek was born in 1953 and grew up in Brisbane Australia. From 2003 to August 2017 he lived and worked in The People's Republic of China teaching conversational English mostly to college students. Along with photographic stories from China he has been writing social and political commentaries since 2004. He was the temporary editor of Magic City Morning Star from 2009 - 2016 and currently has a column at He is the author of a chronological history of ancient Israel titled 'the King's Calendar: The Secret of Qumran' and is also the author of 'Finding Myself in China: A Politically Incorrect Story.' He is divorced; has 5 children and 16 grandchildren. He is a 4th generation Australian from a racially, ethnically, and religiously diverse family. He has no time for Sociopathic Ideologues or Useful Idiots.

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