Love according to a box of cereal by Jim Fabiano


They all started to laugh. I guess your supposed to do that at a party of friends and family. I told them how I always know when it’s time to open a new box of cereal for breakfast. My wife has the new bowl and I have what was left out of the old box. In other words, I get the cereal dust. They laughed because they couldn’t believe my wife could treat me like that. They also couldn’t believe I would let her treat me so poorly. After they finished their laugh I told them a story.

I told them that I’ve known my wife for over 50 years. In this time she supported me in everything I tried to do. In fact, she backed me more than I supported myself. She always gave me the encouragement I needed; encouragement that would build me up while I ignored her. During many of our business and my writing enterprises she took the back seat. She let me shine while she stood in the background. I knew she was the strength but I allowed the glory to shine on me.

My Debbie kept our family together. She gave me the most beautiful daughter I had ever hoped to imagine. She brought her up to understand that treating people with kindness and respect was all that mattered and that hard work and perseverance was synonymous with success. She took a wonderful young child and evolved her into a beautiful young woman. A woman who was a mirror image of the woman I was destined to fall in love with. She is doing the same thing with our grandchildren.

My Debbie stood by me when my ego overwhelmed my intelligence. She survived my mid-life crisis that is second only to everyone’s ignorance as to what life is supposed to be. She continued to stand by me even though I was too stupid to realize the prize my God gave me. Even though I tried hard to destroy the gift she wouldn’t let me. It was almost as if she knew I needed our life together more than anything. Of course, she was right.

My Debbie keeps our house and life in order. I live in cleanliness and comfort even though she works harder than I could ever hope to work. Throughout all of this she also keeps herself remarkably beautiful; more beautiful than I have ever remembered her being even in her youngest of times. I, on the other hand, grow larger in width and balder in appearance. Like the picture of Doreen Gray, she is forever young and forever beautiful in both body and spirit. She continues to love me even though I don’t deserve it.

My friends stood in shock as I told them my story. Some couldn’t understand that after over 5 decades with one person I can still experience such deep love for my wife; I continue my story by telling them I would be nothing without her and she is not only my lover but also my best friend. I conclude by stating if she wants to give me cereal dust for breakfast, it is fine with me. For, in reality, that is the best way to tell her I finally realize what she is to me. My Debbie is simply my life.

Jim Fabiano
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Author of two books “Laugh it Off” (2003) and “Humor from York Town” (2005)

Author: Jim Fabiano

Jim Fabiano is a retired teacher and writer living in York, Maine and received the Maine Publisher’s Association Best weekly column award for 2004

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