Our Puerile, Self-Righteous and Judgmental New World

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R.P. BenDedek at LeShan in 2007 in a deliberate act of cultural appropriation! [Click for other photos from this trip]
This article is somewhat connected to the topic within the April 30th article titled The Flood of Tribalism in which it is posited that:

It is a sad fact that today we are being torn apart by ideology. We no longer live in societies in which we respect everyone irrespective of their politics, beliefs and customs.

Instead we treat as enemies anyone who does not hold to our ideological viewpoints. Common sense and common respect seem to have been ditched like the proverbial baby in the bathwater.

Such is the worship of ideologies that the most intelligent among us are reduced to ideological gibberish as they seek to justify their causes¹. To give you just one example of ideological gibberish used to justify an ideological cause, last year in Australia, homosexuals who did not vote ‘YES‘ on the ‘Marriage Equality Survey’ (the right of homosexuals to marry) were branded ‘homophobes.’

I personally cannot abide this type of ideological warrior – a person who reduces the meaning of English to gibberish in an effort to justify their ideology. As stated in my Bio at the bottom of this page, I have no time for Sociopathic Ideologues or Useful Idiots.

Sociopaths are interested only in their personal needs and desires, without concern for the effects of their behavior on others and ‘Useful Idiot’ is a derogatory term for a person perceived as a propagandist for a cause the goals of which they are not fully aware, and who is used cynically by the leaders of the cause.

The former does not care how their behavior affects society and the latter are too busy virtue signaling to realize the damage that they are doing. Both lack wisdom although it is debatable whether either would recognize it if they tripped over some.

According to Dennis Prager there is a War on Wisdom being waged (by the sociopathic ideological left, that is, Leftists – Cultural Marxists – Communists and/or Socialists. )

Last year, Amy Wax, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, co-authored an opinion piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer with a professor from the University of San Diego School of Law in which they wrote that the “bourgeois culture” and “bourgeois norms” that governed America from the end of World War II until the mid-1960s were good for America, and that their rejection has caused much of the social dysfunction that has characterized this country since the 1960s.

Those values included, in their words: “Get married before you have children and strive to stay married for their sake. Get the education you need for gainful employment, work hard, and avoid idleness. Go the extra mile for your employer or client. Be a patriot, ready to serve the country. Be neighborly, civic-minded, and charitable. Avoid coarse language in public. Be respectful of authority. Eschew substance abuse and crime.”

Recognizing those norms as universally beneficial constitutes wisdom. Rejection of them constitutes a rejection of wisdom — i.e. foolishness.

Yet the left almost universally rejected the Wax piece, deeming it, as the left-wing National Lawyers Guild wrote, “an explicit and implicit endorsement of white supremacy,” and questioning whether professor Wax should be allowed to continue teaching a required first-year course at Penn Law.

Look how easy it was for the ideologically driven sociopaths to dismiss with just two words, everything that was written, and note that once such an accusation is made, it self-justifies. There is no need to say more than those two words because our puerile, self-righteous and judgmental society has not intellectually or emotionally got what it takes to look past those two words. The same applies to all such tags. (Racist, homophobe, xenophobe, sexist ad nauseam).

One social issue common to all democratic states and which is specifically enshrined in the American Constitution is that of Free Speech, but the ideological elite only recognize free speech when it supports their cause. If it doesn’t, then free speech just becomes ‘Hate Speech,’ another tag which self-justifies once it is uttered. Ed Feulner of the Heritage Foundation in his May 11, 2018 article titled Free Speech: For All, Not Just Some points out some disturbing facts in relation to free speech on campus.

Many students understand the need to protect everyone’s free speech rights, but others? Not so much. In one recent survey, 10 percent of students said it is appropriate to use violence to stop a speaker sometimes, while 37 percent said speaker shout-downs are sometimes acceptable. That’s frightening. Until both of those numbers are at zero percent, it’s obviously we have our work cut out for us.

How is it possible for a person whose fight is for ‘justice’ to treat others unjustly? How is it possible for a person who claims that their free speech is a right enshrined in the constitution, to not recognize that other people have that same right? Such people are quite puerile!

And speaking of puerile, did you read about the accusations made by the ideological sociopaths against the young American Girl who wore a Qipao to the Prom? She committed that god-awful sin of ‘Cultural Appropriation.’ Let’s stop and think a minute here. What did the Chinese do when they encountered western dress? They copied it as a way of life. That was most certainly cultural appropriation. Were the Chinese upset with this young American woman? No! It was only the puerile, self-righteous and judgmental ideologues who took offense.

(The Israeli Eurovision winner has also unhinged the ideological snowflakes who see an entertainment costume as an expression of racism.)

Some rather quaint cultural clothing from a time before that in which Chinese people decided to abandon their culture and dress and follow someone else’s opinion on how they should dress and act. [Click the link to see other photos from Dangkou]
Who are these puerile self-righteous and judgmental ideological snowflakes?

When you see what has been termed ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ in action you can be fairly certain that you are looking at an ideological snowflake. Their hearts are so filled with hate for Trump that just about anything positive that you could say is proof of your insanity AND BESIDES; didn’t he have an affair with Stormy Daniels?

[As a complete aside, I was watching a YouTube documentary on Sparta the other day and I thought it interesting that the Ancient Athenians seem to have shared Donald Trump’s opinion on governance. “Athens the policeman of the Eastern Mediterranean whose allies were expected to toe the line and foot the bill…“]

I recently read two interesting articles from which I will briefly quote to demonstrate how actual intelligent people process information and make judgments. The first is the article titled: ‘We Knew Exactly Who He Was When We Voted for Him’

The more he listened as the campaign went on, he explains, the better he understood that the Democrats definitely hated Donald Trump and the Republican establishment hated Trump. All the lobbyists on K Street hated Trump. The Chinese came out against him. India came out against him. Mexico came out against him. Harry says: “I figured I must have a candidate because everybody who’s coming out against him are all corrupt, and he’s an outsider. So, I said, ‘I think I found my candidate.'”

The second article was ‘What Happened to Alan Dershowitz?’ [How a liberal Harvard professor became Trump’s most distinguished defender on TV, freaked out his friends and got the legal world up in arms] By Evan Mandery May 11, 2018 at www.politico.com

Dershowitz, an iconic civil libertarian and criminal defense lawyer, who circulates between the liberal redoubts of Miami, New York and the Vineyard, has emerged in the past year as the most distinguished legal defender of Trump…. In another view, the people who’ve lost their way are the liberals and civil libertarians, blinded by their rage for Trump, who have dropped their principles in a moment of political threat and are taking out their anger on a man who has been their staunchest ally.

What I saw in these two articles was that ideological conformity ‘TRUMPS’ (Sorry! I couldn’t help the pun) common sense, respect, acceptance, logical reasoning and common decency. I see very little difference between American and Australian leftists, and Islamists who have no compunction in killing people of their own nationality, ethnicity and religion if their ideological goals can be ever more strongly asserted.

This next article demonstrates two things. Firstly that the statement I just made is right, and secondly that ideological idiots are prone to accidental self-destruction.

Premature Explosion At Mosque Kills 11 Jihadists Dead

At least eleven radical Islamic terrorist were killed while trying to blow up a mosque in Afghanistan when a premature explosion triggered by an Improvised Explosive Device recoiled and took them all out, according to Khaama Press.

Ancient Dangkou Town in Jiangsu Province, China – a place which serves no purpose but to entertain tourists with notions of what life might have been like before society completely changed its culture. The culture couldn’t have been that good if the people didn’t hang onto it. [Click photo to see a monument to the founder of social and cultural change in China who overthrew the Chinese Monarchy and paved the way for Communism.]
Like the Jihadis in Afghanistan whose M.O. is to punish the ideologically wicked so as to pave the way for the glory of Allah, leftist ideologues are not content to merely preach the gospel of cultural change. Because their ultimate aim is to ‘destroy the status quo’ their hearts are filled with anger, hatred, vengeance and revenge. They do not seek to convert disbelievers but rather to compel them to submit.

What they proclaim publically however is that their ideology is one of loving benefit to society as a whole, and god forbid that you or anyone you know should point out the errors of their teachings. Today, ideological apologists for Islam, by which I mean all of those ideologues who make constant accusations of racism against anyone who thinks or says and god forbid actually writes anything negative about Muslims, simply refuse to see that there is a huge cultural difference between Middle Eastern Islamic Culture in which Muslims are raised, and western culture. You can see a very shocking demonstration of this cultural difference in this Video of a Reporter being Raped.

Puerile ideologues will tell you that one single incidence of a shockingly bad Muslim incident does not mean that all Muslims are bad or that we should be afraid of all Muslims. And they are right! At the same time however, any time a white person – particularly a male – does or says something terrible, the whole of white society or male society, is branded. Imagine the shock, horror and emotional breakdown that would result if you or I accused some Muslim of having an attitude of ‘Muslim Supremacy or Muslim Privilege,’ or accused a Black person of ‘Black Supremacy/privilege’ or accused a female of ‘Female Supremacy/privilege?’

But for some reason, accusing a white person of ‘white supremacy’ or ‘white privilege’ is okay because white supremacy/privilege is an ideological crime. (And when you get to the bottom of it all you discover that this is so because only WHITE people are capable of ideological crimes. NOTE FOOTNOTE 1 VIDEO)

Logic, common sense, common decency, and common respect for others ought to cause us to push aside emotional triggers and cause us to resist those who seek to whip us up emotionally like participants in one of Hitler’s Nazi rallies.

Unfortunately, most of those who indulge in emotio-ideological frenzy are no different to those who were manipulated by Lenin, Mao, Hitler or Mussolini. They are puerile, self-righteous and judgmental dumb sheep.

The first purpose of revolution is to remove those with power.
The second purpose of revolution is to gain power for yourself.
The third purpose of revolution is to control the mindless masses.
The quickest way to effect revolution is to whip up the mindless masses.
When the mindless masses empower revolutionaries they disempower themselves!

Footnote ¹ A very good example of ideological gibberish can be found in this Prager U Video on Europe’s Suicide.

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