Progressive Liberal Democracy Loving Muslims Glad Obama is out!


On this page today I want to bring to your attention three videos that relate to the negative effect of Islam on Western Democracies. Before the Far Left Liberal Progressives start screaming and shouting, let me just tell you that the American brand of Leftist Liberal Progressivism is precisely what the first speaker – a Muslim – indicates is the problem in America. She seems to me to be quite pleased that the Trump has sounded because she now believes that ordinary Muslims can get rid of the influence of the Islamists – such people and influence having been invited in by the American Left. But this is just my opinion, you make up your own mind!

In the video below you will hear Raheel Raza, Clarion Project Advisor briefly discusses the now brighter future that Progressive Liberal Democracy loving Muslims have under Donald Trump; a future not led by Islamists.


National Security Analyist of the Clarion Project Ryan Mauro, in a one minute video at YouTube discusses the significance of who Trump has chosen for his administration, and this specifically in relation to the Muslim infiltration of America, specifically Muslim groups whose beliefs are antithetical to the values of the USA. (Jennifer Breedon from Clarion Project has also published a video with advice for President Elect Trump)


And when you have finished watching these videos, take at look at Ambassador (Ret) Yoram Ettinger’s series of 6 minute videos particularly No 21 of 27 titled Host countries, beware of Islam-driven terror

You can find the full list of his six minute videos at the bottom of any of the Ambassador’s articles found on his Column page

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