Looking at the News No. 1 – Sept 9, 2017

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This is the first of what is hoped to be a series of articles commenting on world news. These articles will be decidedly ‘anti-leftist’ (because I find ‘them’ to be quite insane) but the articles will not automatically be ‘pro-rightest.’

I personally hold liberal views except when it comes to democracy and democratic rights to freedom of thought, speech and action. Then I am as alt-right as you can be.

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FREEDOM in a Leftist World which FYI includes the Google World.

America has a constitution which protects free speech but Australia doesn’t. Nevertheless in a Democracy – which Australia is but the USA is not, free speech is an inherently implied right.

The liberal, progressive, leftist ‘you must do as we tell you’ anti-Nazis (?) seem hell bent on removing inherent and/or constitutionally stated rights to freedom of speech.

Starting of what I hope to be a weekly article about news events, we have a report about that asswipe organization called GOOGLE, about whom I have previously written. Years ago this lover of freedom organization refused to kowtow to the Chinese Government and moved out of mainland China and headed to Hongkong.

I know first hand how they punish websites. My initial experience of their totalitarian, oppressive and abusive behavior came from a college who informed me that they had been threatened by Google if they did not get me to remove the link to their site from within an article I wrote about the site. That was four years ago now, and Google is only getting worse.

Google Issues Final Warning To Conservative Website, Remove “Hateful” Article OR ELSE Sept 1, 2017 by 

“Yesterday morning, we received a very bizarre letter from Google issuing us an ultimatum,” admitted the director. “Either we were to remove a particular article or see all of our ad revenues choked off in an instant. This is the newest method that Big Brother is using to enforce thought control.”.. THIS IS 21st THE 21st CENTURY VERSION OF BOOK BURNING! Never could it be imagined that almost half of the people in the country (conservatives are roughly 50% of the population) could be denied the right to speak or write freely and virtually NO ONE would care. Where is the anger? Are we that dumbed down and apathetic that we can’t see this happening to our nation?

Google is an active participant in the suppression of free speech, or rather, in any speech which offends its political ideology. I personally say ‘screw Google,’ but then again I usually say ‘Screw the USA’ as well. Australia is always a couple of years behind the USA and from what I see in the USA, the future of Australia is bleak. I’m glad I will not live long enough to witness it at its peak.

Violence Next Time by Stephen Moore Sept 5, 2017

The shameful war on free speech and open debate on college campuses will intensify. Those on the right will be shut down. The closing of the American mind will get worse. We may see more militancy from antifa groups, who have been emboldened by the media. These groups will become increasingly aggressive in their political tactics. People with a Trump T-shirt or a “Make America Great Again” hat are going to get humiliated or beat up.

America this week has been all up in arms about the poor innocent children of illegal aliens who have grown up in America but who are not legally Americans and therefore will be thrown out of the country by that horrid Donald Trump. There are numerous things to consider about this issue, firstly that it was President Obama who created this travesty of American Law; that there is a six-month delay for those currently affected by their illegal status and thirdly that it is not the president’s job – either Obama or Trump – to create or fix the problem. That job belongs to the self-important but otherwise useless Congress of the United States of America – a body whose first interest is self-interest.

Sessions Confirms: DACA Is Being ‘Rescinded’ Cortney O’Brien Sept 5, 2017

The Trump administration is ending DACA with a six-month delay for current beneficiaries. That interval, Sessions said, will give Congress apt time to respond. Prior to the announcement, President Trump tweeted to Congress “get ready to do your job – DACA!”

Liberals Claim DREAMers Are Completely Innocent, But Then The Police Reports Rolled In Sept. 7, 2017 by Danny Abarno

The number comes to a total of 2,139 illegal alien DACA recipients who have been charged with crimes against Americans. This number is startling as it includes murderers, rapists, human traffickers, and drug dealing gang members who are in the country illegally and protected from deportation.

The liberal, progressive, leftist and otherwise politically correct useless idiots in their pursuit of assisting and caring for defenseless minorities such as the 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, are determined to make those proud Muslim women feel welcomed and supported by doing their best to introduce Muslim female attire into the U.S. school system.

The problem with these bleeding heart, freedom loving, politically correct liberals/ progressives/ leftists is that they are generally ignorant and stupid. Feminists, pro-abortionists, Gays and atheists who are rallying around Muslim rights (read Sharia) haven’t enough sense to realize that they would be the first citizens executed were Islam to take over the United States or Australia. Unfortunately, these people don’t have mother nature’s generously provided self-preservation skills. All they have is ideology which demands surrender of one’s freedom to the totalitarian rule of ideology.

5-Year-Old Girls Wearing Muslim Hijab Amid “Growing Concern” Over New School Uniform Sept. 5, 2017 by

However, it isn’t just Christians who are fighting the takeover of sharia within the school systems. Gina Khan, advocate for Muslim women’s and children’s rights told The Sunday Times, “Schools are allowing it because they are afraid of being called Islamophobic and they have been told that this is a religious garment — but they need to support Muslim girls to have free choices, not to be set apart from other children.”

The left has for some time now preached ‘equality’ but as a man let me say that I don’t see men anywhere near to arriving at equality with women. When it comes to leftist ideology, the only gender that is important is the female gender. Everything is about women, even when the story is about males.

Gender? Gender? Who cares about gender?

A story out of the USA reports that a parent has taken Spokane High School to task in relation to a child’s rape. The story which commences as the rape of a child (“Three boys raped the child”), goes on to state that it was a boy who was raped by other boys but then finishes with statistics on the rapes of girls in school. That the child in this story was a boy did not at all seem to raise any eyebrows.

School District Hit With Lawsuit After Parents Hear About What Happened To Their Child Sept. 7, 2017 by

Three boys raped the child in the dugout of the baseball field before shoving a used condom into his mouth. The vicious attack proved to be just the start of the child’s troubles. After the rest of the school learned what happened he was bullied…he was bullied so badly he asked his older sister to walk him to class…. The school put the entire student body at risk by ignoring multiple rapes. According to Aljazeera: “In total, 53 percent of high school girls are sexual assaulted by a peer… and 39 percent of sexual assaults took place at school. That’s specifically unwanted sexual contact, as opposed to the unwanted sexual comments and rumor spreading, which falls under the umbrella of sexual harassment.”

The thing about the story above is that in essence it was about Gay rape. Of course no one wants to intimate such a thing because like women, gay rights supporters and Muslims, Gays are a protected species. (If you are a hetero non-Muslim male you had better watch out!) The last thing which the left would do is write anything which does not support its agenda, and if lies help promote the agenda, then so be it.

Lies and Hypocrisy from the Gay Marriage Supporters.

Like all those totalitarian thugs – I mean liberal progressive leftists – in America, the leftist Gay Marriage supporters in Australia seem to believe that it is their constitutional right (Australians don’t have constitutional rights) to disrupt and fight with people who don’t share their values. This next report records a clash between two sides of the argument but it is not until the end of the article that you discover that the Gay lobbyists crashed a meeting that was in progress for the ‘NO’ side.

Yes, No campaigners clash outside church Sept. 8, 2017 by Tracey Ferrier

Supporters and opponents of same sex marriage have clashed outside a Brisbane church following the High Court decision allowing a postal vote to go ahead…..Footage of the stand-off showed pushing,shoving and shouting outside the Banks Street church, where yes campaigners had tried to disrupt a meeting of marriage reform opponents.

If it isn’t bad enough that ‘insane’ leftists go around trying to create trouble in their pursuit of a peaceful and harmonious society, they also ‘lie’ in order to justify their righteous causes. In the article below, in addition to the material that tugs on the heart strings of justice and righteousness there is a blatant lie meant to deceive the just and righteous of society into voting to support alleged marriage equality.

‘Devastated’: Same-sex couples react to High Court’s decision (Sept 8, 2017 original source Sydney Morning Herald)

The couple want to get married to enjoy the same legal rights as a heterosexual couple, and simply to recognise their love for one another. “I don’t want to have to worry about what happens if one of us goes to hospital and isn’t conscious to make a decision,” Mr Hansford said. “Those things are automatic if you’re married.

Did you spot the deception? No of course you didn’t! The deception is to be found in the claim that homosexual couples don’t have the same legal rights as heterosexual couples. The government offered to provide such legal rights in a civil ceremony but the gay lobby refused it, referring to it as something to make of them second class citizens.

The problem for me is that non-married heterosexual couples fought for decades to obtain the same rights as legally married heterosexual couples and the gay rights people now call that being second class citizens, although to be fair, de-facto heterosexual couples would probably be third class citizens if Gays were provided with a Civil Recognition.

Marriage – until civil authorities took over – was a religious sacrament. In China, anyone can get married according to Chinese custom and tradition, but it is not recognized by the government until the civil document is signed.

Is there a God?

We may not believe in God (except for Allah), and we may not believe in Intelligent Design, but thanks to Jennifer Lawrence we now know that there is a conscious and dutiful deity out there in the vast Universe, and (presumably) SHE is punishing the USA for voting for Trump. It’s just a thought but perhaps Mother Nature is punishing America for trying to overthrow a duly elected President and for doing everything America can to destroy democratic freedoms like flying an America flag. Perhaps Mother Nature would like people to stop for a moment and consider the REAL PROBLEMS of life.

Jennifer Lawrence Suggests the Hurricanes are Revenge for Electing Donald Trump Sept 8, 2017 by Christine Rousselle

Actress Jennifer Lawrence has a rather curious theory about why the United States is suddenly facing a barrage of hurricanes: Mother Nature is angry at the USA for electing Donald Trump, and this is her revenge.

On the issue of Mother Nature : The dangers of feel good bleeding heart liberal progressive agendas.

The article listed below speaks for itself. I do not agree with and/or am not qualified to support everything in the article except the one point that this child should not have been allowed to make such a life changing decision. I have known a transexual whose transition ended years of pain, but the decision was hers as an adult.

People L-O-V-E to give advice to others but my stock standard advice is this: ‘Every decision (or avoidance of a decision) has a cost to it. You have to weigh the costs (should everything go to hell) of taking the left fork and the right fork. If your decision is right, then you and only you deserve the praise. If the decision is wrong, you can face the fact that you made a wrong decision and do something about it. When however you are encouraged to walk a certain path; make a certain decision, and it turns out wrong, you will inevitably suffer emotional distress.

Young Boy Adamantly Insists He’s A Girl & Transitions, Everything Changes Two Years Later Sept 8, 2017 by Georgette Walrath

Patrick Mitchell, who decided to become a girl when he was 12, has now decided that he’s actually a boy, just like his biology indicated at birth. Children are not allowed to drive motor vehicles until they reach a certain age, nor are they allowed to vote, drink alcohol, or purchase firearms. However, activist doctors are supporting the idea that children can make an adult decision about their own sexuality even before they reach puberty. Everything about that type of thinking is base and wrong.

When is Islamophobia not Islamophobia?

The Clarion Project brings us an article which highlights the hypocrisy of all those leftist Islamic Sychophants. Throw open the borders and barricade our government offices against attack. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

Austrians Cynical About Security Barriers in Vienna Clarion Project Sept 6, 2017

The security structures are being built by the office of the Chancellery, headed by Austria’s President Van der Bellen, who was narrowly elected on a pro-immigrant platform last year. The barriers are being made to protect vulnerable government buildings (and their employees) in the event of a truck bombing. German’s pro-immigrant Chancellor Angela Merkel has ensured that her offices are similarly not a target of suicide bombings.

Protecting their own asses is what politicians do best. It is a pity that their fear of being called racists allowed 1400 English girls to be raped.

No Charges for UK Council Over Rape Gangs Clarion Project Sept 7, 2017

No officials at a British council that failed to act to prevent rape gangs of underage girls will face trial, despite evidence of systemic negligence and incompetence, The Guardian reported. The local council in Rotherham had “various and substantial organizational failings” which stopped them from preventing 1,400 girls from suffering sexual abuse at the hands of predominantly Pakistani grooming gangs, new reports by the council concluded. The earlier Casey Report found the council failed to take action “for fear of appearing racist.”

Fortunately for some politicians, religious discrimination is Okay as long as the persecuted is not a Muslim. See Catholics Embrace ‘Dogma Lives Loudly Within You’ Smear on Social Media by Christine Rousselle Sept 7, 2017

The USA today is a place where patriots, Trump supports and white people can’t celebrate their human rights and civic pride without threats from those who pretend that they are righteously protecting America from facists and nazis. SEE Video at youtube “Five Patriot Picnickers face Lynch Mob of 500+ La Raza and fanatical Progressives at Chicano Park (San Diego)”

I hope that you have enjoyed this article.

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