Politically Correct Ideology leads ultimately to insanity


I recently ended an article with the following words

To repeat: “I really do fear that these politically active leftist youth are literally insane and I certainly fear for the continuance of the USA in its current form.”

There are many names and expressions like those used in the quote above which can be used to identify who is and who is not a ‘Politically Correct Ideologue.’ I make a distinction here between the generic form of political correctness which in essence is the same as the Christian, Buddhist and Communist dictates to demonstrate genuine humanity toward your fellow man. If what I wrote just then did not offend you, then you are probably not a PC Ideologue because if you were, you would have had a fit for my use of the term ‘M-A-N.’

PC Ideologues are people for instance who rant and rave about human rights in China whilst trying to enact totalitarian legislation back home in their free and democratic countries. They have no idea what China is like. They need to start reading some of my Stories from China.

Politically Correct Ideologues are people who become so trapped inside fundamentalist thinking, that they lose contact with the real world and see nothing other than their ideology. In short, they are totally focussed on what is inside their own heads, which is why I constantly refer to such people as ‘sociopathic.’

These sociopathic politically correct ideologues are, with the eager assistance of the general media, doing as much as they can to destroy the American President Trump for his alleged ‘Ban on Muslims.’ That term alone tells you what is in the head of a person who proclaims it. If there was a ban on Australians, would those same ideologues proclaim that the ban is on Christians? And if the ban was on Muslims, then you would have noted two things. Firstly that there would be no Islamic country left off of the list, and secondly that the Executive Order would have provided a waiver for Christians and other non-Muslims from the countries listed.

President Trump was elected according to the rules and laws of the American Republic, a process that does not equate with ‘popular vote.’ But if one is to consider the popular vote in American politics, then it is interesting to note that over the last eight elections the popular vote has been for a Democrat President, but during Obama’s presidency, those Democrat supporters abandoned the Democrat Party and have overwhelming supported Republican representatives at all other state levels. They want Republicans running the states and a Democrat running the nation.

This just goes to prove that what you read in the media and hear from insane sociopathic politically correct ideologues is utter cows dung and in relation to President’s ban on people arriving from seven specific countries, far from the Islamic world deploring his action – as they would have us believe –  some Islamic countries have come out in support of it. Kuwait, you will read at that link, has already had a ban in place for five of those countries since 2011.

We must understand that there are organizations and people who are trying to control our thoughts and behaviors and when we give into such people we begin to not only think in strange ways but act in them as well.

How often do you hear people say ‘Oh it is only a small minority of Muslims who are terrorists. Most Muslims are fine people.’ Well of course that is a really true and accurate statement, but as you will see if you read this report, there is great danger associated with encouraging Muslims into our non-Islamic countries. One whole mosque cannot be considered an unimportant minority of people.

The choice of Roubaix for the event had huge symbolic significance.

The “Roubaix Gang” was an alliance of hardened Islamist criminals with close ties to al-Qaeda that carried out a series of armed robberies in 1996 to fund an international jihadist network controlled by Fateh Kamel from Montreal. The gang was also responsible for an attempted car-bombing of the G7 summit in Lille.

The bandits of the Roubaix Gang are considered the first French jihadists and they marked a turning-point in the history of terrorism in France. Hence the choice of the Bilal mosque for the Islamist conference. Roubaix is a bastion of Salafism and Benoît Hamon, the “candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood” scored a whopping 75 percent there in the second round of the Socialist Party primaries on 29 January 2017.

Why is there so much trouble in Europe, all being caused by Muslims? Simply put, it is because Europe just opened its doors and in they came. President Obama was following the same process. Now President Trump wants to ensure that security of the nation takes precedence over politically correct insanity.

The sociopathic PC ideologue or the insane liberal progressive does not look further than his/her own agenda – which I think is symptomatic of a psycho-emotional illness. They do not for instance know anything of the concept of Hijrah which today Islamists are encouraging in order to conquer foreign lands. Western Ideologues are people who have no religion and therefore have no understanding of what drives a religious person. Whist standing up proclaiming the benefits of multiculturalism (by which they really mean accepting Muslims no questions asked), they actually have no idea of what Muslims actually think.

I know in Australia a Muslim with whom I do not get along. Some people think that I don’t like him because he is a Muslim, but the reality is that I don’t like him because I know far too much about his unethical and hypocritical behavior. I think him neither a good person nor a good Muslim.

There are other Muslims who unlike that man, pretend that they are ‘one of us’ whilst trying to influence our thinking to the extent that we will not realize how dangerous they and their organization are.

Muslim Linda Sarsour is an activist now suing President Trump for his racist ban on Muslims. When you go to that link you will discover some really interesting things about what she truly thinks and believes and discover just how much she does not have in common with western democratic concepts.

But the ideologues don’t care! Subversion through ideological propaganda turns ordinary people into fundamentalists and fundamentalists cannot be reasoned with. Fundamentalists are always right; always subjected to attacks of ‘the enemy’; always fighting the evil which tests and tempts their faith and dedication, and of course always divinely ordained. They are moral and everyone else is evil.

This is how it is that a born again spirit filled Christian can murder an abortion doctor and while doing so believe that he is ‘the instrument of God.’ This same mentality exists in the minds of Islamic fundamentalists, and it is the mentality that exists in the minds of the sociopathic politically correct ideologues who will do whatever it takes, say whatever it takes and sacrifice whatever it takes in order to achieve their goals.

That is why you have nutcases going on protest marches who, while thinking that they are righteous individuals, behave and speak in the most unrighteous ways. That is why these nutcases whilst proclaiming their love of humanity, spew forth such hatred at people who disagree with them. That is why people who proclaim that they are defending democracy demand complete submission to their views as they deny everyone else of their democratic rights. That is why they will beat those who do not agree with them, and all the while they see themselves as righteous defenders of truth and justice. What they don’t see, is that they are insane.

The Bible says to love your neighbor as yourself, (Leviticus Chap 19:18) and we should all strive to treat people as we would like to be treated, but I read an online comment the other day which utterly shocked me. A woman, writing of President Trump, said something to the effect that ‘We will never accept him. We will never submit to him. We will fight him to the end and we will never give up.’

I replied to her comment and asked her if she thought that the other half of the nation had the same rights as she did and if she did in fact think so, then were they not also entitled to take the same stand against her and her political band.

These valiant warriors for liberal progressive or PC ideology do love themselves, their ideology and those who support them, but they don’t love their neighbors. In fact, the one unmistakeable sign of their political beliefs is the degree to which they publicly hate and abuse others.

In the final analysis we must remember that this type of person on both the right and left represent only a fraction of all of those on the ideological left and right. Most people support an ideology without becoming an ideologue; a fundamentalist; a psychotic abuser.

Most people are within an accepted measure of ‘normal.’

Sociopathic ideologues however are ‘insane.’

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