Looking at the NEWS No. 7 Oct 3, 2017

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Liberal in tolerance but
Alt-right in protecting freedom of thought and speech.

My father told me to believe nothing of what I hear and only half of what I see because humans have a great capacity for self-deception. Today we know only too well how people only see what they want to see. This photo was taken from my kitchen window in Suzhou in 2012 on Chinese New Year. This is not a war zone. It just looks that way. You should see the video! CLICK THE PHOTO

Has the world gone Crazy?

At the top of this page you will see a notice encouraging you to help combat Google and if you follow the link you will understand why. In more recent news Jake Anderson writing on August 14, 2017 at ‘theantimedia.org’ posted an article titled: New Google Search Censorship Appears to Be Worse Than Originally Feared.

The gatekeepers of the Internet may not be concerned as much with censoring or favoring right or left-wing news sources as they are with allowing corporate MSM goliaths to control the narrative and safeguard the establishment.

Google is a virtual monopoly which far from just providing a convenient service is an active player in manipulating your mind, beliefs and emotions. And they do it for the money!

It has also been obvious to those with their eyes and ears open that there has been a big push for many years to destroy Christianity and its values. In a recent article discussing this very issue I came across an interesting quote and I personally believe it to have real merit.

The Worldwide War Against Christianity by Bob Pascarella September 22, 2017

The issue of religious liberty has been at the forefront of American discourse for some years,…The late archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal Francis George, spoke of the increasing hostility toward Christians in America when he said “I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison, and his successor will die a martyr in the public square”. Cardinal George’s prognostication may very well come to pass; however, his warnings falls short in one respect, they go beyond our borders.

We have been subjected to media manipulation ever since the internet took off and it is amazing how it does affect people’s thinking. Take this for instance.

It’s not about the Flag – Liberals believe Americans are ‘Stoopid’ by Dustin Koellhoffer September 29, 2017 at i.Patriot.com

Liberal media pundits are out trying to claim that the players are not protesting the flag, not protesting America, but that it is a protest against racism and police brutality, and that the Right is trying to “hijack” the narrative…. Let’s go back to the origination of this movement: Kaepernick – “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

That particular article was trying to show that the current round of protests is very much about the flag because of what Kaepernick said. But in the next item, we find that there is more to Kaepernick’s beliefs than perhaps some people know.

Colin Kaepernick Donated $25,000 to a Group Named in Honor of Cop-Killer Assata Shakur by Timothy Meads Sep 29, 2017

Former San Francsisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick recently donated $25,000 to a black queer feminist group named after FBI fugitive and convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur…Colin Kaepernick made the $25,000 donation to the group named in honor of the cop-killer, “Assata’s Daughters,” as part of his goal to provide $100,000 to underprivileged communities. He designated $2,500 specifically for “Cop Watch,” a program that trains volunteers to follow and videotape police officers.

Obviously the man and his supporters believe that black people are discriminated against and I for one will not disagree. I will however draw your attention to this somewhat ironic article Ivy League Black Students Group: There Are Too Many African And Caribbean Students Here by Matt Vespa Oct 01, 2017

Black Students United takes issue with the fact that there are more African and Caribbean students on campus when compared to black students. The group defines black students as those who come from black families that have lived in America for two or more generations. While the group said it doesn’t mind the university trying to recruit African students, they want the college to pay more attention to black students whose families have been affected by years of white supremacy.

And of course there is this article – College Professor: Believing in Hard Work is White Ideology by Timothy Meads Sep 30, 2017

[Pennsylvania State University-Brandywine professor Angela]Putman did not say how she would be grading students in the future. According to her theory, grading based on their merits and test scores would be a perpetuation of white ideological privilege.

It’s hard to know upon what and against what academic success can actually be measured whilst ensuring ‘people of color’ get their fair share of that success. To me, REAL problems need real answers – not ideological ones. Unfortunately too many people believe that following an ideological agenda makes them good and righteous people.

Dustin Koellhoffer from iPatriot.com in an article on Sept 28, 2017 shares his viewpoint on all of this righteous liberal progressive political correctness in which the USA is currently drowning.

Righteousness and political correctness are not synonymous, let alone do they mean the same thing. This is likened to the difference between ignorance, that can be overcome, and stupidity that cannot, but liberals believe they mean the same thing. Likewise prejudice and bigotry. Liberals do not understand ethics. They think it is free speech to show contempt by using the flag as toilet paper? Leftists make displays that are meant to debase, demean, and dehumanize the righteous such as; using Old Glory as a doormat, pictures depicting cops as pigs, and putting a crucifix in a jar of urine, and calling them “art.” How would they like a display of a black man being lynched as “art,” or Democrats with Swastika armbands putting Jews in ovens and burning Christians on the Cross? (Putting the ‘I’ in Team – the Mental Disorder of Liberalism )

Someone who writes under the name Old Woolfy at i.Patriot.com wrote on Sept 29, 2017 that not all of those on the left agree with all of the rubbish currently being pumped out on the left in the USA. He writes in Liberal Downfall: Lunacy Right Before Our Eyes!

I have many Democratic friends. We agree to disagree and we are friends. They are horrified by the statements and actions of those who claim to be Democrats today. Their tinted glasses have come off and they are witnessing the truly despicable actions/rhetoric of people that have stolen their Party. Even to them, they see the horrible takeover by these lunatics and the destruction they are causing. Based on what they’ve seen and have recently told me…many of those friends would NOT have voted Democratic in the 2016 election if they had it to do over. And this is the ONLY good thing coming from all this violence and horrible display of what I would call Anti-American activities and words!! Our “non-radical” Democrats are witnessing the total lunacy of their Party and want nothing to do with it. Only the Media and Fruitcakes without a brain of their own are sticking with the Liberal Democrats. This is good news for us Patriots!

The problem of extreme ideological thinking is that the only thing that seems to be of any importance is that they keep pumping out their propaganda – no matter what. Timothy Meads (Oct 01, 2017) in an article titled British Professor Shows “Sex Change Regret” is Rising, University Takes Away His Funding  points out that once the preliminary research report demonstrated that many transgendered people had later come to regret their decision, the research was rejected. Honestly, whilst all the ‘feel good’ people are busy virtue signaling their support for young people who believe that they are living in the wrong body, the reality is that their support may one day come home to bite them in the ass.

Djordjevic mentioned to Caspian interesting empirical evidence; his own surgeries that he preformed. Djoredjevic is convinced that the number of individuals who undergo sex change operations, regret their decision, and opt to change back to their biological sex is on the rise.

Political correctness, virtue signaling and pushing ideological agendas is not restricted to the USA. Australia likewise suffers from those wanting to push their views onto society. In Sydney Symphony Orchestra board’s dramatic u-turn on same-sex marriage by Nick Galvin Oct 2, 2017 we are informed that whilst the board wanted to stay right out of the debate on Marriage Equality (gay marriage) this was not good enough for the chief executive who felt the need to push her own agenda.

After days of turmoil and anger that threatened to tear the Sydney Symphony Orchestra apart, the orchestra’s board has staged a stunning back-flip on the issue of same-sex marriage, admitting their neutral position was “misjudged”…. The move comes alongside a dramatic intervention from New York from incoming chief executive Emma Dunch……In its statement the eight-person board had said it “strongly supported” all citizens’ right to have a say on the issue but “does not feel it has the right to take a position and commit our stakeholders to one side or the other and has decided it should remain neutral”. That position was subsequently branded a “disgrace” by veteran arts figure Leo Schofield.

Everything today seems to be ideologically driven. As I watched the television news over the last couple of days and saw the fresh reports of Islamic terrorism in Canada and France – (and who knows, even in Las Vegas?) – I just kept saying to myself, ‘it is only a minority of Muslims who are terrorists!’ And that calmed me down immensely. God forbid I should say something racist, or Islamophobic or discriminatory. As I wrote in What is the correct etiquette for using the Facebook LIKE button?

There really is only one solution to this problem of terrorism. STOP MUSLIM IMMIGRATION until security organizations actually know who it is that is coming in; ignore all accusations of injustice made by Muslims and Marxists on the basis of ideology; PROFILE Muslims and imprison or deport anyone involved in or protecting those who wish to perform acts of terror and do what the Chinese do to ensure that religious groups are not being stirred up to create social chaos, by publically installing a security officer in suspect places to monitor what people are being taught.

If this seems too totalitarian for your ideology, then just accept that dying in a suicide bombing is no more or less of a risk than being killed in a traffic accident. It happens – it’s a part of life – stop making such a big deal of it. It’s all quite normal! What? You want to ban all cars because a few people die each year in accidents?

The trouble with ideological agendas is that you have to wear blinkers if you are dead set on pushing a totalitarian concept. Most people of course don’t recognize that much of the liberal progressive operating procedures come straight from communism. They are totalitarian, which is why when there is an Islamic terrorist attack the left HAVE TO bleat on about the fact that terrorists make up only a small percentage of the Muslim population.

(The same could be said of non-Muslim terrorists. That a small percentage of people – the nut cases or criminals – use guns for evil does not mean that we should punish the majority. Fox News on Oct 3, 2017 published an article – “Hillary Clinton slammed for ignorant statement..”. – in which two diametrically opposed reasons were provided for why America can’t resolve the gun issue there. I present this merely to demonstrate that you really do need to pay attention to what is written, not just what you think is written. Deception is everywhere.

**As with the Pulse attack, the Las Vegas shooting led to prompt calls from Democrats – not just Clinton – for gun legislation, though the party has struggled to tighten laws even when the Obama administration was in power… (FOLLOWED BY) …

**As the lawmakers seemed to acknowledge, gun legislation stands little chance of passing under a Republican-controlled Congress and White House.)

Another liberal progressive defense of Muslims when there has been an Islamic terrorist attack is to state that the perpetrators are not R-E-A-L Muslims – as though that even matters. The Liberal Progressive (guilt ridden and therefore over compensating) ideological agenda is also why there is such an explosion of Muslim Immigration in Europe. In Brilliant Book About European Immigration Defines Election of Trump by Bruce Bialosky Oct 01, 2017 some interesting points are made which not only show why there is such an influx of immigrants (Muslims) but how that influx affected the 2016 Presidential Election.

We are told that many of these people are refugees, particularly because of the displacement of people from the conflict in Syria, though Murray documents how that is overstated. Murray points out that the six Gulf Cooperating states (Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman) have taken in no Syrian refugees. Zero. Though they are geographically, culturally and religiously closer to the Syrians, they make up excuses. Refugees from Eritrea, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are treated even worse…..Sweden had its own problems with rape. In 1975, before mass migration, there were 421 rapes reported. By 2014, there were 6,620 rapes — a 16-fold increase — making Sweden the second highest rape country per capita in the world. Yes, little old Sweden, the country about which President Trump commented and was crucified for his comments.

I’m going to finish this edition of  ‘Looking at the NEWS’ with an odd item – given what has gone before. This item is of such significance that I will probably write at length about it in a few days. On Oct 2, 2017 at Nine.news.com.au I read the article Police use rubber bullets on crowds to disrupt Catalonia independence referendum. Here is a quote:

Carles Puigdemont’s comments followed a television address by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy who ruled out independence and accused separatists of trying to “blackmail … the whole nation”. He offered all-party talks on the region’s future. Catalan officials say more than 800 people were injured in clashes with Spanish riot police during the referendum, which has pitched the country into its deepest constitutional crisis in decades and deepened a rift between Madrid and Barcelona…..The law of the referendum, deemed unconstitutional by Madrid, foresees a unilateral declaration of independence by the Catalan parliament if the majority votes to leave Spain.

Here are some of the thoughts I have about this referendum.

1. If the referendum was illegal, why bother sending in the troops?
2. If you try to prevent this autonomous region from secession, do you justify Beijing’s attitude toward several of its provinces?
3. If you support the right of a people to have their own nation, do you not justify the existence of Israel?
4. Virtue Signallers often fail to understand the affects of the Law of Unintended Consequences.

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