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Finding Myself in China Book CoveI’ve been publishing photographic stories about my life in China for more than a decade and the ones I am displaying here today were taken between five and 10 years ago.

For this article I have selected photographs from three different locations but recorded in four different articles. If you want to see more photographs, just click on a photograph and it will redirect you to the original article from which it was taken.

The first seven photographs are from two different articles about West Lake or Xihu in Hangzhou. The following two photographs are from Shaoxing which is just an hour by bus from West Lake, and the last two are from Ningbo a town I visited many years ago as part of a school outing but this weekend Nov 11-13, 2016 I am back there visiting with a foreign friend who is there on business.

I hope you enjoy the photographs and go read the stories around which these and many more photographs were published on the old Kingscalendar website.

West Lake in Hangzhou

1247 WP Xihu Hangzhou 1
There is so much to see on and around this lake in Hangzhou. In this shot we see the city in the background


1247 WP Xihu Hangzhou 2
In years gone by the rich and famous had homes, offices and businesses around the lake. Many of them still exist and can been visited.


1247 WP Xihu Hangzhou 3
This photograph was taken inside the Green Snake/ White Snake tower but you will have to look at the original article to find out what the hell I am talking about. There use to be a pagoda here for centuries and then it burned down and the government rebuilt it. Inside there are lots of carvings like this one and an archaeological level at the base showing the original foundations.


1247 WP Xihu Hangzhou 4
You can imagine this being your private little garden a century ago when the rich were secluded and the poor locked out.


Photographs from a Different article but in the same locale.
These too were taken around West Lake in Hangzhou


1247 WP Xihu Hangzhou 5


1247 WP Xihu Hangzhou 6
You will have to go to the article to read anything about this but to me this is the White Snake/Green Snake Tower. I used to watch the Chinese TV series about the legend of the two snakes. Great views from the top of the tower


1247 WP Xihu Hangzhou 7
This photo was taken from the top of the tower. We had pretty much walked around the entire lake before arriving here. I said to Mingxing that had we come here first I would never have walked around the lake.


Two photographs from Shaoxing just an hour from West Lake Hangzhou

On my first trip to West Lake I was with Chiara and we did a detour to Shaoxing, a water town not far from Hangzhou. These are just two photos from the article about that little adventure.

1247 WP Xihu Hangzhou 8
Someone’s private garden if memory serves me right. Many of the fine villas etc were DONATED to the Chinese Government during the Cultural Revolution.


1247 WP Xihu Hangzhou 9
Chiara and I did a little canal boat ride and as there were houses on each side of the canal, we took quite a few photographs of Chinese people going about their own business at home. Total invasion of privacy – but it doesn’t matter! It is not important! Do not worry! This is China!


Two Photos from Ningbo
This article will be published while I am away in Ningbo
for the weekend Nov 11-13, 2016

This first photograph is of a place made famous by a famous Chinese character whose hometown is located by this little river. That famous Chinese character appears – er well – ‘sort of appears’ in the photograph below it.

1247 WP Xihu Hangzhou 10


1247 WP Xihu Hangzhou 11
If you don’t recognize this man it is because he is an actor. Otherwise it is because you don’t know Chinese history. This is Jiang Jieshi! You remember him? You don’t? That’s probably because you know him as Chiang Kai-shek the man who basically founded modern Taiwan.

Once again I do hope that these photographs were interesting for you and do invite you to read the stories from which these photographs were taken.

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